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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (GALS)

Dr. Em

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Well, I'm just waiting to get caught.

Besides, Dawn started it.


Busted! :bottom: And don't be passing the buck. Dawn didn't do the naughty - you did. Now do try and behave on the under 18 forums, or I'll sick the REAL Santa (not Gerry Santa) on you! :santaclaus:

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Geeze...I'm away from the computer for a day and I missed an official spanking!!

Dawn and Sarah being overly lusty in open forum?! No! I find that hard to believe!! Not!! :lol:

And I missed Bethy's posting!! Hi, Bethy!! We all missed you! I'm so glad you like the little http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif I found!

Thanks Stef for adding it!!

The lusting and reminiscing about POTO moments are beautiful! Love all the pics... **sigh** I only saw POTO on DVD in May...lucky gals who saw it in the theatres!

The big storm we expected never materialized! Good!!

I'm off to busy day of 'real' life...

Catch you later, I hope...

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Posted Image

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Woah!!! A spanking! And I missed it!

I was on the phone late last night with Princess and Dr. Em cooking up new plot for the E&C Soap opera! GO Dr. Em!!! She's rockin' the intrigue and suspense!!! :dance3: :dance3: :dance3:

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Oh, how I love to see all those wonderful Phantom pics. My 1 year anniversary is the same as yours Abrock, 27th December 6.15 p.m. exactly. That's when I went to see the movie, that changed my life.

I kept all 22 tickets from the cinema and on every ticket I wrote a small comment everytime after I had seen the film.On the first ticket it says: Wonderful, the same magic as on stage. Gerry Butler is a sexy Phantom (maybe too sexy).

I'm not going to bother you with all I have written, but on ticket no. 22 I wrote: What can I say. Don't think there is more to say. I could endlessly watch GB as the Phantom. He is so beautiful, expressive, sexy, sad and to die for.

The scene where he leads Christine through the torchlit corridor made me aware of him in a sexual way, but the scene that really got me, touched me and has ever since, is of course this one.

Posted Image

I can never get enough looking at him. His expression so serene and absorbed into the music. And that shirt and robe, oh my.......


It is so wonderful that you've save all those ticketsm and your notes make them poignant beautiful reminders of wonderful memories.

The scene that hooked me emotionally was the rooftop scene after Christine and Raoul leave,

Posted Image

The depth of Gerry protrayal is incredible in this scene, and Erik.... OMG.... such feelings... :thud:

However, the scene which rivets me to the screen is STYDT,

Posted Image

for beneath the anger, beneath the pain of loneliness, and inside the man, is still a boy, who has never been touched, dreaming of what he can not be but still longs to be. The words:


than you dreamt it -

can you even

dare to look

or bear to

think of me:

this loathsome

gargoyle, who

burns in hell, but secretly

yearns for heaven,

secretly . . .

secretly . . . But, Christine . . .

Fear can

Turn to love - you'll

learn to see, to

find the man

behind the

monster: this . . .


carcass, who

seems a beast, but secretly

dreams of beauty,

secretly . . .

secretly . . .

rip through my soul. Gerry's performance is magnificant, for I see both the man and the boy, who has been denied all normal contact...

Posted ImagePosted Image

This scene always puts me over the edge, and there are so many layers to it... I could say so much more, but instead, I think it's time for me to turn on my DVD before I explode. :pant: POTO, now!

Before I go, I need to leave messages....

Dawn - Hope the last couple of days of the racing season go well for you.

Enjoy, the new computer!. I got my very first compter in Jan '05, and I'm still excited about having it... Of course, without it I would never have found the Gerry's fan sites OR GALS. Another small miracle in my life. God works in mysterious ways, indeed.

And Dawn, I'm still waiting to see those smilies!

Sarah - Hey Gal! :rose: I missed the spanking. But I saw what was up. Ditto on what Candy said, Your My Hero!

Amy and Sarah - It appears I missed something else, as well, Dark Side....? Hey Amy fill me in, If You Please...

For you Amy, and for all the GALS who love good chest pics, I leave Gerry/Erik...

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Alish - :rotflmao:

Bethy - :wave: Sooooo good to see you. Sometime today, I will be sending you a PM about the MOP Boys.

