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A little note:

THis Character is inspired from Attila and Marek. Gayvn's strenght is Attila while, His heart is almost Like Marek's.

I used a combination of Gerry's characters. Please please leave feedback as I can only continue knowing that i am doing okay....

Chapter One

The sun shone mercilessly on the expanse of hillside. To the north were the dim shadows of the small hills and to the south were the huge mountains. But this stretch of Hillside was empty Except for the occasional small animal which scurrieds along .

There was no help insight no escape . The girl's escort had put up a fight , but were no match for the Swift barbaric swordsmen that were now staring at lifeless bodies. They had been stalking the young girl's caravan for days. They looked to were the girl was crouched behind some small rocks. All the Barbarians smiled in awe at this new beauty that was inches from them.

She was a daughter of high rankings and her ransom would pay for another of their campaigns. The largest one who seemed to large for a normal man eyed the young girl and savored her fear. Suddenly there was a shout from one of the men.

He turned, his eyes narrowing. He saw small circles of dust swirling Rithat could mean only one thing riders. He swiftly He saw two riders atop the hill and they remained motionless. Both men were clothed in odd kilted armor and he knew instantly that these were scottish foes no doubt sent to look for this child..

He cursed and readied himself. The girl noticed the men but was unsure how to act. She had no idea if these were friend or foe for warriors in her land were all the same.. her dark eyes froze with fear as her uncertain future was in the hands of these men. With a flash the men rode down and instantly met on the ground with swords swinging.

She thought four against two would be almost pointless. But as she watched she immediately knew who were the better fighters. The Taller of the two met the Larger man and immediately the steel rang out as it clashed over and over again.. The larger man moved slowly but strongly and put a sharp edge into the shoulder of his oppononet.. The slightly smaller man barely recieved a slight sting and quickly countered the others move and landed his sword heavily into the mans own weight. And He stepped aside to see the man fall and remain motionless with his eyes held in a straightward gaze. The other man saw the lifeless form and scrambled to get on his horse.. Once upon the powerful beast he rode away leaving the two barbarians to settle this matter.. With a scowl on his face the victor went about to finish off the the smaller barbarian whom was unsure of what to do.. The man instantly fell to his knees before him and begged to be released.

" We were slaves to him we only do this for our families to remain safe he was threating their lives." The Scottish man looked upon Him and stated flatly " these are my lands and you will be denied life if you ever tread upon my land again." The Man grabbed the ropes of one of the horses. When the Scots voice boomed at them, " Those horses are now mine you leave them where they stand."

The green Eyed man Straightened, turning to see how his companion fared. , He laughed when he saw him standing over his fallen adversary, grinning at him.

"You were Faster than I was, Ewan," he said

Ewan 's light face split into a wilder smile. " And I would gloat about it except I see that you are wounded. Still its not often that I have the better of you, Gavyn.

Gavyn grinned back and turned. He walked to where the young girl still cowered behind the rocks. He stopped and looked at her freightened face for a moment, then said quietly, "Did they harm you?" she stood on trembling legs shaking her head." No i was on my way to meet with My father when they attack my escort." Her eyes were passionately grateful as she stared at the two men without fear."You saved my life, but you are wounded!"

He smiled a smile that took her breath away " it is nothing," Now shall we ride to return you to your father's home?"

The next morning the sun was rising when they left the girl's village their faces once more to the hillside of their home. Gavyn's wound had been bound, both had headaches from the lavish banquet the girl's greatful father feasted upon them with.

Ewan grimaced, then glanced at his companion. Gavyn's profile was unreadable,his mouth set in a line, his eyes narrowed under his brows. Obvisiously his head felt better than Ewan's. A wicked grin spread over Ewan's face.

As usual my friend you manage to land on your feet," He said. " Who would have thought that girl's father was a noble, or knowing you it was no guessing involved. " Why you refused the money for her return Ill never comprehend." Gavyn threw Ewan a quelling look " Because as you well know I do nothing without purpose this man's friendship will be useful in some way. I always find the benefits more rewarding anyway."

Ewan laughed . "You are a devious soul! And as I said, fortune smiles on you, though I was a bit suprised to see you decide to rescue that girl .After all your words about about the worthlessness of women, I thought you would leave her to the raiders." Gavyn's brow lifted." I dont take back my words only rephrase them most women are worthless- except in bed, of course." A quick smile flashed across his face. "I have yet to meet one who could change my mind... but do you really think I would have left her to them?"

Ewan gave his companion a knowing look ."No. . . I know you would not. That is what I am saying Your words about women are very dark, but your heart does not believe these words. You are bitter you put one of them on a pedestal and then found she did not deserve your worship. So now you condemn the whole race, but there is a soft heart under that steel exterior my friend."

Gavyn scoweld blackly" " You speak with the wits of a flea," He growled. " Im no more chivalrous than you are!" Obviously he considered Ewan's words an Insult. With a shout , Ewan followed and the two riders raced into the hillside .

Ch Two

The courtyard was empty as Aubrey looked everywhere to see if anyone had noticed she had slipped out of the boring gossip of women. She now twisted the reigns of her mare in her hand very scared of what might happen. She was without escort and her Father's wrath would be severe. She shrugged of the skittishness, and mumbled to her self he was not her father.. He was another man that her Relentless Mother needed to wed for Financial Security.. She did not like the way the man Looked at her and the way he ordered her about she was heiress to these lands. As long as this man were alive he would torment her.. She knew that it was more than her Virtue he was after it was her inheritance.

She knew that staying any longer in this home was a pending nightmare and all to often had she woke up to find him leering at her through her doorway. When she spoke of it to her mother She shrugged her off and scolded her for being a sulking brat .. Aubrey hid her shame and knew that the days were becoming more intolerable..

As she made her way to the Clutch of trees just meters beyond her home she looked back and sighed she disappeared into the Thick trees. As she was prepared to mount her horse she heard a hiss from behind her.

" Move wench or cry out and I will slit you from ear to ear "

She remained motionless. The man then covered her mouth with a rough cloth and pulled hard so to gag her speech.. Her hands were bound behind her back the tension caused severe tares in her delicate flesh. Before she could even attempt to sit he threw her into a large potato sack and hauled her up onto a horse. and as she struggled to stay atop she felt a piercing pain against her left temple.. Her eyes felt heavy and the darkness grew.. She had been knocked unconscious.

