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Gerard Butler GALS

the most recent drawing

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Amazing work!!!! You capture every detail about Gerry!!! Bravo!!!! Great Job!!!!

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you are sooooo talented! :bow2:

especially the hands and the neck is so soo good! :tens:

your cross hatches are perfect! :claphands:

I really have one of your job!

congratulate you! :clap:

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Oh Agnes...how beautiful. Joanna is going to be so thrilled! I've told you this before...you are amazing!




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Agnes!!! That is amazing. You are so talented. I hope you get to make one for Gerry one of these days. You truly captured him.

Can I be next to get one? Kidding, but really . . . you're a wonderful talent. :yourock:


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:rose: Aga..... Joanna told me to check out the drawing you made for her and I must say I'm totally astounded by what I see here. This is the most professional and beautiful piece of work I have seen of Gerry. It IS Gerry in every regard. I have been a fan of yours for sometime. I love your "300" work of Gerry. Somehow I missed this and I'm so grateful to Joanna for giving me the heads up on this. I would have hated to miss this. My hats off to you girl. You are an artist with a capital "A." Thank you so much for sharing your masterpieces with all of us. Joanna is one lucky lady to get this beautiful piece from you. You have a wonderful future, Aga, in the art world. Keep drawing!!!

~HUGS~ Kathy :)

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