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Movie recommendation thread

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Hi April...Jo's right...The Jury is excellent. It's getting harder and harder to find unfortunately though...so I would suggest Attila... :attila:

Marek :marek: is one of my all time favorite characters so I would also recommend Timeline... Beowulf :beo: and 300 :lookin: can be bought really cheap on ebay these days I believe. OH, and of course you have to see Dracula :drac2:

AND to answer your question on which ones to own...my answer is ALL OF THEM! lol

Welcome to the world of Gerry!!!



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Hi April...I am April too...nice to meet you!

I think Irish said it all...I have bought most of my Gerry movies on ebay and got them all really cheap...all of those she mentioned though are must-sees!!!

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I second what Sue said!!! :welcome:


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Is Beowulf based on literature??

My walmart has 300 and B&G really cheap! I really want to buy them lol.

Thanks for the suggestions :)

I'm heading out of town tomorrow and will be back Sunday!

Keep spreading the Gerry love ladies :)

Nice to meet you too April!

Thanks for the welcome Jeanette :)


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I liked One More Kiss, too. I like the older movies he did before the USA corrupted his accent. JK JK I found my copy of The Jury at Borders. Just something you may want to check out. :D

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