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Jodie Foster is on Leno -- now

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Well -- her clip with Leno is over -- I didn't even know she was going to be on

the show tonight -- she was his first guest - for tonights show.

She looks absolutely wonderful !!! -- I have always - admired and respected Jodie !!

She didn't actually mention -- Gerry or Abigail - but for the movie clip

Jay showed -- the entire -- "Touch the world clip" - with Jodie trying to open the door

to her house in hear rain gear & Alex/Gerry -- giving her a helping hand --

just like the clip here on GALS... which I thought was a great clip -- to show.

Mostly Jay was talking about how -- Jodie plays an agorophobic (I know I couldn't have

spelled that right ... LOL) -- in the film and then --

he was picking with Jodie -- about being (in real life) afraid -- of snakes -- so

geez -- so Jay is a behaviourist -- into the whole -- exposure and response --

behaviour modification thing.... -- so he brings out a corn snake....

well -- anyway -- Jay "BF Skinner" -- Leno --- go on with yo psychoanalysing talk show

self -- careful -- was that Dr. Phil -- I heard quaking in his boots ??? LOL !!!

oh -- well -- Jodie -- looks great -- and the clip was quick but good --

so does anyone know if Gerry will be on his old pal -- Leno's show anytime soon ??



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It was such a cute clip. She is funny. I continued to watch her when Cedric the Entertainer which was funny. Jodie was cute.

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