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Gerard Butler GALS

The Seven Page Letter


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you can download it from the multimedia.

its under interviews

there are bunch of moviephone videos there, the largest one in sie (24 Mb) has that part.

I'll try to find the link

yep found it


and the talk about letter starts at minute 5.

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as a newbie, I have a lot to catch up and loads of videos to watch but this one really stole my heart. :wuv:

thanks pothos for that.

He was sooooo cute and sweet, much calmer than in other interviews, at moment so serious! it really tochued my heart, I cannot find the right words for my reaction to that interview :wuv:

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I'm doing the best I can to catch up on things, and I ADORE this little video clip!!! He's just too much to handle...mmmmmmmmmmmm... :drool1: His sense of humor is just amazing, and his rapport with Hilary is so appealing! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pointy: Edited by Bellaroja
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I too am trying to catch up on all the video clips. It's nice to see that he and Hilary had such a great working relationship. Too many times you hear about tension on sets and feuds between actors. I loved that he mentioned his favorite filming moment. That scene is one of my favorites as well.

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I like the one where he says, " I love you in this part. I love you Swank. I love you." She says, "PS I love you.". He was so sweet. It's in the one where 'Hilary channels on the pain.'


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