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Vegas Thank Yous


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Wow. My head is still spinning a bit from the happenings in Vegas. I thought maybe starting a Thank You thread would help sort things out a bit.

These Thank Yous are by no means listed in order of importance. Just by how they are falling out of my fingers as I type. :D I'm sure I will leave some out as well unintentionally. I know other folks will pick up the slack. :kisswink:

To Dr. Em and Jenni - Thank you for being the backbone of the the Convention. It was simply fabulous from beginning to end. I cannot imagine all the work you both have been doing for this but the results were certainly a success. My thanks also for being the heart and soul of GALS. I would be a different person if not for this site. And certainly wouldn't have found this wonderful circle of women that I now call my friends.

Susan~Sporran - For all the organizing and running of the auction and raffle items. It always astounds me how generous folks are with their time and talents and all the goodies they share. You kept it all organized and running smoothly. :thankyou:

Barb - For all the time and effort you put into both our Vegas convention and the Virtual convention. I know I don't even have a clue as to all you contributed. But I know your laminator and computer have been working overtime. So much so, it seems as though the PC threw a bit of a mutiny. :lol: I hope that gets resolved soon. But thanks so much for all the efforts.

Spot - For stuffing and organizing the goody bags, the gorgeous and droolworthy Phantom tickets, your tireless effort in keeping the registrations in order as well as just generally being a GAL that gets the job done that need doing. You are awesome as well as funny as all get out. I'm still giggling over your act. :lol: Most of all, thanks for being the wonderful, warm, generous person that you are.

Alice and Mel - You both did an incredible job with the music this year. It seems as though everyone was having a blast out there on the dance floor. Well done ladies. :clap: :clap:

Mel - for your gorgeous and droolworthy slide shows. You always choose the greatest pictures. I love every moment of them. Also, for organizing and running the video contest. Awesome job. I know the projector situation gave you fits this year, but you handled it like a champ. Nice job. But I have to ask, did you ever think you'd be a soundperson too? :D Great job in that department as well.

Katie - For your tireless effort for the GALS Charitable Foundation. It makes me so proud to be a GAL knowing that we are doing what we can to help with such a great cause. Your singing this year was fantastic. Thank you for sharing your special gift with us.

RezzRN - for putting up your Wall of Attendees. Awesome job. It looked beautiful!

Swannie - for running the Roundtable discussion. From what I've heard, the ladies had a wonderful time.

Lugerry, Kittypro, and Mel - for running your workshops on Friday. I wasn't lucky enough to attend them but I trust that folks learned a lot and had fun along the way

Landa - Your cookies were absolutely beautiful and delicious. I cannot imagine the work you put into not only making them but packaging and shipping them with such love and care. It was great meeting you.

Isabeau and AimeeMarie - for organizing and running the Phantom costume showing. It was absolutely fantastic. I adored seeing them again. They are truly spectacular and it means so much to see them again.

Susan Heath (metrospace) - Thank you once again for opening your home to us. We loved seeing the costumes. We know it is a lot of work to pull all of the costumes out for us. But believe when I say that we appreciate it beyond all measure. And to your daughter and her friend as well. Thank you for being our tour guides. Awesome job ladies.

Patrick Wilson - Thank you for your phone call to Dayna prior to our Phantom movie showing. We are happy to support such a wonderful movie. Thank you for the spectacular part that you played in it.

Martin Delaney - Your presence absolutely made the convention for me. Thank you for being so generous with your time. We loved your stories and simply adored having you there. You know you have made fans for life now, right? :wuv: And please thank your lovely Louisa for us as well. What a wonderful woman she is and I'm so glad she was willing to "share" you with a roomful of fans. She is truly a delight as well.

