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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (continued)

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WELCOME to the 47th floor of the 2nd highrise of our clinic! We only have 22 floors to go to reach 69 again!

While Gerry is filming The Ugly Truth I still can't think of anything ugly about our guy! He's been subjected to some ugly rumors lately, but we know how ridiculous much of it is, so we shall continue to focus on the beautiful truth - the heart and humor, sexiness and goofiness, the things we all know are the true essence of Gerry.

For those new to our clinic you can find our previously erected floors below:

Click here to find links to the floors of Highrise #1

Highrise #2 Floor #1-A Strong Foundation

Highrise #2 Floor #2 - FALL is the season

Highrise #2 Floor #3 - The POWER of 3

Highrise #2 Floor #4 - Four on the Floor - Road Trip

Highrise #2 Floor #5 - Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Highrise #2 Floor #6 - A Verrra Charming Bad Boy!

Highrise #2 Floor #7 - Deck the Halls

Highrise #2 Floor #8 - Hugs for the Holidays

Highrise #2 Floor #9 - 2007 Let's Make it FINE

Highrise #2 Floor #10 - He IS a 10 indeed!

Highrise #2 Floor #11 - The Power Number

Highrise #2 Floor #12 - Fit to be King

Highrise #2 Floor #13 - ALREADY a sex symbol

Highrise #2 Floor #14 - 300 Rush Week

Highrise #2, Floor #15 - Prepare for Glory

Highrise #2, Floor #16 - They got the JUICE

Highrise #2, Floor #17 - April Showers

Highrise #2, Floor #18 - A PHENOM

Highrise #2 Floor #19 - Award-worthy

Highrise #2 Floor #20 - It's Raining Roles!

Highrise #2 Floor #21 - Convention Decompression

Highrise #2 Floor #22 - GALS turns Terrific TWO

Highrise #2 Floor #23 - GALS turns Two Part Deux

Highrise #2 Floor #24 - Let's get SHATTERED

Highrise #2 Floor #25 - We're having a HEAT WAVE!

Highrise #2 Floor #26 - Hot Summer Nights

Highrise #2 Floor #27 - Try to Remember

Highrise #2 Floor #28 - Rev up for Vegas, Baby!

Highrise #2 Floor #29 - He's Smokin'!

Highrise #2 Floor #30 - It's Gerry's Birthday Party

Highrise #2 Floor #31 - P.S. I Love Gerry!

Highrise #2 Floor #32 - P.S. I STILL Love Gerry!

Highrise #2 Floor #33 - 2008 is gonna be GREAT!

Highrise #2 Floor #34 - HELLO, Gorgeous

Highrise #2 Floor #35 - HELLO Again, Gorgeous!

Highrise #2 Floor 36-The Art of Gerry

Highrise #2 Floor #37 - Interior Decorating

Highrise #2 Floor #38 - Attila the Hunk

Highrise #2 Floor #39 - Come in from the Cold

Highrise #2 Floor #40 - Come in from the Cold again

Highrise #2 Floor #41 - Viva Las Vegas

Highrise #2 Floor #42 - My Hero

Highrise #2 Floor #43 - Tropical Breezes

Highrise #2 Floor #44 - Spring in his step

Highrise #2 Floor #45 - Deserted Island Fantasy

Highrise #2 Floor #46 - Weather GALS

Yes! This is our GALS Mantra:

Sink the Boat -- Ride the Phantom!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to QAZklh for making the graphic for us..."

Posted Image

AND NOW.... the original thread.

Being the compassionate person that I am, I can recognize a cry for help when I see one. Having said that, I have decided to start a new support group for those of us with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome – from now on, all with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome with be known as GALS.

This group is open to all GALS and non-GALS alike who believe they are in serious need of support and guidance as they realize how serious their addiction has become. This is not a support group which advocates traditional intervention, as the failure rate would be astronomical, but merely a group whom you can turn to who share in your addictions or withdrawals, whichever the case may be. Some of the signs that you have GALS include, but are not limited to:

1. You buy every magazine on the rack looking for photos or articles of Gerry and start to get the jitters when there has been no sign of him for weeks.

