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2009 Convention?!

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GJewel comes trudging up the path dragging her chaise behind her. She approaches this swelling group of GALS around a bonfire and makes her way through the throng. "Any room for another Gal waiting for Vegas 2009? I have some Gerquiries to go around."

Really, I feel strange about posting this..... I am going to Vegas - only in JULY on a business trip! LOL Too bad they didn't coincide on the same weekend so I could've killed two birds with one stone. :tantrum:

I was wondering if there are any GALS in the VEGAS area that could meet up with me. Not only would I love to meet other Gerry/Phantom phans, I especially want to see Phantom of the Opera stage show at The Venetian and have no one to go with!!! :tantrum: I thought it would be great to meet up with some Gerry/Phantom fans and if they can afford to go see the show with me. (Sigh) I have never seen the stage show. Not once. Only the movie. I loved the movie and am incredibly disappointed that I will miss it on the Big Screen at CineVegas.

(big sigh)

In the meantime, can I hang out with y'all?

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Hey I am at my brother's house tonight and got internet!!!! WOOHOO!!!

I miss my GALS :tantrum:

I think we are going to have to make an island just for us waiting for 2009! Gerry Island open for the season :welcome1:

In case anyone wonders, I have propped myself over in the corner, all of these gerry drinks have gotten to me, I am a weak drunk :thud:

Come one come all :drink:!!!

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