Jay White - Thank you for performing for us on Saturday night. As a long time Neil Diamond fan, you truly had some big shoes to fill and you did so with the utmost of style. I loved your show and look forward to a full version of it next time I'm in Vegas.

and finally, to Gerry - Thank you for your phone call to us. It meant so much to have you say "hello" to us. Thank you for being the kind of man that you are that has brought all of these women together. You may never know just how important these people have become in my life. With all my heart, Thank You.

I know I'm forgetting some important names. But I hope others will add to this. It takes many hands and hearts to make a convention like this work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you had any part in the convention. And I'm already looking forward to next year!

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Guest DonnaKat

First of all I want to thank the mods and admins for the raffle drawing. If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have even gone to Vegas this year.

Secondly, I want to thank Irish for allowing me to take her extra ticket to the costume viewing. That was the highlight of my weekend! I'm sorry that she didn't get to make it, but I felt her there in spirit with me. I got lots of pictures, and will be sharing them just as soon as I get them uploaded, etc.

The limo was awesome...thanks Aimee! And thanks to Binkie for allowing me to share her suite with her, and for not killing me for waking her up at 3am this morning. No, not like that! That was when I had to begin getting ready to leave this morning.

Thanks to everyone who put up with me this weekend. :D

Thanks for the cookies, Landa! Delicious!!! Yummy yummy!

And thanks to Pat (DLSBPS) for the rose!!! :rose:

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Guest greyeyegoddess

It's hard to add anything thing else to Jill's heartfelt thanks...but I do have some great thanks...

My friends Kathy and LJ for keeping me in line and running the errands needed to get the event going. My roomie, Bea, who was my helper in everything and for letting me room with her. Mel, whose confidence helped me get over any anxiety I was quietly having before the first night of dancing, all the mods and admins who went: Susan, Jill, Holly, Perrin, Lish, Katie, Libby, Zanes, and of course Jenni and Dayna. We work together on GALS, but Vegas is one of the few times we all try to get to get together. It's such a great feeling to work together.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I really, really needed to go to Vegas last weekend. All the wonderful and personal stories shared, all the laughs and tears, made the weekend most memorable.

I also want to thank the guys who came with their wives. They added so much to the event. Thanks!

I wish I could just list everyone who came. It's soooo good to see friends you talk to all the time.

Hope to see you next time!



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I don't think I can add too much to what everyone has said.

As always :bow2: to all the mods and organizers on a JOB WELL DONE.

I love , love , love Martin... What a delight he was for putting up with our Drool Fest for Gerry.

Alice and Mel did a great job with the music and had something for everyone

Alice and Linda for taking care of me when I had my panic attack on friday night.

I am totally bummed I missed Saturday nights party but my drugs sure worked good !!!! and I won the raffle for Annette's bracelet

that really made the weekend for me.

Thanks to Gerry for the phone call and Dayna for sharing it with us and Gerry again for bringing us all together.

I luv ya all

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First of all I want to thank the mods and admins for the raffle drawing. If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have even gone to Vegas this year.

Secondly, I want to thank Irish for allowing me to take her extra ticket to the costume viewing. That was the highlight of my weekend! I'm sorry that she didn't get to make it, but I felt her there in spirit with me. I got lots of pictures, and will be sharing them just as soon as I get them uploaded, etc.

The limo was awesome...thanks Aimee! And thanks to Binkie for allowing me to share her suite with her, and for not killing me for waking her up at 3am this morning. No, not like that! That was when I had to begin getting ready to leave this morning.

Thanks to everyone who put up with me this weekend. :D

Thanks for the cookies, Landa! Delicious!!! Yummy yummy!

And thanks to Pat (DLSBPS) for the rose!!! :rose:










DLSPBS - PAT :rose:

Edited by DLSPBS
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I would like to add my THANKS to Dayna & all the mods for another wonderful convention.

EVERYTHING both nights was just perfect.

Also, thank you to Mel & Pat for hosting the video workshops.

Martin was so gracious, charming & funny. Thanks so much for being there.

Deb, thanks for bringing Gerry's jeans home to AZ!

