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Gerard Butler GALS

Spirit Of Sleep

Avivid Mind

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A whisper on the wind calls to me

As I sleep, so deep in peace.

I see myself walking through the mist

No light in sight, no path way at my feet

Just a feeling deep within me.

I wake with the sun light on my face.

A feeling of being born again, start a new day.

Nothing said or done, it all slips away.

Don't look back, it's a waste of a beautiful day.

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Beautiful poem..........I saved it to my puter if that's okay.BTW...I don't believe we've met Avividmind....so Welome to Gals! I'm sure you will love it here.

:wave: Frannie

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I'm glad you both liked the poem.

ladyfran, I don't mind that you saved it to your computer.

As long as what I write touches one person, I've done my job!

It can be a thought it gives you, a feeling, an inspiration even a simple laugh.

Wendy :)

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