It took moment's for her eyes to begin to open and all she could see was darkness. Panic struck her was she dead was it her fate to be lost in the darkness. She eased herself as she heard the footfalls of many horses. It all came back to her at once she had been gagged and hit she was someone prisoner.

They were speaking she could tell that they were not English. Fear slowly began to rise as she could definitely hear an accent. Scottish she froze knowing the English held the small unwilling Country in its clutches, it held all of their lands and they had no king. They were alone in the fight to keep what little rights that they had. She had always became sad as she heard her Mother and the beast who dared call her daughter talk. They would speak of the many Lords who would inhabit the land as Magistrate would soil there women and fill their wombs with bastards. My mother would gasp and protest but he would simply state that this people were beneath them and Scotland would never govern itself.

I had tightened my hands and felt the need to strangle the man. I thought if I were to take a husband I would take a Scot just to insult them.. My family would be in ruin but little did they know that my father Had been A Scotsman. And this is why it hurt to hear them speak as if these beings were nothing.. My Father had An English Father a noble one . He had instantly feel in love with a Scottish woman that born ed him Three sons.

I instantly came out of my room and spat at him " Your Words are poison the people of Scotland will rise up and they will take back all of the land that the English scum took from them.."

Suddenly A felt a sharp smack against my mouth and blood trickled from my lip. I did not cry I stood tall and grabbed the pitcher of ale next to me and threw it in his face. "How dare you strike Me."

He made to come for me again and my mother stopped him. I looked at them both with disgust and decided tomorrow i would run away and join my Aunt who had a small farm in the deep inland of Scotland. Suddenly the horses stopped and it broke me from my memories. They would know I was English and then I would be sold or worse.

The small party Gavyn had sent to scout out the surrounding land to see how many English Soldiers Occupied the land. It was slow process which he did. The attack on the English was coming near and he needed to inform the nobles . He sat back and watched as the small party came near and noticed on one horse was a potato sack. Was it moving he must have imagined that.

Ewan nudged him " there is definitely something in that sack. See how it is moving about the men must have acquired a new girl." Gavyn looked on with disgust and looked at EWan

" you know I do not approve of this the English may have the stomach for such things but I do not.

" Gavyn you know we must have funds to keep this army we have and our families are half starved we benefit from this as much as the man who will get her. Or if the family accepts our terms." He said lowly

" Ah yes but at what price we lower ourselves like the English Dogs. I have my own quells with women but none of these captives deserve a life as this." He looked at the sack again knowing it held a woman he felt quite disturbed.

" Well Gavyn if you would have took the gold satchel we were offered for the return of that girl we would not need another captive." HE said hotly

" Ewan she is off limits in fact see to it that she serves me so that she is not spoiled like the last one." His eyes blazed with power.

" You are right, the last one was a problem for her family she had been spoiled even before one of the men claimed her. She did it willingly and they are now with child." he said happily

Gavyn shot him a look of disapproval "we are here for purpose we will not spoil are bounty she is to serve me set her inside my tent." He didn't need the extra annoyance but he did need her she would be responsible for many things until they would get a just reward or he didn't like to think of selling her to the Sheik he was to arrive by sea shortly and said to need a replenishing in his Harem. Gavyn knew scores of young women who chose the harem. It meant a way to avoid English dog to spoil them.

He stood by as the sack was dumped into his tent. He grabbed a bowl of broth and some stale bread he knew she would be hungry. HE went into the tent ready to see a Child who would be best left gagged. Most did not know that when you were taken against your will it was best to not speak.

As he entered he noticed the bag was empty and looked around the tent until he spotted her. She was tied to the large wooden tent pole and blindfolded and gagged. She was dirty and he couldn't tell what color her hair was. She had Scratches all over and mud was caked on her..

He cursed inward and thought he had better men than that but she must of fought was his only revelation. She was of noble birth her clothing stated as much. it was ruined of course and as he made his way to her he noticed that the front of her dress was ripped he saw red had he not instructed them not to touch her.

But he saw that it was ton and leaves and mud were caked on it as well it must of been because of her struggle. he couldn't help but stare at the well rounded bosom it was too large for her frame as he looked down he noticed her hips were wide as well what kind of creature was this. he noticed she wore a dress that seemed to squeeze the life out of her. It was not known to him that women's hips were that wide unless they had come to bare a babe. This women could be a mother but she looked far too young he was occupied by his thoughts and finally he cut her loose.

He looked at her once again and spoke softly" I am sorry for your treatment I will have you cleaned up and sent to the wives tent. No harm shall come of you I give you my word."

"I had not thought any of you to have the decency you speak of . I will not trust so willingly and if you took me for my ransom you can rest assured they will not honor it. For my stepfather has wished to ruin me the day he took my Mother as a wife. Everything Was left to me by my father and now with me out of the way he will control my fathers Land. So you see I have nothing to offer you."

"You are wrong you have everything to offer a small fortune could be made if you were a eager participant a well off man would be honored to have you as a wife." He said soothingly trying to calm her fears.

She laughed and her eyes glowed " Do you think I am some stupid child that would be eager to bed some unknown man to have wealth and security. I will do nothing of the sort I would rather die than became A slave to a man."

He went to the tents entrance and called to a group of men"Come and take this woman to the wives tent have her bathed and dressed appropriately. She is to remain untouched And if any should dare disobey me I shall have their life for her honor."

At that he stood aside while the men grabbed her roughly. They stopped midway as a loud booming voice shook the room

" You will handle her with more care she is a lady and will not endure any more harsh treatment."

Aubrey looked at him one last time before being led gently to the tent. The entrance to the tent appeared and she was shoved forcefully into it.. All prior chatter had stopped and all eyes fell upon her. She attempted to smile but was quickly Ignored. they began whispering and as she was walking to-wards and older woman A foot was put in front of her, she fell and tasted dirt once more. she instantly grabbed the woman responsible and squeezed her neck. Touch me again and it will be your last memory in this world. Instantly she was hit on the back of her head and women from everywhere jumped on her and started hitting her. Curses were being thrown out and she thought well this may be a better choice of death. Suddenly a Loud voice silenced the women and a small older woman was in the center of it all with her hands on her hips.

