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Happy Wedding Anniversary Katie Songbird


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Remember the first flush of love

that drew you powerfully together?

It still feeds the unassailable bond

that makes your marriage so secure.

Remember all the qualites about each other

you found so endearing?

They are still there,

and new ones create sweet surprises.

Remember thinking that this love

would last forever?

Your love has strengthened and grown

into eternal affection and admiration.

Years from now, you'll look back

at this anniversary

and realize you love each other

more than ever.

My toast, To Katie and Wayne, Happy Wedding Anniversary! May all the happiness you've known through years that now have passed

continue through the years ahead each happier than the last!

love from Anna and Mac XX

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Happy anniversary!! :wuv::wuv:

Hugs from Eva Mari, - :pointy: ( Almost 32 now... :kiss: And Anna is SO right! )

And wee singingbird, - please tell me how it started HERE... ;)

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Here's a toast to the two of you

As you celebrate together;

You're the poster kids for happiness,

In sunny or stormy weather.

Your love continues, warm and bright;

May it shine throughout the years;

You’re an example for the rest of us,

So here’s to you: Three cheers!

By Joanna Fuchs



P. S. The drink may be alcoholic or non alcoholic according to your preference. :kiss:

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:wuv: Aw...thank you Anna for starting this thread, and to Perrin, EvaMari, Suzie, Tracy, Rissa, and Elissa and to all my Gutter sistah-gals for offering your congratulations as well!

I'm sorry I just found the thread, thanks to EM for giving me a heads up!

I told the girls in the Gutter SC this little exchange between Wayne and me Saturday night, and I'll gladly share it here, too. It will give you a glimpse of the wonderful man I married.

Wayne told me last night that if I bought our 'supper', he'd buy 'tomorrow night'. (as if he wasn't going to anyway. lol)

I cheekily replied, "Tomorrow night? What's so special about tomorrow?"

He said, "Uh huh. You probably have forgotten."

I smiled and said, "No I haven't."

Then he said seriously, "Now it's up to you if you want Mama D. to go or not." (That's what he call my mother.)

(Also, I knew without him saying that he was referring to Red Lobster, which is where we ate on our wedding night, and have gone to celebrate our wedding anniversary every year. Corny? Goofy? Who cares? We love it! LOL!)

Wayne said it was up to me (about my mom going with us) because there have been a couple of times in these last 2 years, (which have been the toughest of my life) when I selfishly wanted him all to myself for a night out, even when it was HIS idea to take my mom!

But this time I said, "Let's invite her. We won't always have that chance." He smiled and nodded in agreement.

As a follow-up:

We did take Mama with us; she was so excited about going. Sunday's are still pretty difficult, as we lost both my dad and brother on Sundays. She seems particularly lonely on that day of the week.

Wayne assisted her in and out of the front seat of the car, and took her arm and helped her step up onto the sidewalk and inside the door of the restaurant. He was so attentive. Mama has often told him that he's not her son-in-law, he's her No. 6 son!

He apologized last night a few times for 'running late', which turned into my mom telling about how she could never plan anything because my dad never came home 'on time' [because he was always busting his arse at work in order to provide for a large family! But Mama only seldom mentions that factor. *sigh*]

As I was suffering from a week's delay of the Father's Day blues, I did NOT need to hear that! I turned to Wayne and said, "It's okay, hon. I would rather you be late...than never." I guess Mama took the hint, and the perspective I was going for and no more dissing on my dad after that. :)

Thank you all again! And congratulations to those of you, of which there are many, who have also had long successful marriages. It isn't always easy, but by golly, as long as you both love each other, I believe it's worth the 'work'!

And to those who wish for such success, never give up! It can happen to you, too. ;)

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Katie - what a wonderful story about a wonderful husband!! I'm proud to share my wedding anniversary with you and Wayne (but we're 6 years behind you)! Oh, and if we had Red Lobster nearby we probably would have gone there too!!



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A big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you Katie and Wayne. Thanks for sharing your great story w/us about your hubby. What a cute pic of you two 23 years ago. Here's hoping for 23 more years! :wuv:


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