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Virtual Con Give-Away winners!

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I have the main prizes 'in house'.

Ther is still a delay on keychains and bookmarks, unfortunately. But...they will be sent!

Rather than hold up everyone I will send the GiveAway items out first, and then the keychains and bookmarks. :rose:

It will be like Gerry Christmas in Summer Posted Image

when everyone finally receives their little 'thank you' goodies!

First draw: Marissa

Annette Batista Sterling-Silver Jewelry

Abstract Micky-Mouse 'face' pendant on 24" chain

Second draw: annieday

2009 Gerry Calendar

8 1/2 x 11 horizontal or vertical

winner's choice

custom order allow time for shipping

Third & fourth draws: Midnight Diva & Paige

Erik's Journal

2 beautifully hand-embellished journals, each with a 'red rose, black ribbon' pen

designed, crafted and donated by Knight Phantom and cybrsal

Fifth draw: JLH

Phantom Memories

perfect for a Phantom or Gerry room, or your desk!

10 Inch Round wine-colored decorative box containing

a Victorian motif mini-note pad

a small wine-colored enamel, hinged-double frame with Phantom photos

a small hand-crafted black paper photo album, with photo corners

12 high quality 4x6 Phantom of the Opera photos

Sixth draw: Gerry Duty

Mini-Album of Phantom of the Opera Photos

36 4x6 photos perfect for scrapbooking

Seveth draw: Nance

P.S. I Love You Scrapbook Photos

8 1/2 x 11 Love Letters background page

4x6 P.S. I Love You 'letters'

assorted 4x6 photos


Posted Image

:thankyou: to all who participated, and I will be contacting you for mailing addresses! :pointy:

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:thankyou: WOOHOO!!!! You made my day!!!!

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