2. You drive 500 miles to see a Gerry movie.

3. Your significant other (or just someone you're dating) gives you stark reminders they are SOOOO NOT Gerry.

4. Co-workers, friends and/or family start teasing you for your addiction – people can be so cruel...

5. You become addicted to caffeine because you can’t pull yourself away from GALS...."'cause just MAYBE he'll be on Chat tonight."

6. You obsess with much glee, "Gerry has a computer...and he knows how to use it!!!!"

7. You find yourself asking aloud, "Did he REALLY mean what he said about the 3:00 a.m. thing and does he REALLY wear a size 11 shoe?" Then smile broadly.

8. You catch yourself speaking in a Scottish accent for no apparent reason.

9. You change the decor in your bathroom to accommodate your new yellow towels.

10. The "G-Spot" takes on a whole new meaning.

11. You spend days wondering why a Scot would be named "Andre." :huh:

12. You buy “Mrs. Brown” just for the skinny-dipping scene and play that one scene in slow mo and super slow mo, over and over and over again. (Okay, so maybe that was just me.) :D

13. You have a picture of Gerry in your wallet, and refer to him as “your man, Gerry.”

14. You spend your hard-earned cash assigned for other “non-essential” items (phone bill, power bill, etc.) on essential Gerry related items.

15. You go shopping for your “real-life” man and finding yourself thinking, “OMG!!! Gerry would look so :censored: hot in that!!!

16. You have to buy a new hard drive to accommodate all your pics and videos of Gerry.

17. You search through a couple hundred $5.50 DVDs at Wal-Mart because an employee said Dracula 2K might be there.

18. You can't possibly walk past Starbucks without dreaming that maybe... *sighs*

19. You refer to the Gerry wallpaper on your computer as your “happy place.”

20. While looking up at the clouds you SWEAR there's a cloud in the shape of a "G"...funny thing is, the GAL next to you sees the same thing!!!

21. Multiples (Gerrygasms) are an every day occurrence!!!

This list will continue to grow as you tell me your addictions...

Below is a very simple 10-step program to help foster our addiction.

1. You must admit you have GALS. This is so important to further your addiction. Yes, this support group wants to nourish your addiction, not starve it. We are here for you.

2. Come to believe the Great and Powerful Gerry is greater than ourselves and only our visions and/or fantasies can keep us addicted. To truly become addicted, however, one must at one time in ones life made the Gerry Mecca Journey (GMJ) and meet him in person.

3. Make a decision to turn our will and lives over to our addiction to Gerry.

4. Make a searching and fearless immoral inventory of our fantasies of Gerry.

5. Lend your support to those who have GALS, but are yet unable to admit it.

6. Watch every movie (more than once) in which Gerry has a role. To be truly addicted, you must develop a love of all Gerry genres (yes, this includes “Tale of the Mummy” and “Dracula 2000”).

7. Frequently quote lines from Gerry films. Memorize them, use them, replace old phrases with new Gerry lines. This will prove to all your serious commitment to your addiction.

8. Know Gerry’s biography better than you know your own. True GALS will know all Gerry’s trivia. Study it, soak it in, become one with Gerry's biography.

9. Give generously (money folks) to the website which has fostered your addictions and allowed your fantasies to take flight.

10. Convert all who are convertible to this syndrome. This is the true mark of GALS. Do not judge - for your next recruit may be your boss!

As this is a relatively new Syndrome, the above guidelines are subject to editing, amending or scrapping all together as we GALS deem necessary.

The first step to true addiction is to admit you have GALS!! I will begin the group.

"My name is Dr. Em and I have GALS."

All are welcome to join in our group. GALS, we must not suffer in silence!!! We now have a voice!!! Let it be heard!

*Disclaimer: We GALS appreciate not only Gerry’s royal hotness for which there is no rival, we indeed, also recognize his abundance of talent, soul, passion, spirit, sense of style and humor, sincerity...can I stop now? Our addictions are all-encompassing and we embrace Gerry EVERY WHICH WAY WE CAN!!!*

To Cleobethra for our “Warning Label.”

