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Gerard Butler GALS

7/7/08 - Message from Jon

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From wrathofgodsdvd@gmail.com Mon Jul 7 18:25:51 2008


It's been a while since I last sent you all a message regarding Wrath

of Gods. The reason is that I have been very busy - and loving every

minute of it. I hope things have been going well for all of you as


Right now I am enjoying the white nights up here in Iceland. They are

amazing. 24 hours of daylight.

The festival circuit is probably over now and we have had a fantastic

run. I have been lucky enough to get to meet many of you, especially

at the screenings in Hollywood and Washington DC.

The next step is to tell the rest of the world about Wrath of Gods.

The word is already spreading. A well established entertainment

lawyer in Washington DC has for example bought over thirty copies and

given them to friends and clients. Guess the message is - If you think

you have it rough, see what these guys had to go through!

Many people have suggested that WRATH should be mandatory viewing for

film school students. It will probably be our next step to let all

film school teachers know about WRATH.

Sales have been going reasonably well. Our supply of disks has just

about run out once again. If we make more then it will have to have

some new material and options. Can any of you help us translate it

into German? How about Spanish?

If any of you are still willing to help spread the word I want to

invite those of you who have a Facebook account to visit the Wrath of

Gods page on Facebook and sign up, write reviews and invite other



Also, if any of you GB fans enjoy writing reviews about GB movies

there is a new platform for reviews out there

www.Gerard-Butler-Movies.com Some people have already started posting

reviews and comments and it looks like it will be a fun site.

Anyone willing to be a part of the next step of the Wrath of Gods

campaign say "Aye"



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I saw where Jon said he needed new material if he were to have a new pressing of the WOG DVD. I wrote and suggested that he should add interviews from Martin, Tony, Rory and other cast members telling stories of some of the behind the scenes stuff that went on with the cast and crew. Martin was so funny telling some of his stories. I suggested that if Gerry were to see the interviews he (who was also Exec Producer) might even want to add his 2 cents worth to their comments. I also thought that if Jon were to add this material, most of us would also want to buy THAT version of the DVD which could add to the total DVD sales. What do you think? I'd buy it, would you???


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Indeed I would, we got so much out of the original, we watch it often after watching Beowulf, love that movie don't you know?

Great idea sweetie,


Anna XPosted Image

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absolutely..id buy it...if only because im worried about wearing out my first copy :kisswink: any of the cast members, id love to hear of their experiences...

i dont have a facebook or myspce but i can put it on my live journal page...

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I love the idea of interviews with Martin, Tony and Rory. I thnk the fact that there is already a very long inteview with Gerry it might be too much to ask him to add more, unless he felt like "rebutting" any of the stories the others might tell about him! I'd buy another copy if it had those additional interviews. I think I have 3 copies already - know for sure I have an American and a European version, might still have 2 of the American DVD's. It seems it would be great if this film could make it into film schools. There is a very big and prominent one at USC in L.A. and I am sure one or more of the universities in NY does as well. Does anyone have any contacts there who could get the movie screened by the head of the film school?
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Susan, I ended up with three copies of WOG too, one of which I gave as a gift, one which is autographed and never played and one that I've played a LOT! I would still buy another with added material!


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Aye, I think it would be a great opportunityto let more people know about this great DVD. Film schools would benefit a great deal in seeing the behind the scenes aspect of movie making. I also agree that it would be an awesome idea to include interviews with Martin, Rory and the rest. I think Jon should also add some of his own insight as well. I would definatley purchase another version. I would also enjoy seeing more of the gorgeous landscape, with it's raw power and amazing seascape.


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