OMG! We have almost finished this floor. I wonder what the next one will be....?

Beachy is hummmming. Ahhhh, time for POTO. Bye GALS. LOVE (TNLW)

Edited by givemeabeach
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I wrote a poem before my 10th viewing. Sitting in the theatre... sipping my white chocolate raspberry mocha...

This seems like a good spot to put it:

Come and Sing, My Angel...

The Angel of music visits me in my dreams also

I do not shun him.

I do not fear my angel.

He calls to me softly.

Softly... gently.

No need for the world outdoors.

We have night. And our love.

Love is all I need.

I need no money or power.

We need no material things.

I have him, he has me.

I belong to the Angel of music.

He belongs to me... My Angel,

He is beautiful.

I go to him.

With a swish of cape he surrounds me,

holds me.

I feel secure.

Each night he visits me,

With a rose, and a song.

With passion he sings to me

sweet lullabyes filled with pain.

He sings to me.

In my dream.

Come swiftly Angel.

Sing for me...

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Beach: See the "Other Sexy Men" thread for details. You'll see what Sarah meant. I think Sarah, I hope was just being funny calling it the "dark side" lol.

Lish: Love your poem! (And the raspberry mocha thing sounds yummy!!)

Beach those chest pics are Greeeeat~! *Squeels*

Now, I'm going to eat some lunch and try not to lust too much in front of coworkers lol. Something kinda uhh embarrasing happend earlier today--and I was ON CAMERA--I'll have to fill ya'll in later, and maybe it'll be a new floor wooot!

(Lish....My favorite part)

Each night he visits me,

With a rose, and a song.

With passion he sings to me

sweet lullabyes filled with pain.


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CRAPOLA! I just remembered. I haven’t told you my Christmas wish!

I’d like to start with a bath…

Posted Image

and a little (or a lot) of this…

Posted ImagePosted Image

Moving on to this…

Posted Image

And winding up here…

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Yep, that’s my Christmas Wish…:mistletoe2: :santa:


Dr. Em

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Almost to a new floor and so much lovely lusting going on. Lish that poem is delish (you are very talented - I loved your poetic contribution to E&C too).

Yesterday I found myself doing something I hate doing - reading one of those critics who thoroughly and cruelly bashed just about everything in the movie but most especially Gerry. I know critics are entitled to their own opinions as are we, but what always amazes me is how those of us who absolutely LOVE the movie and LOVE Gerry in it can see and feel and HEAR it so differently from those who bash it, and him. I do agree his voice isn't like a trained theater voice but for me IT WORKS beautifully in the part, because Gerry brings so much EMOTION into it. And the fact that he is so drop-dead gorgeous (even with the scarred face) works for me too because the ugliness he sees in himself comes from how he was treated all his life - we can see him as beautiful and so worthy of love while he sees himself as a gargoyle and a monster. That is far more poignant and heartbreaking to me than if he truly was a hideous monster. Yes, it is a major departure from the original concept of the novel, but it really hit me on a much deeper level than even the stage version ever has. It was more personal, because it is so common for each of us to see ourselves as ugly and unlovable even if that isn't true. Gerry brought that out magnificently in the character and I just so wish that the critics could see that, and hear the anguish in his singing voice instead of hearing something that causes THEM anguish.

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Whoa Sporran...I completely agree!

What was it I posted forever ago....I think reposting is a good idea.

Okay, so I just got through listening to the soundtrack...I haven't listened to it for a while, and it not only got my energy up so I could do some actual *ahem* work, but it reminded me once more why I love Gerry in this role.

And then I thought about what some of my friends have said about the performance, about how they should have cast a more professional singer, how he was too young for the role, too handsome, etc etc etc etc et...fookin'...cetera.

THIS is what I want to say to them....

Well, ya know what? At least he had the balls to go in there and develop a deep, well-rounded character, make SPECIFIC character choices, in dialogue, movement AND song, and not give some half-assed performance to try and appeal to the frickin' masses with some watered-down acting and singing, like many of those who they were "considering" probably would have done.

*back to your regularly scheduled Vanilla*

Edited by Abrock
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Sarah, I cant beleive you would temp the OS!

You are my hero girl :;):

Thank you, thank you



I started a new thread under "All things Gerry"


Rush is drifting away!

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