And, of course, a BIG thank you to Gerry for the phone call.

I had a wonderful time and I think a lot of the thanks for that goes to my roommates....Jamie & Barb!

It was good to see everyone.


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Hello GALS!

I'd like to thank Dayna and everyone involved in making the convention such a wonderful experience. :thankyou: My hubby and I had a great time in Vegas and celebrating at the Gala night.

We arrived on Thursday at 6:30 pm. Our room wasn’t ready yet so we went to the pool area and listened to their entertainment. I phoned one of my members and asked her to meet us there. We met her and her daughter and went up to the hospitality suite to meet others and get info on the scheduled events. Sporran was there along with a few other GALS. By the time we got to check into our room it was time for a late night supper (we received complimentary meal passes since they were late with our room reservation). We met up with Fergie and another couple and visited during supper. Afterwards my hubby and I danced at the hotel lounge and watched a show featuring terrific female singers and dancers.

The next day my hubby and I swam in the pool and relaxed in the spa. Later we walked the strip looking at the sights including an outdoor bar where the bartenders put on a show as they served drinks. It was like the movie, “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise. They had a great band playing 70's music, so we got up and danced. Afterwards we had crepes at the Paris Casino Hotel and sat ‘outdoors’ (it was actually inside but it resembled the Paris outdoor cafes). Then it was time to go back to our hotel & get dressed for the “Legends” concert show that featured Elvis and Tina Turner. When the show ended Wendy Kate called and invited us to join her and a few other GALS at the hotel lounge. We met them and danced the night away while a couple of “Trekkies”danced all night with Wendy Kate.

On Saturday we rode the chartered bus to see the screening of “Phantom of the Opera”. It was not only wonderful seeing it on the big screen again but it was fun to sigh, clap and ‘woot’ with everyone (you can’t help but sigh when you see Gerry as the Phantom). I was especially excited for those who had never seen POTO on the big screen before. Afterwards Wendy Kate, my hubby and I ate lunch at the hotel. Then we met up with Fergie and we all went to the spa. Shortly afterward I left to get my hair done while my hubby got a massage.

As we headed for the ballroom we could see a red carpet complete with sillouette Paparazzi figures flashing their cameras. I felt like a movie star and everyone looked so nice. It was funny how everyone called me “Audrey” (Hepburn). I was going for the “Natalie Wood” look and Dayna was the only one who knew to call me “Natalie” (Wood) - LOL! You felt like you were transported back to the Hollywood era with old movie posters on the walls, a stage looking like the Oscar ceremony, and vintage music playing throughout as people mingled and took their seats. The tables and chairs looked lovely in their black and white satin covers and the white flower arrangements and gold china plates added to the elegance. Even the programs were decorated with lovely satin paper. The meal was delicious and featured a stuffed cucumber salad followed by filet mignon, quiche and steamed vegetables and topped off with a chocolate mousse truffle dessert served with raspberry sauce. Ice tea and iced water were served and you could also purchase drinks at the bar. Everything was so elegant which was very befitting of the evening.

It was great seeing a huge slideshow of Gerry pics throughout the night. Dayna's brother's video of breast cancer victims and survivors was very moving and touched all of us. A representative from the Susan B. Komen organization thanked us for contributing. It made me realize that while Gerry was whom the convention was named for, the real purpose was to help a very worthwhile charity organization. Dayna's speech about women empowering themselves and reminding them their true beauty laid within was very heartfelt and I was very impressed with the message of the convention. You could see how each lady there came away feeling better about themselves. There was a bond that everyone shared about being accepted for who they were and to celebrate themselves. That’s what true sisterhood is all about and showed throughout the night.

We had a very nice surprise when the Neil Diamond impersonator performed for us. He looked and sounded just like Neil Diamond and is even appearing in an upcoming film.

