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Just came home from Nim's Island

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I just took my nephew Nathan James to see Nim's and we both loved the movie. He is going to be 10 in 10 days and this was my birthday present to him. He laughed and giggled throughout the whole movie and I did as well. It was a lovely feel good movie that was very entertaining. I had this picture of us snapped after we got home from the movie. I am hoping that everyone else enjoys this movie as much as we did and that it does well at the box office. Gerry juice was flowing all over the screen.

Posted Image

Gerry you are amazing.


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:funnyup: :funnyup:

Gerry juice flowing all over the screen, funny how that seems to happen with him alot on screen, doesn't it?


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Just got home from introducing a friend to the joys of Gerry, by seeing NIM. Lots of Gerry Juice all over the place. Shirtless (or nearly so in a wet clingy relatively see thru-shirt), bare legs, expressive face. Shows his range well. And he lives at the end of the movie - how refreshing!! A must see, feel good movie. I will have to see it several more times, for the full effect - :drool1: I can't concentrate on the movie and watch him at the same time!

Liana :rose:

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I know exactly what you mean, Liana. When Gerry is on the screen, I totally ignore the other characters! I got to see Nim's on the ultrascreen, which made it even harder to concentrate on the story. He's so yummy, especially as Alex. I will definitely have to see it again and force myself to watch the entire screen. :pointy:

BTW, I enjoyed the entire movie immensely! Such a sweet, charming film. I'm really glad he is throwing in family films with all the others so I can take my younger kids with me.

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Connie and I saw the matinee showing of Nim's this afternoon. I had 2 of my grandkids with me and she was accompanied by her granddaughter. Every one of us absolutely loved it. It was refreshing, funny, sweet, and completely adorable - and Gerry was wonderfully and totally gorgeous in both of his roles. This movie should be a blockbuster, JMHO. Will definately see it several more times.

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:yay: So glad to hear some reports coming in...I was wondering cause I'm not going to be able to go for a couple of days .....I've read a few critics reports ...some not bad....a few pretty good ...and one really rotten one!! This guy that wrote this I don't think was ever a kid himself anyway...but his report on Leathernecks was just as bad! :tantrum:

Nobody mentioned if the theater was full or not either and if so ...was it more kiddies than adults?? I'm betting on the kiddies!

:wave: Fran

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Fran, the theater Suzie and I were in this afternoon was about half full. Most were women with small children, except for Suzie and me and two other women who were there without children. We talked with them after the movie, asking them how they liked it, etc. They both said they loved it. They said they came to see Gerry, because they loved him in PSILY. PSILY was the first time they had ever seen Gerry. They asked us about our shirts...you KNOW we were wearing Gerry fan shirts, of course. :p

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Elissa, I'm ready to go see it again!!! Loved it! Half the time I wanted to take Alex home with me, the other half I wanted to take Jack home with me! Lucky Nim and Alexandra, they get them both!!


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Took my 2 kids (boy, 10 and girl 9) to see the 5:15 showing. about 3/4 full. Lots of families.

I love ALEX!!!! IMHO Gerry looked great as Jack but was all right in the part. But ALEX? He just shines. You could so tell he was having fun doing the part.

Definitely going again.

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Just got home from seeing Nim's with my hubby,11 yr old son and adult niece.......we all loved it!!! I think my neice is becoming a closet Gerry fan.....at one point I leaned over and commented that Gerry looked really good on a beach....her reply was...you're tellin me!!!Yep...she's on her way!!!Hubby even liked it.....Of course I thought that Gerry was superb as usual......and I love the end, but I won't say why yet, cause I don't want to spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet!!!I'd really love to see it several more times!!!!

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:yay: So glad to hear some reports coming in...I was wondering cause I'm not going to be able to go for a couple of days .....I've read a few critics reports ...some not bad....a few pretty good ...and one really rotten one!! This guy that wrote this I don't think was ever a kid himself anyway...but his report on Leathernecks was just as bad! :tantrum:

Nobody mentioned if the theater was full or not either and if so ...was it more kiddies than adults?? I'm betting on the kiddies!

:wave: Fran

We went to a 4:15 matinee. There weren't very many of us. 3 Families i think, and several of us "single" women. LOL But i suspect that the evening shows would have more people, and tomorrow ought to be a good day.