"Is this how we treat our guests. She is to be left alone do you understand."

All heads nodded in unison, I stood tall even though my body ached from the intense beating my face swelled and bruises were forming everywhere. The little old lady grabbed my hand and led me to the back. A spiteful woman hissed at me"English dog you deserve a tortured fate." I held my head up and once We were toward the back of the tent a separate sheet was strung up and many more older women began undressing me. I looked at them and they were shaking their heads and making clicking noises as the bruises were numerous from the men and now the women. I felt hot tears forming in my eyes. and the words somehow came out"Why do they hate me I did not want to be here. They were gonna kill me."

The old woman responded eagerly" Why all of them have been waiting for Gavyn to turn an eye in their direction it seems they may kill you." She laugh hugged my body as they poured hot water down my limbs. and washed my hair with boiled cherry blossoms and a hint of Jasmine. They handed me a small green dress and i was shocked as it fit me very small.

The old woman saw my anguish "I'm sorry dear we had only this dress left."

I withdrew from the small makeshift bath and made my way to a mall cot that was lying inches from me. I was about to take a seat when another woman grabbed my arm, ready to battle it out I raised my hands. She smiled at me

"Its Kay Aubrey I am Gavyn's cousin Laureen come with me your place is not here with these vultures." She led me outside to another Tent. And touched my face softly. "I'm so sorry that they hit you.Gavyn will be furious, there husbands will pay for their jealousy."

She opened another tent and I was wincing at the light that filled it and heard music and singing from inside . The tent was quite Large. In the center was Dancing girls from a foreign land. I looked for him I was upset that I looked for him but something wanted to know he was there. I was surprised to find his eyes staring at me. My hands flew to my face trying to hide my expression from his view.

He was wearing only a kilt and his upper torso was exposed to me. I blushed never had I seen a man so perfect before. As I took a seat beside his cousin , Gavyn began talking to a strangely dressed man he was garbed in a white robe. He also wore a cloth over his head. A they spoke Gavyn's eyes kept coming back to me. Why was he looking at me, His eyes gave no clue as to what he was thinking and as I tried to avoid them.He smiled at my uncomfortable position. He then clapped his hands and said "Well my country men we will now be visiting our wives. May all your unions bring you sons.

As we all got up to go i passed him and he grabbed me "Not you we will discuss some things you and I.

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Chapter three

He grabbed my hand suddenly and his words came quickly as I passed to make my way back to the tent. "Who did this to you?" his eyes blazed and for a moment I truly feared him.

I looked at my feet and knowing if I told him It would mean another beating from the women. I was torn I didn't want to lie to him. Yet I did not want to make more trouble. I looked up at him and "I picked a fight she was asking for it, And well I gave it to her." I trembled at the words hoping he wouldn't notice.

He looked at me with disgust "Why do you do such things, This is not the way A lady behaves."

My eyes burned and my voice rose viciously "I sir cannot be a lady here surely you jest for I am nothing more than a slave biding her time to become a man's Woman and well Without a proper marriage or dowry I will be worthless."

His grip tightened " It would be very wise to not raise your voice too Loudly My Lady there are men here who would love the opportunity to conquer that viper of a tongue."

Instantly pulled away from him and grabbed his sword and put it to his neck,"Do not presume to know me sir I will kill the man who dares to lay his hands on me, I may be a woman but I do know the ways of a sword."

Gavyn's point of view:

She was proud and her Tongue made him want to strike her. And as he was contemplating that maybe he should He chided her on her words. Astonished as she grabbed his sword and now held it to his neck it angered him even more this Woman Seek-ed to intimidate him. He was having none of it as he grabbed her arm twisting it. She dropped the sword and cried out as his twisting turned her about and had her backside facing him.

His anger now tipped and he acidly spoke softly in her ear trying to ignore the sweet smell of blossoms as he spoke "You my dear have misunderstood my treatment of you Do you wish to anger me further because I can assure you that there is worse treatment in these dark times. Our Kingdoms are at War and you my dear are the enemy."

Aubrey: I am not the enemy, my blood is the same as yours. I would rather die in this land than by the hands of my mother's husband.

With that she kicked the sword to his feet and her ice blue eyes void of any fear looked into his cool green ones. Her voice was equally fearless.

"End my suffering if you must, I am tired of fighting. I have nothing left to give you."

She looked into his eyes wondering what he would do next.

His hand reached up to grab her arm.and she instantly tried to jerked it away as if to receive a blow. He then held her arm firmly his eyes growing lighter and his lips formed into a smile as his head lowered to look into her eyes.

"Oh I do not think I will end your life so quickly we need all the women we can get. We have many needs to be met"

I blushed at his comment and tried to remove my hand from his grasp.

His laughter came abruptly As he spoke "Woman we have need of watering for our horses. Cooking and cleaning , sometimes you will draw a bath. Also help with dressing not mating unless you want to. I am sure that many of us will be willing participants."

Her small hand instantly met with his smiling flesh. Her anger boiling now her speech became icy "I warn you now I will not say it again if you continue to insult me I will kill you."

I gathered my wits and bolted from his proximity only to hit a figure just outside of the tent it. He was dressed in similar clothing and his eyes were bright and blue. I Stood aback as his hand grabbed mine and kissed it.." My lady I am Ewan McGrady please allow me to escort you to the tent it is not safe to walk in the dark."

I smiled as the handsome man took my arm in his. I tried hard to think of The man before me. The only thing that came to my mind was a green eyed man whose presence stirred feelings inside that had not been there before he angered me so. The man who held my arm spoke softly:

"He seems to be made of Stone,but I assure you there is a heart underneath all that anger." he looked around to make sure he had said it in private. "I know that he can bring such anger in you but he is just lonely."

"I will be no man's mistress.If And when I decide to take a lover it will be of my choosing."

Ewan was shocked but a slow smile spread across his face wow what fire she held. Her pride was something to enjoy. her spirit would not be broken she was very interesting if he himslef was not married. She would be the woman to crack his friend's rock that he had placed around his heart.

chapter 4

As she entered the tent and slowly made her way to the back to sleep beside the old woman. she noticed A dark figure standing over the old woman. As I got closer I could see that it was Gavyn . He turned to see me coming to wards him and gave her a nod and exited quickly.