Actor Martin Delaney was such a nice treat too. He was extremely funny during the live auction, especially when it came to auctioning off Gerry’s jeans worn in the film “P.S. I Love You” and he assured us that Gerry went “commando” while wearing them. Martin was such a good sport when Dayna suggested he auction off his pants too. Congratulations to Fergie for winning the bid and having them personally delivered the next day (lucky girl!).

Afterwards we danced the night away to the sounds of Greyeyegoddess and Abrock! Martin and his girlfriend even joined us in the line dance and I got to dance beside him. When it was over a few of us went up to the hospitality suite in our jammies and reminisced about the evening while Gerry films played on the DVD.

We had a great time in Vegas which was topped off by a wonderful Gala night. It was a pleasure to meet some of you. Thanks Dayna and all the GALS who did an outstanding job and made the convention such a fun experience and worthwhile cause!


Linda (GBA Site Administrator)

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Back to work and with a cold! I had a feeling this was on its way since last Thursday but thankfully it didn't hit full force until last night after I got home.

It was a great weekend, and I am only sorry I didn't get much time to spend with everyone. Thankfully I ran into a few people yesterday while preparing to leave and was able to give some hugs and exchange a few words.

My thanks go to everyone who helped make the whole weekend such a special event. All the admins and mods who worked so hard - Holly, I KNOW how much you put into making it all run smoothly with registration, and then you volunteered to let the people up at your table also help with selling the raffle tickets. You are my hero!!

Barb - for all the work you do for the convention. I so wish we could have you in Vegas with us again, but you are there in our hearts every minute with all the amazing things you contribute! Thanks to you those who can't be there in person are able to get a bit of it on the site because of your virtual convention, which is brilliant. Despite problems with your own computer you still made it work.

Dayna - we've already spoken some and you know just how inspired I am by what you've accomplished so far and the vision for what is in the future. Our mutual admiration (**cough** lust) for Gerry has been the jumping board for something truly awesome. You are another of my heroes, for sure.

Jenni - again you inspire me with your gentle spirit, how calm you can seem in the midst of the maelstrom that may be spinning about you. I wish I could have the chance to spend some time with you when we could just relax and have a cuppa tea or a glass of wine. Maybe next year.

Martin and Louisa - what an "unparalleled delight" it was to have you with us! Martin, you have certainly earned yourself a fan following that is all yours! Gerry who? Well, we can't quite say you made us forget Gerry, but your humor and generosity (and dimples) were the hit of the weekend.

To Perrin who helped be "keeper of the jeans" until they were auctioned off (very successfully) on Saturday night!

To my bestest roommates in the world - Pammie and Lish. We're on again for next year, right?

To Jay White for an awesome performance and for being so great spending time with us after you sang. As I told you, my one time seeing Neil Diamond perform I had nosebleed seats in the very last row of a very big arena. So having a front row seat for your performance was incredible for me! And the duet with our own Barbara Streisand (Katie) gave me chills.

To Mel and Alice for slideshow and fantastic dance music - I heard lots of compliments on the selections, so great job!!

To Jilly and Katie and Libby who were such a help in selling the raffle tickets!

To Jen for lunch on Friday and all your help in the ballroom - you are always there to help and it is very much appreciated. And thank you for my Butler t-shirt - I'll be wearing it when I come to Indyfest this fall!!

To Bella and all those who helped out in the ballroom on Saturday and helped me get the raffle and auction items set back up for the evening. I couldn't have done it alone.

To AimeeMarie for co-hosting Jack in Vegas - I had no time to entertain our traveling guy until Sunday (when we did show him a great time) so I am glad that you were able to take care of him those first few days.

To Isabeau for making it possible for us to see the amazing Phantom costumes once again and to Susan Heath for generously opening her home to us and being such a wonderful hostess. We know how much hard work had to go in to getting all of those back to the house and setting them up. To see them immediately after experiencing the magnificence of the movie on the big screen again was truly special.

