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Gerard Butler GALS

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I have been in the studio most of the week and haven't made it here as much as I would like, but I have to get some work done... I am inspired! And you are one of the reasons!! *G*

I think that's the biggest compliment :kisswink:

NanLynn, maybe I should ask which talents you don't have ;-)

That's really impressive...

what can I say..

You're amazing artist and you have wonderful personality

( I should hate you :-P )

Gerry would be so proud of you!!!


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Thank you Girls..

NanLynn I'm so excited!!!!! Can't wait to see your Gerry :pointy: Oh, this is wonderful news. I'm so so so happy. I know that this is inspiring to watch drawings of other Gals (and Tarts and Angels), I was blown away by works of Kim Schulz and Sam and ANIS and I can say that their amazing work pushed me to commit another Gerry's portrait.. and another.. and another... And you know what? I adore you all becouse nobody compete here. We support each other and we're trying to be better and better just becouse we are in love with this amazing Scottish boy and all we do we do for him. That's our strenght. I'm waiting impatiently for your drawing NanLynn (first of Gerry but not last I hope) and for your impressive work of art you're working on, Jo. Way to go, girls!!

Celticgirl- that was my issue- to catch the essence of Leonidas, express him through his eyes...

this is the best compliment, so :thankyou:



This is the Gerry that I told you that I was doing... I have done two so far. I like my first attempt better. I might take the other one back to the drawing board and add in some more detail... You be the judge, Aga, I truly value your opinion!!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here is my website if you would like to see more of my work... http://nanlynn.com

You are awesome, Aga... Always leave me speechless with your talent!!


:hearts: NanLynn,

You are awesome as well as our Aga!!!!! Took time out of cleaning my room for mini-vacation and just had to do something uplifting. I went to your 'store' and found my T-Shirt (?) with the purple "Vintage Soul" and made up my mind to get it tomorrow!!!!!! Let me know the fastest way to send for it and am I right, it's a T-shirt? I love it. I'll for sure get more in the very near future!!!!

NanLynn, you are beautiful and your work is awesome too!!!! What artists we have been blessed with. I have to go and finish my room and finish the roses I am making for Aga and send them out this weekend. I hope she likes red!!!!! :unsure:

Your new Friend,

Jo :rose:

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