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i was the only one with a kid.... the rest were adults.... but only about 1/3 full... i liked the movie...it was as grand a scale as the trailers made out...by the way **I HATE TRAILERS** they ruin movies in my opinion... they steer us in wrong directions, show sometimes only the good parts..but out of context... and have different music than what the movie does..

there were a few scenes in trailers which were not in the movie, so i suspect they wil be on the dvd... if i have one complaint, it would be their use of music...or lack of soundtrack. it seemed they just had random music scores playing in the background that had no impact on what we were seeing on the screen...when there was a lightness, or goofiness in the scene...they should have picked music to make you feel it... but nope...just more random music in the background...

they must have cut a few scenes for time..**not sure that was necessary** and so to me the editing seemed a bit choppy..

i do have to say, that i saw a great chemestry between jodi and gerry.... they play very well off of each other... and im willing to put money down, that they star together in a grown up film really soon... and takers on that bet??

all in all, the kid loved, i loved seeing gerry...hey..life is good...

***i think they have definately on purpose , left this in a state , that leaves it open to a sequel...***

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I went to the 2:00 showing today with 2 of my friends. The theatre was fairly empty except for a few other grownups. School is still on so I guess Sat. and Sun will have more kids. The movie was really nice. The movie had a feel of sweetness to it (probably from Abigail). That girl can act! All three of them were great. Jodie Foster is a real comedy prize. Our guy Gerry was having a good time in this movie (except for the water). I recommend this movie to anyone - any age. I'm going again next week with 2 more friends. I always make sure I wear one of my Gerry tee shirts!

Joanie :)

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OMG I'm soooo anxious to go! I don't know if I can wait til Monday...Thanks you guys, I've been dying here! I think it's really neat to hear that there are some new Gerry fans out there from PSILY and they're checking out his other movies...I'm assuming you and Suzie gave them the list of all Gerrys prior movies right Elissa?? :unsure: I mean you two didn't brag about him too much did ya's? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! No...not much. :p Cute story about your niece Redrose! Will she be joining us any time soon? :cunning:

:wave: Fran

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Well I went to see Nim's Island yesterday and I liked it. My son was excited, but about 5 mins into the movie he was sawing logs. I was cradling a 4 yr. old for 1/3 of the movie, then I passed him on to my hubby. He finally woke up w/10 mins to go. When the movie was over and the credits were rolling my hubby turns to me and says w/no hesitation - "That movie was HORRIBLE! OMG that was B-A-D!!!!". I popped him on the head. I said it was cute and he was like "OMG that was so bad!!!!" He got another pop on the head.

He said the only redeeming quality of the movie was Jodie Foster. He thought Abigail was bad and he likes Gerry but he thought he was cheesy, blah blah blah. Another pop on the head. Gerry looked good hello! I'm not a big kid movie fan but I did like this movie. It was very cute. A couple of cheesy lines :unsure: but I liked it alot. I will be seeing it again and when it comes out on video I will be purchasing it w/no hestitation.

I thought it was really cute in the end when Alex is introduced to Jack - that look. :wuv: I mean how can you not notice a fine looking specimen such as Gerry. :drool1:


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My girls [4 & 13] both loved it.

Kaylee wants to be Nim, however while Jack was being eyeballed by the sharks she pulled me down to her level and whispered "Mom, I am alergic to sharks!" (:wuv: How cute is that?!)

Am I the only one that giggled rather loudly as they panned out on Alex being carried by natives?

(I kept thinking -"Oh no! I**B peeps have Gerry!" :lol:)

It was grrreat!


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My two cents:

Loved it. Plain and simple, I loved it. I've seen it twice already, and am ready for more!

I thought Gerry was fantastic, and seeing him as a dad was believable and so sweet. I was a bit disappointed that the scene in my storybook where he's knelt down and kissing Abagail's head wasn't in the movie, but that's okay.

My favorite parts (besides the obvious obligatory chestless Gerry): Gerry being all McGuyver-ish on the boat! I loved it! I loved seeing him being "a man" with tools and working on things and being handy. Loved the screw driver in the mouth, the blood on his thumb, etc.

My next favorite part was when he came back. OY! I got chills watching him sail in on that make-shift boat like - again - such a man. But, it was really when he and Nim were reunited that I almost lost it. He was so happy, laughing and smiling. Lifting her up and swinging her around. And when Nim put her hands on his face and head . . . :thud: I don't know why, but that just really got to me.

As for Alex, I loved when they showed Jodie typing, and then all we saw were Gerry's looooong beautiful legs in the screen. Lord . . . he was so verra sexy as Alex, but as Jack, seven more sexy as just a real guy. A scientist guy . . . and the pen! UH! The sucking noise when he took it out of his mouth!

Okay, my thoughts are scattered and am just writing as I think of things. Sorry for the rambling . . . but I, like everyone else, really loved Gerry in this movie.

Hmmm. I wonder if I can break my own record and see Nim's more than nine times? :pointy:

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I saw the 1pm showing of this yesterday, an absolutely loved it, I will definetely be going back. I though Abigail was really good in it, and I loved seeing Gerry and Jodie, I a big Jodie Foster fan as well, and have been for a long time, so this was a real treat for me. At one point though I thought I wasn't going to be able to see all the movie because a storm knockout the power to the theatre, luckily a few minutes later they had it back on, and I was able to finish the movie. I can't wait to see it again.