To everyone who contributed to the raffle and auction. Whether you gave us some fantastic items to raffle and auction or you bought tickets and made bids - each of you made it a HUGE success (the tally will be posted as soon as I finish this post).

To Linda who worked so diligently behind the scenes to give us the spectacular nightly programs!

To my dear friends Cheri and Tamara who helped prepare the beautiful raffle baskets and bags despite the fact they weren't able to attend the convention this year.

To Sherrell (bermos) for generously putting up her posters and banners in the ballroom so we could have Gerryliciousness around us all weekend.

Oh, and last but certainly not least - to GERRY - for your phone calls that proved once again that you DO appreciate your fans and what we do for charity in your name. You're the best and we all look forward to the movies you have in the pipeline, and seeing that new Men's Health cover!!!!!! I hope you are getting some rest, but if not I hope you are working on something else that is bringing you fulfillment.

If I forgot anyone I apologize - blame it on my cold. I'm ready to start planning for 2009.

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I know I didn't get to meet any of you yet. I didn't make it to Cut or Vegas but I am so anxious to meet each of you. Reading all your experiences has made me realize just what a wonderful group of girls you all are. I'm glad to have met you online but am really looking forward to building more bonds and hanging out in person at the next opportunity. You're a fantastic bunch of crazy women!!

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Wow, I can't really top what Jill said! :wuv: But a hearty and heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone who did SO MUCH work in preparing and pulling-off this convention. Don't ever believe you are not appreciated for each and every bit!

In addition, I give my thanks to:

Jenny - for hanging out with me, going to the salon with me and for the gorgeous shirt!

Zany - for being willing to share a bed with me! I hope I didn't hog the covers!

Perrin - for being a fun roommate...quiet and yet a razor sharp wit. And also for being my Prayer Buddy while in the backseat of Holly's car.

Celine - for sharing your soda and sarcasm and humor. It was an honor to meet you!

Holly - for the amazing amount of hard work you did. I know you feel bad about the Gerroticas but honestly it was the thought which meant so much to me. Also, thank you for reserving the room(s).

Mike - for the ever-present (albiet predictable) fun you bring to any event and for taking me to see Rodney Carrington with you and Holly.

I love each and every one of you!! :kiss:

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Adding my thanks for another great convention . . . OMG . . . it was so much fun! Thank you Dayna & Jennifer for your inspiration and vision for this group of awesome women. Thanks to all the mods for a job well done . . . from the registration, video workshops, scrapbooking sessions, raffles, dance music, POTO showing . . . everything. I know the details that go into putting on an event like this and kudos to you all for making it totally outstanding. BTW, the programs both nights were beautiful . . . mine will be going into my scrapbook for sure.

What a cutie Martin Delaney is . . . he was so funny, gracious (not to mention those dimples) and added so much to the weekend. His Gerrry stories were such fun . . . even though I had heard some previously at CUT they were so entertaining. He surely is great sport.

Gerry's calls were such an unexpected treat . . . really looking forward to the transcript.

Jamie and Nade, my Arizona friends and roommates . . . I'm so glad you came and it wouldn't have been the same without you. We had a lot of laughs.

It was fun meeting new people . . . kittypro and the 3 sisters who sat at our table on Saturday night and so many others . . . sorry I can't wrap my brain around all the names at the moment.

A special shout-out to Zany. I enjoyed our snack together before the Vegas Ghost Tour. You are a sweetheart! I'll see you in the Trivia Challenge!

I hope everyone is home safe and sound and looking forward to next year's con . . . I know I am.


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I just want to add my thanks to Dayna, Jenni, Susan Sporran, Annette, all the mods, and everyone who helped to make Vegas 08! A special thanks to Martin for being such a great addition to the convention, and of course, to Gerry!

I'd also like to thank everyone for making my daughter feel at home. She had the time of her life, and has a new appreciation for GALS. She now sees that GALS is much more than just an actor's fan club.

