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Old Poem I found from High School


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...of all things lol!

Ok, don't know why I feel the urge to post this but I wanted something to share in the PG 13 area lol~!! Get off the subject of sex for once lol. This is an old poem but out of the 3 I had in the book as far as poems go (we made an anthology in my class) this was the better one...well my "love" one is good too but honestly it reminds me of my ex whom I was dating at the time so I don't want to post it, as it'll bring back memories


"I'll Never Forget"

I'll never let the memory go of silliness as a child,

wide-eyed innocence, curious questions

or the care free feeling of being too young to have worries.

The pressure and stress of turning thirteen,

and my mother crying when her father died.

Or the first day of high school, nervousness and feeling of worry.

Would I like it or hate it?

The age when I once was young, naive, immature, and frail,

and the complexities of becoming an adult.

These things of life and more I will never forget.

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The part about your mother crying was pretty grown up...

The angst we all felt as young teens tho... everything is sooooooo serious and could quite possibly RUIN your life. Kind of funny now, but not so funny then.

It's a great poem. Your kids will love reading it one day. As a matter of fact, this would be a great thing to pass along. I've been trying to put PERSONAL things together, like that, in kind of a memory box. Jewelry is nice to pass along, pictures too, but to really get to know someone you need to know how they think or thought and these kinds of things are wonderful to preserve for kids and grandkids! Lucky you to have it.

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Thanx Stalow, glad you appreciate. I may post this short story I have in there, well really it's just prose....but it has inspired my latest fan fic I'm working on in a big way...funny how the tall dark menacing vampire type guy was always in the back of my head...even in High school before Gerry (or Richard Roxburgh my obsession before I met Perfection I mean Gerry Butler!).....odd!

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