Posted Image



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There is absolutley nothing ugly about this man!!!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Hey I'm first!!! :yahoo:

Where is everyone???



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Guest DonnaKat

Sorry, was just searching my closet for some high water pants, and ended up finding some hangers on instead.

Has anybody streaked yet? No? Okay, then....


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I would've posted earlier, but I have an SAT Preparation class from 6 to 8 EST. It's the biggest Gerryinterruptus in my life right now, except for school.

But I'm always happy to come home and talk to my fanmily and find more pictures/videos of Gerry.

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Ah, the Beautiful Truth, brilliant Susan!


Been awhile since I've posted pictures, so here we go...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And now, a beautiful picture I just received this evening from mine and Mousie's younger sister:

Posted Image

We be proud big sisters and aunts! :D



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Oh! I must tell a story, one I keep forgetting to tell...

Mine and Mousie's dad was chatting at work with his boss, and they were talking about their kids, etc. Our dad mentioned that Mousie and were big fans of Gerry. His boss didn't recognize the name, so our dad started naming some of Gerry's films. He'd apparently seen Phantom, but couldn't really get a good visual of Gerry due to the mask, but when our dad mentioned Timeline, his boss replied that he had indeed seen that one.

Our dad: "He's the guy who gets his ear cut off."

Boss guy: "Ohhhh! I can see why they like him!"

Hehe! :cunning:


Posted Image

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Guest greyeyegoddess

Hey all!

Hi Donna! Hi Ceit! Hi Pil!

Mel, how fun! What a cute family pic.

Jenn, very pretty name.

Tomorrow is my father's birthday. Just a year ago, we didn't know if we'd still have him around. Another year of blessings.



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Happy Birthday to your Dad, Alice.

And cute convo with your dad and his boss, Mel! Your sister and niece are just gorgeous!

Jobella that is a beautiful name!

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Beautiful name Jenniper!!!

I've had a LOT going on in my life and I haven't been on as much as I'd like lately. I do love everyone and if you all could just say a *generalized* prayer for me I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want to get to into it, but a couple of GALS already know what's up. Just a lot of stuff.


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:wave: Just saying Nighty night and SGD! I love that name Jenniper...

Mel ..........Your niece is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E ! Oh and thanks for the visual just before my head hits the pillow! :cunning:

Lish.....sorry to hear you are having a bad time right now. You'll be in my thoughts and I'll keep you in my prayers as well!

I've been staying up so late at night cause I never seem to get on til later now. I have to stop this late night stuff. Pretty soon I'll be sitting here to 3 AM. Funny...that time reminds me of something...hmmmmmmmmm...now lets see what was it?! :D

Night!, Fran

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For Christine...

He loves you, and so do we.


*inhaling slowly, exhaling slowly* WOW. WHAT MESMERIZING EYES. WHAT BEAUTY.

Awwwww Pil!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This gesture meant the world to me. I love y'all, too!

Should I walk around like Carlotta and tell people that "he loves me, he loves me"? LOL!

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What do you think about Sophia Rotge (Ro-chae) Its french, my grandmothers' maiden name?

Hi Jobella,

I'm French and I read your post this morning. I never read this name in France. It looks like Roger (Ro jae) which is a first name whiw was gaven to boys who were born in the years 1945 1955 . So I made a search on an genealogical site, and I found that "65 ROTGE sont nés en France entre 1891 et 1915", which means "65 people named Rotge are born in France between 1891 and 1915". So ... your grandmothers' maiden name is a rare name.

Hi Christine, have fun with your aunt, your friend, and have luck for your search of new half time job... It seems that a lot of boss are absolutely cretin in their thoughts, words, and way of management ... I think at Nacy's job ... Courage ladies !

Mel, your niece is so cute .. And what eyes ! It remembers me someone ... Posted Image

Happy birthday to your father, Alice ; you are both from April, spring and flowers ... I wish you still long time with him !

Donna, still standing ! Posted Image I hope you'll receive my letter today !

Lish, I hope your life will go better ... and I think at you !