I lay ed beside the older woman and she looked at me and spoke in a whisper "The men will be leaving at first light."

I looked at her with interest where they all leaving.

Acknowleging her comment I layed upon the small cot. Not knowing what would happen come the next day.

There was yelling as the small light filtered threw the small crack of the tent flap.

Suddenly a man's voice boomed into the tent.

"Run, all of you the camp has been invaded."

Aubrey bolted from the cot and looked next to her as the old woman lay ed motionless with her eyes fixated on the ceiling. Sometime in the night she had drew her last breath. Her eyes filled with tears at the loss of the only kind woman in the camp.

She scrambled to her feet as darted to the entrance. Once outside the camp was filled with soldiers who wore bright red colors over their Armour. Aubrey noticed at once they were English she searched for some signs of Gavyn. He was the camp's only hope and she recalled that almost all the men were gone.

She watched in horror as men grabbed young women and made off with them into the woods just south of the encampment. Knowing no other choice she grabbed a sword that had fallen alongside a solider and steadied it upon her small shoulder. She was ready to fight and then she heard a small moan from behind she noticed a fragile woman crawling toward her. "please help me..." the women's voice was weak as she spoke.

She stood over her to protect her as An English soldier made his way to where they were. His smile was grotesque the raspy sound of his voice slithered out of his decaying mouth."Alas I find a bounty amoung this camp."

Instantly She swung the sword in his direction feeling the steel hitting his flesh as he screamed in pain. His face was in shock as his body fell forward and lie motionless on the ground.

She fought for almost and hour alongside numerous older men, and a few women. After awhile they fled, not knowing how to deal with women fighting.

With the fighting finally overAubreyfell to her knees in pain. Not knowing where the pain was coming from and not even caring. She thanked the lord that she was blessed that her father taught her to fight or her fate along with others would have been sealed. All around she could hear cries for the lives that were lost. Some of the women were taken and some where left to die. Many of the older men where gone. If they decided to attack again it was over for all who remained alive.

Knowing that their fate rested in her the only one strong enough to save them she saw a boy of about twelve years and motioned him over.

She spoke sternly"Listen boy you must saddle me a horse quickly. These English will return. I must find the men who left this morning."

He nodded his head and raced toward a horse who had been left by the soldiers. and brought it over to me. She looked into his eyes and spoke with caution "You take everyone you can and make for those woods hide there until we return. if the English come back do not attempt to stop them just get the others to remain hidden."

He nodded once again as she led the horse to a boulder in the clearing. She jumped onto the large horse and with a click of her heels we were off she was thankful that the horse he brought was strong. Aubrey rode him with all the strength she had . All the while her thoughts were on the people her, heart ached for those without means to protect themselves if she failed to find them they would all die even the small children.

She pushed the stallion to run faster as she spotted the trail of recent riders. almost four hours Had past when she spotted the riders just ahead. Suddenly their was a call from them. dozens of men armed themselves at the sight of the approaching rider. Then lowered their weapons as they saw the wild red hair that could not be mistaken. When She reached the camp she flew from the horse and yelled "Take me to Gavyn, we do not have much time."

At those words she fell hard onto the ground as many men ran to help assist her. She saw them step back as Gavyn made his way to her.

"Woman are you mad what is wrong."

"Soldiers attacked us it was an ambush. They had none to protect them. We fought them off but I know they will return. It was the English they must have a spy to know that you would not be at the camp."

"Woman are you hurt how many are dead."

"Only a few survived i told them to make for the woods. I fell very tired please I need to shut my eyes."

His voice and arms shook me hard, "do not close your eyes woman stay awake."

He rose and he picked her up from the ground. His hand reached around her back and he felt something wet on my. He withdrew his hand to reveal a bright red substance that soaked the clothing. She looked into his eyes "Gavyn help me..."

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her breathing became labored.

chapter 5

Gavyn's POV:

He saw her from far and he felt angered at her ignorance why was she here. Suddenly the way she rode he knew something was definitely wrong. He rushed between the men and his breath became erratic as she looked very pale ,weak and fell to the ground.

After brief retelling of the smaller battle he could not believe she had actually fought them off. The woman had fought and won. She would never seemed to be the delicate creature he had thought her to be. She reminded him of some wild filly that refused to be tamed.

Then her eyes rolled into her head and the soft pleading for his help took the air from his lungs. He reached around to help her and felt his heat skip a beat as his hand met with something damp on her back. He withdrew his hand to see bright blood upon it. She had risked her own self to save his people. He wanted to shake her and yell at her why. But knew that her heart held what many had not.

His cursing rang out as he barked orders for half of the men to return to camp and others to fetch him the healer.

He walked to his tent and lay ed her upon his massive hides that made his bed. The old healer was a woman and had healed him as well as numerous others after battles,but women were smaller and more delicate. The woman clucked at him and told him to remain outside. He stood firmly because of the recent cruelty shown to her.

"I will remain should you decide not to do the most you can for her."

The old woman's eye blazed instantly with anger but knew he spoke the truth as her own granddaughter had hit the woman when she was down. "This woman will be nude before you and I will not be responsible for your viewing of her."

"Old woman do not try and make this more than it is I will observe you to make sure she is properly cared for. I will not be treated as a eager lover awaiting his prize."

"Surely sir, I will not assume again."

She began undressing the woman before him. he was surprised to know that she binded herself. A common practice for women. His eyes grew wide as her breasts were larger and her hips were even wider. His handswere in fists as he looked in complete awe. A goddess he thought she must be. He turned from her not wanting his fascination to be known. He cursed and made his way outside and sat on the ground with his arms on his knees.

He would not allow this his heart had betrayed him once before but his mind would not.

Aubrey was differnet than he would not speak her name...

She would have never risked her life for people that had beaten her. She would not even risk her life for the ones she loved.

His people were first she was just a distraction. he could cure it easily with another who was willing. He knew if he persisted Aubrey would submit to him but he felt that once he had her he would want to intoxicate himself with her always.

chapter 6

He stood and walked to the entrance of the tent with his back turned away from Aubrey and the old woman. His thoughts wandered as he recalled the earlier days with The first woman he had ever loved.

