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Gerard Butler GALS

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Hi InteriorDesignerGirl :wave:

Nice to meet you ! Thanks for posting that video -- That's one of my favorite's of Gerr !!

It is such a pleasure to listen/watch him and the interviewer Lady -- did do a very good job too !

How 'bout him singing at the begining - he does have a beautiful voice - and he's a cutie when

ya take him off guard ..

Dear Frankie is still my favorite of all his films and one of my favorite films period !!

and it's also very sweet what he says about us fans -- you can tell he has a kind warm soul &

he's very sweet and humble too ! :wuv:

Take Care !


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One of my very favorites too! I love that he has a very strong Scottish BURRRRR back then......I miss it!

Thanks for posting the link...Frannie

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Hi Gals!

Ooops! Didn't know it was already here. Sorry if I was being repetitive. I am a newbie. I assummed that most Gals here had already seen it. I have scoped You Tube for every Gerry interview that has been posted. Can't get enough of the man. I posted it because I love how personal he gets and how comfortable he seems talking to the interviewer. Also loved how he talked about his fans. He is a very kind and generous man. I am glad some of you enjoyed seeing it again. I myself have watched it many times.


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Thanks for posting the link...

and RL is correct,

the interview is in Multimedia here:

Posted Image File Name: DF

Submitter: Stef with an F

Submitted: Jan 20 2007, 01:17 AM

Updated: Jul 7 2007, 11:23 PM

and there are a few others from that press junket, pg 7 of the interviews here!

Have fun enjoying all the great downloads and board items!



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For all the newbies, just about every Gerry interview we've been able to get our hands on is in our mulimedia section, and here you can download them and keep them on your own computer for repeated viewing pleasure - or for the video-talented (or those learning) you can then use clips in creating fan videos of your own. I like that also because when I'm at work our firewall blocks YouTube so I miss out on anything that's over there until I am on my own computer at home.
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Great Interview!!!! Love the Scottish BURRR!!!!!

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