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I just came back from Nim's. I went with my mom, my sis and my nephew (who is 15) and we all absolutely LOVED this movie! To be honest, it was much better than I expected! I related to this film on so many levels.... especially the idea of a writer having a muse to inspire her stories, and how that muse can almost seem like a real person. I love how the film intersected between the Island, San Francisco, and Jack.

This film made me smile and laugh, and even tear up a little, and it reminded me of the movies I loved as child. Movies of hope, and love and adventure and fun!

Maybe in my heart I am only an eight year old.... but I went to this film expecting a fun kid's movie and got so much more.

Jodie was WONDERFUL... and I have to say, I find it refreshing to see a woman in a film who LOOKS her age. Who is not hiding behind botox and overly puffed lips. I enjoy seeing the character lines, and the physical signs that this woman has lived some years on this earth. She is beautiful.

Abigail was a joy to watch, and she felt like a real little girl, with the same joys and fears of all children.

What can I say about Gerry. I know this was not a huge role for him, but my Lord, the man just shimmers with life and charm on the screen! The scene in the moonlit sea.... those eyes! Heaven help me! Once you get over his stunning looks, I loved seeing how he conveyed his fatherly love as Jack, and actually, Jack touched me more than Alex.

I enjoyed Alex, he was tons of fun, and the whole idea of a literary character coming to life is brilliant! I love how this movie celebrates books! Books appear, and are important throughout the whole film.

I can't wait to take hubby to see it tomorrow!

The theater was packed... kids and adults of all ages.

What a Joy!


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One more thing: I also looked at this movie from a simple academic view.

As I thought more about it, I loved how the movie showed the parallels between the isolation of Nim's life and the isolation of Alex's life. I could write a whole essay on this movie on that alone. I miss doing that - I don't miss school, but there are things like this that I do miss.

I also thought that showing that really on the inside, Alex WAS the adventurer that she wrote about. I think I feel like that sometimes. I supress the person inside me that wants to live life to the fullest but is so afraid of the consequences. There's some quote like that - but I can't thin of it right now. Something about being afraid of living that you don't really live life. You know what I mean? I'll have to find it . . . (okay, I can't find it).

Anyway, like Swannie I totally went into this expecting a great kids' movie, and that's what I got.

Bella and I have also talked about it, and we felt that this movie was also a great empowering movie for girls. It shows Nim as being self-sufficient to the nth degree, but at the same time realizing that she does need pepole around to help her. Great message.

I did find this one, though: “I would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said, than regretting not doing what my heart led me to and wondering what life had been like if I'd just been myself.” Brittany Renée.

Can't wait to see it again!


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I went to see Nim's on Friday at a 12:20 pm (earliest showing at that theater) and

I really loved this movie !!! It is an all around fun, positive, experience for ALL ages -- Kids and

Adults -- IMHO -- and This Big Kid really enjoyed it !!

I thought Gerry, Jodie and Abigail -- all 3 gave wonderful performances and they all

mesh well together and have great screen chemistry as a Trio - ensemble !!

The scenery was sooo lavish and beautiful and the animals were fun and most enjoyable as well.

This movie to me also reminded me of some of my favorite classic childhood films --

seemed to me to have a bit of Swiss Family Robinson (I have always loved that film) with

Nim & Jack & their animal friends and there desire to protect their beautiful Treasure of an

island approach... the way the 3 main characters fell together and the love and romance that

was woven in -- reminded me a little of Sleepless in Seattle - just a hint -- the way the

3 characters take screen time -- before you see all 3 at same time - meanwhile - you see

you see each persons perspective or them paired off -- Alexandra & Alex --

or Jack and Nim -- Then Nim and Alexandra -- (can't explain -- sorry if what I said doesn't

make sense) ...

I loved the way -- Nim would be reading and all of the sudden -- she would become

part of the adventure sequence -- ie -- Nim reading on her bed and she & the

bed are surrounded by Alex and his adventures -- good example --

for kids or anyone on how -- reading and one's one imagination -- can

take you anywhere you want to go -- literally bringing the pages of a book to life !!

I also - loved Jodie's performance of a very intelligent & creative but neurotically challenged

(with the agorophibia and a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder) writer struggling to

break out of the bondage from her fear - in order to help little Nim. I can relate to some of

Alexandra's fears having ocd myself & having experienced and struggled first hand with

trying to conquer the limits that my own fear thoughts try to impose on my own life.