She had crushed him like no man could he had won many battles but the one with her was lost. Ewan had helped him through it all. He felt his heart grow cold once more and found the strength to fight the renewed longing of a woman.

He would not be made a fool of again he would help her but then he would amuse himself with her she could draw him baths and wash his feet. He laughed out loud at the thought of her before him washing away the dirt that had collected there.

He turned around again and this time he felt nothing as her sleeping form remained complete nude before him. After all he was the leader of this group. He was entitled to her as his right. He would not dishonor her in any way but he would take joy in having her serve him.

Several days had gone by and finally the weak woman made small attempts at opening her eyes. The first thing she saw was an older woman bringing a smelly substance and applying it to her wounds.

As soon as the woman noticed Aubrey was no longer sleeping she walked toward a substance that was set upon a fire in the center of the room. She filled a wooden bowl full of hot liquid and made her way over to the Aubrey. her voice void of kindness commanded her with on word.


The liquid burned her tongue and it hurt to swallow it. The liquid was not all together unpleasant but it was indeed hot. With very struggled words she managed to give thanks to the old woman. Who in turn just nodded and poured more of the liquid down her throat. Once all was finished the old woman took the bowl and left the tent with haste.

Aubrey looked about the room and found a dark figure lingering in the corner. Her whole body froze with fear not knowing where she was or who would be there.

A low voice spoke from the shadows "Do not worry yourself it is me."

"Gavyn!" Aubrey could not control her comfort as the man she had wanted to find was there she tried to tell him all that had happened all at once. He walked to her and placed his finger upon her lips suddenly she felt a small warmth at his touch.

He stopped her speech with his finger and spoke softly " we heard your message about four days ago Aubrey I can assure you that everyone got out due to your bravery many my people owe you gratification."

She turned away from his intense green blue eyes and looked towards the flame.

His voice continued to speak " Since you did act bravely I can now give you the honor of serving me and no one else; why you can even share a tent with me if you like?"

At his word she felt her blood boil and her mouth quivering. she turned to see him full of enjoyment at his own bold statement.

As soon as his lips curved into a menacing smile she spat words of fire at him.

"So since I saved your people I can now be upgraded from slave to whore, why thank you sir."

At that she sat upright from the bed and felt the dizziness return it was no use he would get his way at least she would not have to be beat anymore.

Chapter 7

Aubrey finally became well again and as soon as she was on her feet Gavyn began to order her about. Ewan was the only one in the camp who even attempted to be nice to her. The days had been hard and lonely she had even tried to grab Ewan attention by but he had been distant and friendly he had let her know in a very kind way his attentions were already giving for another. As her head hung lower each day she had grown tired and dirty Gavyn not even once showing interest in her had found other women in the camp more appealing than her. As she fetched water she saw in its reflection a woman who was nothing like the woman she had once been her face was dirty her hair was dirty brown.

She thought how easy it would be just to dive in the icy waters and allow her self to sink in its murky depth and no one would even care if she died or lived. The fire that once held her soul had died and now with no hope of a family or a husband she was now getting older. Her reflection had showed her how dirty she was. Aubrey made her way back to the camp and found her small mound of hides that was just outside of Gavyn’s tent. She sat away from the camp since she had no companions among the women or men. She put her hands up to her face and sobbed quietly to herself. Was this the life she would be forced to live? How could anyone be so cruel, did they even know how much she hurt and longed to be with them?

Was she that ugly maybe it was because the women of the camp looked so different from her? They had always tried and kept themselves clean but as they bathed no one dared to intrude on them but every time she tried someone would yell at her that she needed to fetch something for them. As her days grew into months she found her workload had decreased and gavyn had many women serving him.

She had been so at ease when she had not had to give him a bath. As she did her daily work she found no one seemed to notice she was even alive or there anymore so she found that leaving the camp was becoming more of a daily habit for her. As she found herself absorbed in the beautiful land known as Scotland she found peace she had never known was existed.

She made her way to the small cave she had discovered only days ago and found that just behind it was a small lake. It had many wild berries and herbs she had started to collect and place in the cave. To her surprise she had found many wild edible plants. And now to her delight she could catch fish.

As she gathered her skirts to use the stick she had used a rock to shape into a point she steadied herself into the water to try and catch a fish. After several attempts she finally caught one and studied it as her own hands had caught it. She didn’t not realize how late it was becoming and ignored the failing light as she made a small campfire inside the cave it was larger than the tent they had given her and it was then she decided she would not go back.

She could make it out here alone she would need to hunt for her hides. She finally felt that her life was not as it seemed. She would live here for now. She searched through the forest and found the sticks she needed to start the fire and grabbed the rock she had used earlier to carve the stick. She had one final test to make fire. If she could do it that was it she could make it alone out here. She wondered if he would look for her if him… if he would miss her she looked off towards the camp site her small cave had been farther and she could not see the camp from her secret wilderness.

Her heartbeat fluttered a bit as the thought of Gavyn finding her alone and dragging her back to serve him. She had noticed he had not asked for her but often asked for Stella who had red hair and a slender form. On many nights she could hear her offering her services of more than just cleaning and cooking. At one point she thought of offering herself to him at least she would be treated better.

At the last moment she had lost her nerve and she stood behind his tent while another of the women entered his tent. Her thoughts went to the time when she was sick and his hardened arms enclosed him weak body making her feels safe and secure. At that time she had sensed something different within him but soon after he returned to being the warrior and her captor. She had often watched him as he practiced his sword fighting on a tree trunk. His arms and torso were strong and large and she watched in awe as he easily maneuvered the huge broad sword at the trunk. Those days had been few as she saw less and less of him and the camp as her exploration of the surrounding woods brought her to her peace.

She settled inside the cave and placed the; large sticks on the opening to conceal her inside of the cave. Weeks had passed and she had forgotten all about the camp and Gavyn. As she found comfort in the small lake her body had finally received cleaning almost everyday. She had crumbled berries and flowers to make a sweet fragrance for her hair. For once in her life she was actually free.

