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6/10 - Nim's Island on DVD and Blu-ray


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from: http://www.dvdtown.com/news/nims-island-on...nd-blu-ray/5625

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By Tom Landy

FIRST ONLINE Jun 10, 2008

On August 5, 20th Century Fox will release "Nim's Island" starring Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler on DVD and Blu-ray. No details on the special features yet, but the DVD release will come in fullscreen and widescreen editions.

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I just looked and one is Blu Ray, one is widescreen and one is fullscreen. there just better be some BTS stuff!!!

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The extras have a few kids games, a commentary by Jodie Foster and Abagail Breslin, and a behind the scenes making of thingy. That's it . . . :tantrum: No extras focusing on Gerry.

But it comes out in time for my birthday so YAY! :pointy: I can't wait . . . I'm having Jack withdrawals!


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I'll get it on the Blu-Ray. I have to add another DVD to my Gerry DVD collection. I'm having Jack withdrawals too! :pant:

~ Donna Lee

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