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Gerard Butler GALS

Unmasqued- An Erotic Tale of Phantom of the Opera

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. I have read some pretty decent Phantom smut in my time, but this is just trash.

Knight Phantom....I too bought this book. YUCK. I'm curious....you say you've read pretty decent Phantom smut.....can you point me to it....please? (evil chuckle)

After more thinking (I know, I know...) there were some really great short stories (2-4 pages, and many non-Phantom) that are no longer available. They were on a now defuct yahoo group I used to own. I have posted a couple of my shorts on my own site http://gerrysapartment.activeboard.com

I encourage anyone who wants to contribute there to please do so. This is a very small board that is just starting out, so stop by and check us out!

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Yes, please add Sadie's books to your list of Phantom novels worth reading!

I agree 100 per cent. By the way, good erotic writer--not Phantom stuff--is Robin Schone. You get into her characters and it's a slow, erotic burn with a kick.

Thanks for the tip. I will have to check out her stuff as I consider myself an erotic virgin. :) and could use some other reads to observe and learn other than Unmasqued (at least I know what NOT to write).

Barb if you ever write the erotic version, I want to read it.

Hugs, Sadie

Sure thing! LOL

:cunning: So Gerrysjewel how are you enjoying Memoirs of a Monster? I have the sequel waiting when you are finished!

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Having recently been sidelined by a back injury suffered at work, I've found myself with lots of time on my hands, which I have filled by reading and rereading Phantom books. I found "Unmasqued" by Colette Gale among my books and decided to re-read it. Maybe it was the pain medications, :bonk: but this time around I found that despite some flat characters and a contrived ending, for what it was, the book wasn't nearly as bad as I previously remembered it. Several people have complained that there was no love in the book, but actually, I think that Erik and Christine really did love each other. Madame Giry expressed a platonic, motherly love toward Erik as well. The sex scenes are very graphic, but it IS erotica after all. :lalala: I probably wouldn't go out of my way to read more erotica, it's really not my style, but I feel that I was too harsh in my previous assessment of this book.

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Knight Phantom, my book, "The Phantom's Redemption" has no graphic sex, it is just a beautiful love story where Erik finds someone who will love him. It is on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.


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