CHApter 8

A little note A reference to The Bruce name is purely fictional it has been added to make my story have a little twist. Again thanks for reading and it would be great to leave feedback..

Gavyn came from his tent one night not able to sleep after one of his many women had offered more than water to him. Stretching he had not realized it had been weeks since he saw her last. Not that it matter he felt that in order for him to completely forget about her he kept his distance but as the months went by he found himself trying to seeking her out more than often.

Why had the damned woman stayed in his head? She was very dirty most of the time and he scratched his beard as he knew the reason for her lack of cleanliness. He thought he had never even seen her clean. He had seen her nude before him and he felt a low heat at remembering her. She had curves like no woman he had seen and the color of fire that graced the outside of her womanhood. He had thought by now she would have thrown herself unto his mercy and begged him to allow her to spend her nights with him. HE saw her and the way she looked at him the desire in her eyes. And yet for some reason he never paid close attention to her or her growing attraction.

For the first time he felt the need to search her out and perhaps taste her lips to see if the low fire within her would finally be set aflame. He went to her tent and found it had not even been set up. He went through the campsite checking every tent and not seeing her. He felt a sick feeling expanding into his stomach and sweat began to form on his brow if something were to happen to her he would never forgive himself.

He searched the small hillside and in the distance he saw a flickering light but only for a moment. His eyes squinted and he felt a fury build within him. He walked to the resting horses and jumped bare back onto the largest one and dug his heels into the animal’s side sending him with a jolt toward the small light. He finally saw the source of the light and kept a small distance between him and the woman before him her back was towards him and he could not tell who it was he smacked the horse in the rear to send it off toward the camp and stood concealed behind the huge tree and watched in awe of the woman skinning a deer hide.

As he hid he noticed that the woman had a striking resemblance to Aubrey. As she made her way past the tree in which he hid he gasped almost out loud as it was Aubrey. She had a tight fitting dress on that she must have sneak from one of the women. Her whole form was masked by a green cloak that set off the color of her flame colored locks.

He gasped my god how the god blessed this woman with everything a man needed to become her slave. She was clean and the food she had been consuming had made her skin glow. Her hair fell in loose curls all the way down past her swollen hips and he felt that he would stop breathing if he did not look away. How long had it been since he had really seen her. He searched for some small remembrance of the enchantress before him. But to his surprise there was none she had never been as she was now. Out of all the women he had chosen to lie with none could match this beauty that held him captive.

A whisper behind him made him start, “So you have finally opened you eyes and seen her for the lady she is have you.”

Ewan smiled in the shadows.

“How long has she been here?”

“Well I think it has been three weeks I have been watching her. She often speaks your name in her sleep.”

His eyebrow’s raise and the look of complete confusion stretched across his face.

“Why would she say my name in her sleep?”

“H'm, his friend replied “could it be that you are the man in her dreams. Have you ever tried to be a gentleman to this woman I knew only came to me to give her an honest chance at life. But all the while I knew she had fancied you.”

He looked toward the young women in front of him and saw the sadness in her eyes as she looked to the camp’s direction.

He was about to turn and head off when he heard her small whisper from behind “Where are you Gavyn, why have you not looked for me.”

He noticed her shoulders drop and she made her way to sit by the small fire. He watched for several more minutes and turned to speak with Ewan only to find him gone. How could he speak to her after the way he had treated her. What would she do if she found out his true identity? No one had known except for Ewan. It had been easier for them to pretend to be warrior’s but soon his father would need him and to everyone he knew his parent’s were dead. His real surname had been Bruce his family, who in fact were heir to Scotland’s Crown. Although the English King would not permit it to happen he knew that someday one of the Bruce’s would take what was rightfully theirs. Scotland would one day be a kingdom again.

CHapter 9

He sat down against the tree and watched Aubrey eat and then as she went inside the small cave he remained motionless outside. After what seemed like an eternity he finally got the nerve to check on her inside the cave. He stood and walked silently toward the entrance just before entering he looked around to be sure no one watched him.

As He entered the cave he was unaware that someone indeed watched him.

A hoarse voice spoke to a smaller form while both were upon horses.

“So this is the man who you almost destroyed. Wow it must be painful to know that he has token up with another woman.”

He turned to the smaller form and saw her eyes filled with hatred and her voice full with venom

“Oh Do not mock me sir this woman is a mere distraction to help him ease his memory of me. He will be mining once more and once he believes that I truly have returned to him and he is closer to become a man of power again, you will destroy him. As soon as he leaves this wretch alone you must claim her.”

The man smiled and he replied very rapidly.

“Yes milady.”

The rider’s rode off leaving no sign that they had even been there. As a man carefully grabbed a branch and removed the hoof marks left. Once he had cleared the path he himself had disappeared into the darkness.

As he entered her tent he felt uneasy about seeing her so close. HE then inhaled sharply as her sleeping form was glowing in the low light. HE felt awful for the way things had been between them. HE then sat beside her and slowly put a hand upon her face. Her face felt sot and smooth as his hands were rough and chafed. To his surprise she had not even woke at his touch but as he stroked the side of her delicate face she had a small smile upon her lips. He then lowered his lips to her own and inhaled her scent. How long had it been since he smiled a fresh woman. Sure the woman of the camp had been willing to give all but they had many lovers. They also ha no sweet smell to them as this young Lass had.

Surely he would go mad if he did not feel her lips but once even if she was asleep. He lowered his mouth unto hers and her lips had felt as soft as flower petals. To his surprise the lass had embraced him with open arms and called out his name.

He felt maddened as her words were slow and seductive.

“Gavyn, I have waited for this to happen I have wanted it to happen. Take me into your arms and caress me.”

He looked at the woman beneath him and noticed that she was sound asleep. He bit his lip as he controlled the curses from escaping his now clenched mouth.

It was then that he knew the only way to have her was to make her his woman. He needed her and he would take no refusal. He looked at her sleeping form and slowly lowered himself beside her and stroked her long tresses as he fell into a sleep beside her.

CHApter 10

Aubrey had awaked and felt warmth around her. She thought she must be dreaming as warm air was softly caress sing her ear. She did not move for fear that she would wake up. She turned her body slightly to further the warmth and pushed her face in the heat that she had no idea where it had been from. She closed her eyes once more and fell into a deep sleep.

