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I saw this movie yesterday for the first time and I loved it! The script was very clever and actors great! I loved how the bad guy turned into the good (?) guy and vice versa and I think it made Gerry┬┤s role more interesting, too: at the beginning he was just too squeky-clean and too good to be true. ;)

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:donjuan: Gerry was so sneaky in this movie....to be able to lie to her over and over again with a straight face...He is such a great actor he had me guessing right up until the last moment when the woman didn't even scream when seeing him enter the house? I thought "oh oh...she already knows him!"
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Even though his wife was in on it I'd like to think she still had a little compassion after Ryan made him stand on the edge of the building! I loved their reunion in the rain!! He was perfect :wuv:

I agree May he was very sneaky!

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Even though his wife was in on it I'd like to think she still had a little compassion after Ryan made him stand on the edge of the building!

Oh yes who couldn't feel something for him in such a situation but she didn't want him to die for the way he made her feel over all the time he was cheating...But it was clear to the viewers that the marriage was over...Gerry does naughty so well doesn't he?

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I think the squeaky clean was part of the premis or set-up of the movie from the beginning.

He was suppossed to be the man who had the "perfect" life, that in itself is a ridicoulous concept, so you kinda know something is going to happen in the movie.

I knew he was being set up from the beginning but I just had the wrong person figured out. i thought it was his boss testing him to see how much he can handle before he got his promotion. Like when the boss says in the beginning that he pass's all the tests. I thought the kidnap was just another test.

But I love the fact that the wife gets him and in that way, lol! men watching should be weary on cheating on their spouse :kisswink:

I find the way Gerard played it so cool when he got out of the cabin and still didnt come clean to his wife and blamed it on the boss, it's like dude, you almost lost it all and his character is still lying , men :unsure: go figure...

maybe the wife just wanted him to come clean and give her a confirmation that she was worth something and he didnt have the guts to do so.

The part on the ledge OMG ! I got a thing with heights and i was so freaking scared for him!

But this was a great movie and Gerard got the high anxiety of the character right, because he was suppsosed to be a stressed out ad executive and I met a few of those, they really are jittery people lol!

Pierce was his usual cool self!

Great Movie!

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I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago,and I really was thrilled by it.

The casting was great.

In the beginning Gerry's character is too perfect and during the movie you understand that none of them is perfect.

I loved how Gerard played this character,he showed so many emotions and even thought his character is pretty cruel, because he cheats on his wife but you still feel a lot of compassion to him.

Pierce was great as well! he was so "cold" and did his part so good,that you can't even think that he not so bad! and the same thing about Maria,she was the "bad guy" but you can't know it until the end because she you see her in the same situation as her husband.

And the plot is so moving,you see the parents who are worried to death to their daughter

and on the other side you see the "bad guy" who he seems to be heartless but in the end you understand who is who.

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I saw this one on my "Lost Gerry Weekend" aka total OD on Gerry. Gotta tell ya...I was surprised that Alfred Hitchcock didn't make a cameo. This had AH written all over it. By halfway through I was yelling at the TV in my own sort of "RiffTrak". I soooo wanted Pierce to get it right between the eyes!

Gerry was outstanding! The scene in the cabin on the stairs took my breath away.

Looooooved the reunion in the rain...sigh...

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did anyone else get amused while watching the film toward the end and then retrospectively remembering the earlier scene with his wife asking him and handing him the bottle of cologne spray to pack on his "trip" and he says something like "Honey I want a promotion not going to seduce him" loool! And she said "Then think of me"

when she already knew he was cheating on her... so funny :lol:

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While this movie may not be equal to Citizen Kane or The Godfather, I still don't see why it was straight to TV and then DVD. There are alot a movies that got theatrical release that are REALLY bad movies-some of them even make money! It makes me worry when they say RNR may not get wide release and I also wonder how many good movies we don't get to see because some suits decide it won't earn enough money to justify the cost of releasing it. JMHO!

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I thought all of the performances were wonderful but I had a major problem with the wife's speech at the end of the movie. The idea that she went on and on for months knowing about what was going on and didn't just confront him or walk out the door was something I didn't understand. At that point I didn't feel sorry for her and in fact disliked her for her lack of backbone, which was a strange reaction on my part.


Great performance by Gerry and WOW he looked soooooooo handsome. Loved his playfullness with his daughter.

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I hunted down a copy of Shattered (but goes under the title of Butterfly on a wheel here). I will watch it tonight once the kids are in bed. The guy at the video store raved about it, hopefully so will I!!!! Sally

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