And for the rumors about Gerry, we don't care ... I don't like to read these sort of papers by "journalists" who invent some of they write because they must sell their sh***y "newspapers". In France we have these sort of "journalism" too. I hate it.Posted Image I believe that Gerry is smart enough to know that his carreer is actually jumping and that he is under the "world" eyes. He knows the stake. He knows how much he worked to be here where he is. How is he in the true life ? We don't know, and it regards only him and his relationships, his friends, his girlfriend(s) and his family. And certainly not these "journalists". So, I won't know these rumors. I read them once, and ... bulls**** t ! In the carbage ! I keep my faith in the talent of Gerry, in the beauty of his soul (it remembers something, but what ?), and I wait on his future which will be always better than if he would stay in the law, as he says himself. He's my big man, and he stays my big man. The big man in action.

The best way for answering is : Posted Image

Have a good night all !


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I'm making an active effort to stop the rumors about Gerry dating Cameron(and will continue to do so with any other false rumors I find out about) from a Myspace page that a friend and I share that's dedicated to Gerry. Feel free to come find us and befriend...just tell me your username on here so that I can figure out who you are! Our display name is Gerry Fans.

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Ah, though we must remember that these rumors testify of Gerry's ever-growing popularity, and that's a good thing! As annoying as the rumors can be...

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Benedicte, thank you so much. Actually, what I think I'd prefer is another full-time job for the days and to keep Guitar Center for Saturdays and one or two nights a week. I'm driving to Old Saybrook (about 20-25 minutes away) for an interview at For You Flowers for a full-time customer service position. I had thought about FTD.com in Centerbrook, where I'd briefly temped late last year, but Centerbrook is just too far away (40 minutes or so). I need to conserve gasoline.

I also need to bring my car to Firestone as the air conditioning is not working...and we're having a HOT spring. I hope it just needs freon and nothing more because I can't afford a huge repair job.

I'm meeting my aunt tomorrow for lunch. This is a GOOD thing!

Okay, ladies, I'm signing off now but I'll update y'all tonight if anything positive transpires today.

(I can't stop looking at that "Phantom" photo that Pil posted...siiiiiiiigh)

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Guest Pilar


Glad I could oblige, darling.

You know, the best job I ever had was being the manager of the floral department a few years ago. I would run a coffee bar in the morning , then work in floral the afternoon. Flowers always cheered me up, and working with them was very healing. Unfortunately, they got rid of that department and I had to manage another department. But it was fun while it lasted. I think if you get the job, you'll actually look forward to coming to work. Keep us posted!


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Thank you B-elle,

That was very kind of you to do the research. My great grandfather and grandmother where both born in Paris, Peter and Mary

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Hello GALS, Hope everything is going well for all of you today! Have a good work day for those at the daily grind and HUGS to all those that need it!
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Hello my friends...

Jennipher, I love the name have chosen!!! Isabella and Sophia...yup sounds like sisters!!!

Benedicte, have I told you lately how much I love how you express yourself!!!

Peggy, how come I didn't know your asthma was that bad??? Feel better soon sweet friend!

I had my eyes dialated today at the eye doctors so I can't see real well yet .... so I hope I don't have many typing errors ...lol

hugs to all!



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Thank you Irish ... but I don't believe that I'm expressign myself very well. And I need soooooooo much time to write in English, you can't imagine !

I just listened la Chanson de l'Ange from and by Swangsong and I stand so surprised by her beautiful voice, and by this lovely music ... I envy those of you who were at Las Vegas in 2006 and listened her "in flesh and voice " !!!

SO, my hubby is already sleeping, and I guess he will not be happy tomorrow because I passed too much time on Internet with my GALS friends ... After my Gerry's love time, it could be too much to accepted by him ... So, see you soon ... later !


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Benedicte, you do just fine my dear...I couldn't even imagine how I could ever correspond with you in French and I did take it in school!



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Just popping in to leave a message and :wave: to all my Galfriends!

Too much to catch up with, and too unsettled to read it all at the moment, :wuv: bye for now!

Anna X :kiss:

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