The dream began again with him speaking her name and caressing her face. She felt movement and slowly her eyes opened once more as the small rays of the moon filtered through the small crevices of the cave. Her eyes looked at the small light and then suddenly looked in front of her. She froze as eyes of the sea bore into her own sapphire ones. He had beautiful eyes and with the moon and fire glowing in them they had appeared golden as the fire danced around. Was she still dreaming was this real? She had been torn between fear and curiosity. She then whispered his name “Gavyn.”

His own husky voice answered her “Aubrey.”

She closed her eyes not wanting him to see the fear she had in them. She slowly opened them again and spoke softly as she hugged him tight and burying her head in his chest.

“I am dreaming again.”

“No lass you are not, I lie in your arms this night. Do ye want me to let go?”

She gulped she did not know what would happen but this man had found her and now held her with his arms about her waist. She felt his hand slid up the length of her back stopping just short of her bare shoulder. She could not speak as his warm hand met her cool flesh.

She felt the warming sensation forming in her belly, as his hand began moving over her shoulder. His words were velvet as he spoke. “Tell me to stop Aubrey tell me to go and I will lass.”

She trembled beneath him and sucked in air before speaking.

“I do want you here, please do not go.”

His eyes burned into her own as his mouth moved closer only a few inches from her own. She felt his hot breath upon her lips. She could feel his heartbeat beneath her fingertips which she had somehow placed on his chest. She closed her eyes and wrapped her small arms about his neck and pulled his mouth into a slow kiss. His beard felt very soft as it brushed her face. He pulled away to look at her and he felt the barrier he had set upon his heart was lifting.

Not wanting to end the moment he grabbed handfuls of flame colored hair and pressed his mouth onto hers and allowed his tongue to fully taste the inside of her mouth. He felt her tense up a bit but then it had left. He felt he could kiss her forever she had a softness to her and an innocence he found enchanting.

All of his strength was used to pull away to speak “Aubrey I do not want this things to be rushed we must wait. We must proceed slowly to allow our feelings to grow. “

He saw the look of confusion enter into her blue eyes. Then she had turned her head toward the light. Her soft voice spoke softly into his ear.

“Please do not leave me I do not wish to be alone now.”

He nodded and leaned in to kiss her one more time.

Soon she had fallen asleep as his hands stroked her face to ease her into sleeep.

Chapter 11

The sound of whispers had awoke her slightly. As she began to focus on where they came from A hand slid over her mouth and Dragged her from the tent.

She looked to the tent and found that Gavyn was no longer in the tent.

She heard a hiss from a woman into her face.

"Tell me wench where is Lord Gavyn and I will let you live."

I swallowed hard not knowing what to do I decided lying was the best choice for the feelings I had for him where far greater than my own life.

I looked at her she was stunning midnight hair with emerald eyes stared with evil at me. Her glare did not shake me from my lie. "He is back at camp,he denied me and says that he will not have my type."

She threw back her head and laughed. Although it was not unpleasant there was malice in it.

"Gag her and place her on your horse she will be used just in case he might have feelings for her."

The man walked toward me and I did not hesitate as his hand drew near I bit it as hard as I could and screamed for my life as I ran for the camp.

I heard the thunder of a horse behind me not daring to look back I felt something hard hit my head and fell into the cold hard ground. Feeling weak and confused i could taste dirt and smell blood as And fought darkness once more.

I screamed out one last time "Help me." Before I felt another thud to my head.

Gavyn had awoke in the night and felt a need to take a walk. His mind was troubled. Images of Aubrey were still in his head as well as his first love. He felt unsure of what to do. He knew that he felt strong feelings coming alive for Aubrey.

But Alas he also had great sorrow and hate for the one who betrayed him. Why had she done it just one day she left and she did not tell him why. He would have gave her the world.

He scratched his head and felt his eyes grow misty. Maybe that was at last the problem.

He had lavished wealth and gifts upon her. He felt that maube a man should not give a woman his wealth but see if she can give him her heart first.

Like Aubrey she had not wanted anything and yet something in her eyes asked for something.

He had tried to ignore it but how long could he. Her eyes had been pools of saphires in the moonlight and her hair had felt like velvet against his bare chest.

His mind made up he would begin to seek out her attention and if she pleased him he would allow a secong chance at life again.

He was turning when he heard a shrill cry coming from the small cave. he was a long way off and he cursed himself for straying so far. His legs began shaking as he set them in motion as fast as he could. He heard one last cry and then silence. He stoppede to hear it again he prayed they would cry out again.

His heart sank as he heard nothing. he knew not where the last cry came from but as he neared the small cave he saw the blood upon the ground. The hoof prints which lead away from the tent were two sets.

He froze Aubrey where was she and it hit him hard. She was the one who was sceaming he searched the tent and found it empty. he walked to the blood and layed his hand on it. It was warm it had been her blood that was spilled surely she was not dead. They would have left her body. His own voice did not provide comfort in his wishful plea.

His eyes grew cold and the fury which they held was unlike any man's. He walked to the camp and screamed like a madman to all who were sleeping.

"You better pray that none of you had anything to do with it."

Thanks Bean was a little nervous about posting here since you gals are very talented writers...

I have more but will have to edit them because some are very naughty this is my tAME ONEI have it posted over on ezboard

Very good! I'm looking forward to more of this, Imbri!!! :clap:

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Guest Beanie

Fantastic, Imbri!! I am sooooo loving this. Very strong characters.... Can't wait t see where you take this! :clap:

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thanks Beanie....

I cant wait to see where I take this either...

Gavyn and Aubrey character's are so strong that it has been hard to have romantic moments and the time period is very dark.

Fantastic, Imbri!! I am sooooo loving this. Very strong characters.... Can't wait t see where you take this! :clap:

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I throughly agree with Beanie. Very stong characters. Looking forward to more. :wave:


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Chapter 12

He had stayed up all night and blinked as the first light of dawn made is way through the darkness. His hands were buried in his hair and for the first time in years he felt sadness.

Why had he been so hard on her, if it were not for him and countless other's she may have remained in the protection of the camp.