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I need to add my heartfelt thanks to Dayna, Jennifer and all the rest of the Mod Squad for your exquisite attention to detail and for making this the best weekend a GAL could have!

From the wonderful ballroom to the goodie bags to the raffle items and little touches.

For allowing those of us who never experienced Phantom on the big screen to do so, and for arranging with Susan to view the costumes.

But mostly for the love. All of you women have shown just what we all can accomplish if we believe in ourselves.

Gerry~ Thank you for the phone calls. You'll never know just how much it meant to all of us. And for your love and support of us. We will strive to keep it interesting for you too.

Much love to all of you!

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Deb, your siggy ROCKS!!!

Oh, and thank you for letting me rub Gerry's pants. Now that you own them, was it good for you too?

It was and still is! I don't think I'll ever be the same again!

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I posted all of my thoughts int eh other thread, so I wanted to post here in this thread, my Thank You to Gerry......if it wasn't for you, none of this would be possible...none of these incredible people would be a part of my life.....and thank you for sharing yourself with us with your phone call...it is a memory I will hold in my heart forever.....

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My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this a beautiful, beautiful convention, I enjoyed myself tremondously and everyone was so nice to me even though they had never met me...

I have printed the pictures that so many of you have posted and will treasure them forever, I remember faces more than I remember names.

God Bless you all especially those who took the time and effort to make this a truly, magicial event.

I got to meet you Susan-Sporran... :wave: hope you feel better, I still thought the house where the costumes were.. was yours ;)

I am already planning for 2009...so see you all there again....



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I can't thank you enough to all who attended. It wouldn't have been the same without each and everyone of you.

It was great and I wouldn't change a thing, except, Sara I hope you are doing better, and Swannie, I wish we had not made you laugh so hard... you made yourself sick and couldn't attend the POTO showing with us. I wanted you to be there with us. You can read outloud to me anytime, woman. You know I love it. Deb reads to me all the time on the phone. I am so auditory!

Sorry about the slick step into my van. I guess I should have thrown sand on it after they coated armour-all on it at the car wash. Swannie almost did the splits coming out of the van.

Thank you, again and again everyone!


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Sally... I wouldn't have missed any of it! Not the laughing or asthma attack... not the fall out of the van! The whole trip was magic, and I'll never forget it!


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I wanted to thank all the mods, you are incredible and the love you have for each other is a treasure...thank you to Dr. Em, it was such a pleasure meeting you....and I am very impressed with you and this group of people you have cultivated, Barb and Nadine...LOVE YA...to all the AZ GALS-it was great to party in Vegas with ya...Abrock and KittyPro, it was so great to meet you both-I throw roses at your feet you talented wenches you...Holly, well-YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK DUDE!!!, Songbird...you are just lovely and talented, Sporran...next year I promise to bring a Kleenex box..., thank you for all the work you do, Dr. Em...please give your brother a great big hug from me for the beautiful Breast Cancer video...he did a wonderful job...and a special, heart-felt, BIG HUG AND KISS THANK YOU TO Bethy...what you did for me was extremely generous and I have already promised to "PAY IT FORWARD"...

To all those I met and hugged...thank you for making this such a special and fun experience....I will be back next year...to spend another weekend with this incredible group of people...


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OMG, Jamie.... I just realized that you ARE the 3:00 AM girl! I remember reading that story when you first posted it on GB.net! I'm glad you enjoyed the convention!


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Yup, and Jamie put her name on her raffle tickets as "3AM" so if you heard that called out during the raffle, that's who it was! Jamie - I'm so glad you could make it to the convention this year and I'm counting on you for the Kleenex box next year!!
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OMG, Jamie.... I just realized that you ARE the 3:00 AM girl! I remember reading that story when you first posted it on GB.net! I'm glad you enjoyed the convention!


Anyone who hasn't read about Jamie's 3AM exchange with Gerry, can check out the story, in Jamie's post about it, in the Forum, here


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