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Gerard Butler GALS

3/4 - Butler, Siegel are Evil Twins Update: Evil Twin Productions now G-BASE Productions

Stef with an F

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I am so excited!!! YOU GO GERRY!!!!!!!!!

Whooooo-hooo *doing my happy dance!*

Please, please, please ,please let this lawyer drama be filmed in D.C *crossing fingers*

And I'm right across the river in Arlington!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Pleasepleaseplease let it be in Washington!!! :yay::yay:

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I have been hunting everywhere for the reason that Gerry would not be at the Cut!!! I am still learning my way around in here. I came across the little blurb by accident and I got on asap, now.

I heard from Jon of the "Wrath of Gods" Team that Gerry was not going to be at CUT because He was filming. I couldn't understand what the H--l happened. Now I see. Koudos for Our Man and His friends. If, I had a few mill laying around, Gerry could have it. I'd love to invest in His venture. He is soooooo worth it!!!! I have said it before, and I will always say it 'til I die, GERRY IS THE EPITOME' OF AWESOME. Now, we will get to see the REAL MAN that Our Gerry can be. I knew it in '97 and I have always known He was awesome and now He can get away from the dorks that want to hold Him back. Jealousy has reared it's ugly head for the last time. Gerry we are ALL behind you then, now, and forever Beautiful Man. Let Us know how we can help. Besides accepting you for the Man you already are. And we accept all of your flaws that make you the Human that I fell in love with so long ago. I'm hearing it now as I knew when I heard you talk and saw that gorgeous Man in that silly wig and I felt you move me with your ability to act and I could see the awesome Actor/Man that you were and would someday be more of. Gerry, you proved me right and I have had friends who thought I was NUTs, come and apologize and tell me I was right. You are such a wonderful Human Man.

Gerry, let us know how more we can help!!! Investment in your production is a viable avenue for some of us. Even a little can put you over the top. Seeing your films is a given and buying your movies, never fear, everytime I have the money, I buy. I am very proud of you and your friends and we all will pray for your production company and I will always love and admire you My Special Man.

Love and Giant Hugs, Lil' Joanna

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Gerry has obsessive-compulsive disorder? When was this said/printed? By whom?

Puzzled Eva Mari

This was also discussed over in the Support Center. In an interview once Gerry talked about behaving in an obsessive-compulsive way - like buying a whole bunch of stuff in one store at one time. To my knowledge he has never said, nor has anyone "in the know" ever said that he actually has OCD. Not that there would be anything wrong with having it, but as far as we know this is not an actual diagnosis but based on his own words about how he behaves sometimes. Hopefully that clears it up.

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Thank You for the input Susan.

I never heard that before, but I would never care if Gerry had anything wrong with Him. It's what makes Him even more Human and lovable. How He can be more lovable, I cannot imagine. If I loved this awesome Man anymore than I do and have for so long now, I don't know what I'd do. Probably,....... I don't know!!!!!! I only know that I have been praying for this Man to be a big star for eleven years and when I think, finally!!!, some body does Him wrong. I hate jealousy and that can be the only thing that is holding Him back. I read the blurb about Him being an assistant DA, I think it was, and I can hardly wait to see Him in that. I only hope and, yes I will pray, that He gets to use His awesome accent. I am going to pray even harder when I pray for our GALS and PALS, that Gerry gets to do what He loves to do most, ACT!!!!!

We Love you Gerry and we are here for you. Just let us know what more we can do!

Love Forever, Your Lil' Joanna

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Glad to see Gerry "Mov'in On UP"!! :whome2:

Congrats to both Gerry and Alan. May "Evil Twins Productions" have many successful films under its name!

:erik: Ebony Eyes :phantom:

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To tidy this up, Evil Twin Productions was changed in 2013 to G-BASE Productions

Translation via Google from interview from Brazil's Entrevista 9 on July 1, 2014 with Fábio M. Barreto

B9: Now you're also producing. What is the company name? Evil Twin?

GB: So Do you believe we were processed? There is another company, from another branch ... they do not make movies! ... Who sued us and said we had to stop using the name Evil Twin Productions, then moved to GBase, meaning Gerard Butler Alan Siegel Entertainment. It's nice. (guffaws).

:hehe:GBase, meaning Gerard Butler Alan Siegel Entertainment.

It is a Registered trademark: http://www.trademarkia.com/gbase-85902007.html


IMDb G-Base

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