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Gerard Butler GALS

4/27 - Gerard Butler shows us what it's like to work with Katherine Heigl


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Bella...Welcome and I have to say... :funnyup: your choice of a siggy is quite ecstacy ummmm...excellent! :drool1:

:wave: Fran

Hi Fran!!!! Thanks a bunch...I'm thrilled to be here, and it is quite delectable, huh??? *wink*

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And why is he holding onto someone's head?

Where is he holding on to someone's head? what picture?

Ok, am I the only one seeing the humor is this picture? lol this is the pic I was referring to...


I have to admit, that is the first time I ever saw that particular picture. It is

humorous to say the least. There is also another picture in that same group that has the same girl looking directly at his gorgeous "package". It is funny as well. I have to watch carefully when this movie comes out. I don't know if these are actual scenes from the movie or pictures between takes.

They are great, either way.

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Of course I noticed that right away, at least the gutter GAL part of me did. However he is not really holding that person's head, the person just got between the paparazzi and Gerry, but the optical illusion of it is delightful indeed.

I must say, tho, that his expression looks as if he has been "bitten". I'm sorry, I just wonder what that expression was REALLY about, if it is a shot from a scene, or what. The camera angle does suggest something, shall we say, a little more intimate. But his expression DOES NOT.

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