I thought Jodies pulls this off in a very believable/realistic, sensitive, yet funny way -

(which actually neurosis can be pretty damn funny -- learning to laugh at one's self &

life in generally can be good medicine for dealing with it & life period -- I practice this

in my own life too !!) I really loved both of Gerry's roles -- loved the way Alex would

in a loving but humorous/teasing way push/prod Alexandra along into facing her fears

and at the same time teaching her how to embrace life.

At the same time - I thought as Jack -- Gerry was very sensitive, endearing and funny

and was wonderful with Abigail -- she is such a talented little actress.

I've been enjoying many of her movies -- like "Signs" with Mel Gibson -- is a fav of mine --

I saw & loved "Little Miss Sunshine" and was charmed by her & everyone in that film !!

I'm looking forward to seeing Abigail continue to grow up -- on the screen making

many more great films -- she has much talent and potential -- very similar to Jodie

foster's film career.

Sorry to ramble soo much -- but I really loved this film -- will go see it more &

look forward to getting it on DVD too !!

I also loved the Talking Heads tune in the film & was jamming to the U2 song at the end

I thought -- was kinda cool -- a Celticly Rockin touch to exit the film in !!!

Love me some Bono & U2 !!!!

Thanx -- Tee

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Great summary of the movie, Amanda! As I sat there watching it, I thought of Treasure Island and Swiss Family Robinson myself.

I thought it was a very fun movie. I can imagine if my kids were younger, this is one that they would be asking to be taken to over and over again. And played many many times on DVD later on. Of course, I'll be taking care of that myself. :kisswink:

I loved the casting of this movie. Of course Gerry :wuv: but Jodie and Abigail were great as well. Jodie did a fabulous job in the comedic aspects of her role. Abigail was very believable as the self sufficient kid. My only niggling complaint was I don't like it when kids call their parents by their first names. But I got over that quickly. I loved it when she was really missing him, he was "Daddy."

The scenery was simply beautiful. I was in love with the island for sure. Watching Nim ziplining all over the place was a hoot.

Wonderful kids' movie. I hope it continues to do well in the box office. I would imagine it's going to do great in the DVD market as well.

Nice job everyone.

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I just took my nephew Nathan James to see Nim's and we both loved the movie. He is going to be 10 in 10 days and this was my birthday present to him. He laughed and giggled throughout the whole movie and I did as well. It was a lovely feel good movie that was very entertaining. I had this picture of us snapped after we got home from the movie. I am hoping that everyone else enjoys this movie as much as we did and that it does well at the box office. Gerry juice was flowing all over the screen.


Gerry you are amazing.


I went to see it by myself on Sunday. I think I was the oldest person in the theatre but I loved it!

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I just got home from the 7:30PM showing at a very small theater, maybe 70-80 seats. It was 3/4 full with a real mixed audience, young, old, couples, families. I went by myself cuz hubby's usually asleep by 8:30 and he was too pooped to go. No way was I missing out!

I loved it! I especially enjoyed Jodie Foster. It was nice seeing her be funny and goofy, after seeing her in so many serious roles. I think she did really well. And of course Gerry was great. We got to see the adventurous Alex (who was Scottish by the way) and the devoted dad Jack (American). It was like getting two Gerry's for the price of one (not a bad deal!).

I'm a sucker for cute animals and although Nim's animal friends were not what you would traditionally think of as "cute" (a sea lion, lizard, and pelican - I think) I did find them charming and funny.

Great all around film that kids will like and adults will too, especially those with GALS.

Someone commented on Gerry's eyes in the moonlight and I agree. I found myself saying "Wow" several times because of how hot he looked. Beware - we do get a shirtless scene, and some good open-shirted chest scenes. His arms are amazing! So strong and muscular (I'm a fool for great arms).

Run, don't walk to see Nim's!

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So Reggie, you saw at last Gerry on a big screen and you was scotched at your seat ! :pointy::pointy:

So am I !

I saw it today, the first day on screens in France. We were less than 20 in the theatre (for a theatre for 165) ... A lot of people seemed to be in the movie theatre to see Horton, a comic.

There was a very old man just behind me, and he seemed to enjoy it. And 2 girls just near me, and a lot of mothers with kids. I was with Jeanne (9) and she took my hand several times, afraid that Nim loose his father ...

I enjoyed the film, and Gerry's characters. I understood why he was telling he passed all the time in water ... I found he was much charming as a father than as an aventurer. I loves the Jodie Foster composition : she is always very good, but she's excellent in this goofy and scared character. And I'm agree with you, it's better to see a woman who looks as a woman of her age, and not as a doll.

I love always so much Gerry's eyes, his glance, his crooked smiles, his arms and his hands.... And these legs in the short when he's in the water ... Yum ! And ... he looks a little bit "coated" and I like that. He give me need to be cuddled in his arms, just on his stomac :drool1: ....

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