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using the search

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ive been trying to use the search for several days now.....i keep getting this error..... no matter how i change my question, or even if i ask a totally different question......

what am i doing wrong, or is there a possible problem with the search feature....

one of the threads im trying to find, by the way, is the 3am story...so if anyone can direct me to that, id be grateful.... :wave:

this is the error i keep getting.....Posted Image

i cant figure out a way to link the error message , so photobuckets crappy pic is the best can do..... sorry

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search needs to be quite specific to get a 'it', I find, not too general...

it doesn't always 'work' as we expect it would, I think because we're used to or spoiled by Google and Yahoo type search engines. :lol:

As for your quest for 3AM...

check out Gerard Butler Fandom for Newbies which includes links to many Gerry related questions!

3AM is Jamie's personal story, and it is here, What time did you get here, yep..had to start a thread here 3AM Story

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thank you....!!! i tried as specific of searches as i could.....ill give it a try with absolute specifics....but then, if i knew the exact threads, i probably wouldnt need to search... :funnyup:

sort of like using a dictionary, if you dont know how to spell the word, you may not be able to find it.... :tantrum:

off topic here.....im really loving all my goodies, and since i read everyday, i especially love the bookmark.... :wuv:

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glad your daughter and her friend let you keep a couple of goodies :lol:

Yeah, the search is a bit weak, but it's what comes with the board...

It's always okay when a member gives a shout; someone will usually be able to direct to the correct thread, post or link!



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