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:wave: I just wanted to tell everyone that, if you didn't know it yet, Aga won the poster contest for Rock-N-Rolla!!!!!!!!!! Her art is awesome to behold. I have just received my own personal picture done of one of the most awesome poses of the G-Man ever!!!!!! I am going to have a frame custom made for it and needless to say , it will be in a very special place in my bedroom!!!!! Aga deserves a huge hand for her art. My family was blown away by her drawing. I am taking it to school today, the last day, and I am going to show it off to my class mates and my teacher.

Aga has also very kindly said she will post some pictures of the almost finished 'Gerry' for all to get a feel of what the finished product will look like. Keep in mind the statuette has a long way to go and my teacher has gotten some very special molding material for the bronze pour in October and we are going to pour several statuettes to make sure all goes well. If I say so myself, he is coming along pretty well. 'Course that's totally my opinion, and remember what I said about opinions!!!!

Love Ya All and I hope we will all give our Aga a big hand for work so very well done!!!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


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That's wonderful news! I have looked at Aga's work in our Artwork forum and it is truly amazing. I'd love to see the poster she drew for the contest (which I didn't know about either).
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Congratulations! Aga! :clap:

Joanna, :D

Anyway you can show us a picture of her poster?

I wasn't aware there was even a contest going on.


: :wave: zany and GALS,

Go to gerardbutler.net. It's the black and white one with Gerry in his suite and holding his hands together.

I received my drawing yesterday and my teacher is going to matte and frame it for me to protect it!! My "Lil' Miss Magic Hands" is awesome as an artist and even my daughter Suzy, who is not an excitable person, said that Aga's art belongs out in the public more, it is amazing!!!!! My whole class was absolutely amazed!!!

I am so lucky to have made such beautiful and wonderful friends here like lil' Aga and a few others. Thank You GALS!!!!!!!! I am in heaven!!! :kisswink:


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Sis, I can't wait to see you artwork !!!!! I'm so excited... I'm sure it will be spectacular. You're AMAZING !!!!

I don't know what to say... I'm so ... I have tears in my eyes..........


(deep breath)...



I've never believed in myself. Polish Tarts had to force me to show my drawings. Believe or not, I felt foolish. I thought it's ridiculous. How wrong I was.

You're the best in the world!!!!!!!! Love you all!!!

I want to thank you, Jo !!! I would do anything for you !!!

For those who haven't seen, here's the poster:


it's so unexpectable.. I'm on gb. net since march... five months and my biggest dream is coming true. When I receive the item, I'll take the photo and post it here. I'm still in shock. This is a very big thing for me....

Thank you so much !


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"Miss Magic Hands"!!! Just think, you are bound for more good things in your wonderful life and I am so glad the Polish Tarts pushed you and you entered. Remember, 'your chances are as good as anyone else's' I told you. And look what happened!!!! YOU WON BABY GAL!!!!!!!!

As for doing anything for me, just keep being my lil' Sis/Friend. And I had to tell everyone here, I just had too!!! I am so proud of my Lil' Miss Magic Hands! Your work will get better and better and pretty soon the right people will be contacting you for work!!!! If you ever get to Chicago, I will be there with the 'razzie cheering you as you arrive!!!!! Aga, your work is amazing. Keep it up Sweet Lil' Sis.


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