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7/25 - Empire's Second Videblogisode - In Text Form!

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by Chris Hewitt

Hello, web! Due to hideous technical problems far beyond our control, understanding and, indeed, all human reasoning, today's videblogisode has been delayed by about a day. But, in case you're jonesing for your fix of hot Comic-Con action from Videblogisode Man and his sidekick, Cameraman-Man, I thought I'd sketch this quick précis of what you can expect when it finally goes up.

The Return Of Videblogisode Man!

Thought it was just a one-off gag? Well, it probably should have been, but since when have I ever paused before running a joke into the ground?

Interviews galore!

Yep. Today wasn't so much a calorie-burner, with Sam and I running around the main floor like eejits. Instead, we stayed largely rooted to the spot as we lined up for interview after interview with some of the biggest names in the business. The Rock. Chris Evans (no, not that one). Guy Ritchie. Gerry Butler. Joel Silver. Alex Proyas. Paul McGuigan. The new Punisher, Ray Stevenson, who turned out to be a thoroughly, thoroughly nice chap. Camilla Belle. Carla Gugino. The lovely Naomie Harris, my future ex-wife, who sent me into paroxysms of delight that usually end either in marriage or injunctions.

All of them were subjected to the Empire line of questioning, which ranged from the poorly-researched to the bizarrely inappropriate. It'll all be up for your perusal tomorrow. And if you think that's all going to be a bit old hat, well, let me just say that you haven't lived until you've heard the Rock impersonate Mickey Mouse…

Evil Cheerleaders!

Scantily-clad ladies in the sort of cheerleader outfit you'd imagine Hugh Hefner would design. And other costumed Comic-Conners as the first day of the Con brought with it hardcore geeks celebrating their individuality by doing the same thing as hundreds of others: dressing up like their favourite characters.

And if that's not enough to make you come back tomorrow, when we finally get it up (oo-er, stop sniggering at the back), how about these things we've learned?

1. Ray Stevenson had Punisher lapels made of gold and studded with rubies specially made for the cast and crew of the forthcoming flick, Punisher: War Zone.

2. The director of Race To Witch Mountain, Andy Fickman, really likes Empire.

3. Gerry Butler is a glorious ham. This is a reference to his penchant for playing to the crowd, not to how tasty he is.

4. Naomie Harris used to be heavily into ninjas. I'm getting my costume together as we speak.

5. Running around in public with a giant E sellotaped to your chest is not as humiliating as you might think.

6. Paul McGuigan is a top, top bloke with a refreshingly bemused reaction to the earnestness of the Con.

7. It's probably not a good idea to mention the Will Ferrell/Sacha Baron Cohen version of Sherlock Holmes to Guy Ritchie and Joel Silver, the guys behind the Robert Downey Jr. version.

8. Alex Proyas has a nice bag.

9. Idris Elba can't do a Scottish accent to save his life.

10. When your motherboard decides to stop working for the third time in two years, it's probably time to get a new laptop.

Interest piqued? Mouth watering with anticipation? Come back tomorrow for the real, moving, walking, talking deal!

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Thanks, Stef...

the poor guy...I can 'hear' the disapointment in his post...

I look forward to watching it when Empire has it available.


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