He thought to follow her and so he made his way on his horse but felt his heart drop as the tracks disappeared even with a brightly lit torch he could not find them.

She was gone and the horrors that could befall her were beginning to make him insane.


Came a sweet voice from the shadows. His heart leaped she had returned he would have to give her a quick tongue lashing for the small jest.

He stood and looked to find her but all he found was a dark haired woman with fierce green eyes.


He blinked and stood and walked away his eyes were playing tricks on him once more he had heard she was dead and for a long time he mourned her. Then at once he thought that god had granted him peace by plucking out her life as payment for her sins against him.

At once small hands were on his shoulder's as her sweet voice whispered into his ear.

"Gavyn has it been so long that you have forgotten me."

His large frame trembled at her voice and his words which he meant to be harsh came out shaky. He kept his gaze straight for to look at her once more would make him forget the wrongs she had done to him.

"Jacinda god must have cursed me for so long my family have celebrated your death."

She stepped in front of him and placed her delicate hands onto his firm chest. Her wicked smile taking his breath away.

Her whisper gone as her mouth opened into challenging words "Oh surely you jest my Gavyn for as much as your family wish me dead I know that your body does not. Tell me does your slave girl please you as I once did?"

His green eyes grew dark as the mention of Aubrey's person left her lips. he threw her to the ground and drew his sword and pointed it toward her.

"If you value your life wooman you will tell me where it is your men have taken her."

Jacinda was frightened for the first time at him but it was short lived as she knew that his heart was won by another. Her angry grew and her laughter came easily from her lips.

"Our future King has fallen in love with a common slave. Tell me are you planning to make the whore our Queen my love."

Gavyn's anger grew and he drove the sword just beside her and grabbed her arm with a steel grip,his eyes showed no hint of weakness and his gaze told her if she spoke once more.

His voice was dangerously low as he spoke into her ear. "I will be King one day and by god the first order I will do for my country is to have you beheaded in front of all of my country men. But before i do that I will stripped of your title and land.

I know that your dog has taken her and By my honor your men will be hunted down."

He whistled to his men who laughed as they dragged her fighting form from his sight. He called out to his men to stop as he spoke to Jacinda "I shall rejoice in your justice, my love."

He walked to his horse and stared at the sun just coming up over the horizon. The agony of the past had resurfaced Jacinda had been his lover. She was supposed to be his wife but the agony of not having her right away tortured him and so they had spent many nights together. As his love for her grew he knew there would be no other. He had rejoiced the day she had told him he was going to be a father. They were married secretly he had not wanted anyone to harm his wife or the child.

His son had been born and he had never thought he would love anyone so much. A month later while he slept the tiny newborn was taken. A note had been left that if Gavyn did not take a wife soon England would lay claim to his throne and his heir would die.

He had went to the priest and demanded that Jacinda and him to be married that morning. After the ceremony two soldiers had arrived to the ceremony with a small blanket from his horse's saddle and threw it at him.

"Aye that be the one ." Said one of the men.

"Our majesty has sent us to take your woman she has some unfinished business with him and he has asked us to tell you your son will be waiting by the tree with a message."

He looked at Jacinda who stared with no emotion at the men before her. She reached one of the men's hand and was hoisted up into the saddle as the soldier smiled as his arms encircled her waist.

He had not cared where they took her his only concern was his child. He took off toward the tree where the soldiers had pointed and found a bloodied bundle beside the tree. His hands shook as he prayed to god that it was not what he thought. His eyes closed as his hands reached inside to grab what he already knew was there. The small form was cold and he softly talked to him thinking somehow he might just be alive.

For the first time in his life as a man he cried. His eyes never looked at his son he silently wrapped him in the blanket the soldiers had brought and leaned against the tree.

The message that the soldier spoke of was lying just inside the bloodied rag they had used for his son.

His eyes still flooding with tears cleared immediately and filled with anger.

If it is you who wishes to be king than perhaps you should handle your woman better. Not only will I enjoy planting my bastard within her. She has also secured that your heir will not live to be a king. I find it rather amusing how easily have taken your kingdom once again.

Chapter 13

A small fire had been burning as hushed voices where being whispered as many eyes looked at the newest woman to join the dungeon.

The bravest women of them all walked toward the visibly beaten women. She knelt down on her scraped knees without the slightest notion of the pain that was endless throughout her body. She herself had been beaten and much worse she pushed the thoughts from her and looked to help another as was her way.

If the woman did not wake soon she wouldn't be able to blend in with the others and she would be the next to satisfy their captor’s lust for women. She shook her hard and spoke into her ear. "Lass you must wake, there would be unspeakable acts upon your person."

Aubrey eyes opened and she saw the beautiful face of women who she swore looked just like her Gavyn. The torch she held came close to Aubrey's face and she gasped as the green eyes were the same.

Without a doubt this woman must be his sister. Her voice felt weak but she had to know. "Do you have a brother one that looks as you do?"

The shocked look on the woman's face frightened her. She grabbed Aubrey's hand and squeezed it. Her eyes filled with tears as she spoke "tell me he lives and what of his child did the boy get returned?"

Aubrey looked as shocked as she “What..."

"His son they took him what seems like only yesterday. I have been a prisoner here for five long years. Tell me my brother is well and that wench Jacinta has died by his hands. She sold me into slavery and arranged the kidnapping of my brother's son. Her own son Miss she had him kidnapped so she could obtain a title. I hid in the shadows and watched in horror as the English soldiers made the agreement with her and took the small newborn from her hands. I was discovered running toward my brother and was captured. I had tried to end her life but the men overwhelmed me and my brother was told I had died.”

Aubrey stared at the woman and tears fell from her eyes and her words struggled to come out. “I have never seen him with a son. He has never spoken of it. I believe Jacinda is responsible for me being here.”

The woman looked away and helped me stand. I embraced her and held her in my arms.

“I want to be the first to tell you that I love your brother. HE does not even know of my feelings for him.”

She embraced me back and spoke softly “My name is Elisa, Did my brother tell you of his birthright?”

I looked at her in confusion and shook my head .

“Our family are the true heir’s to the throne. But with the English Tyrant we have yet to take our rightful place.”

I stood shocked and my hand flew to my mouth. “Gavyn is a Bruce ?”

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