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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry attends "Elegy" Screening - 8/5/08

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Thanks Stef for the pics!!! He looks amazing!!! (as usual) I agree Moira he can definately make a zit look great! Ok. must go back to work. He is just so gosh darn sexy!!!


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Yep he has a zit on his forehead to the left(his right). I made one of the pics my background on my work computer and I actually thought it was a mark on the screen so I was trying to wipe it off :funnyup: then thought "Why Gerry even the most beautiful people get plukes"

Tis a sad day when the first thing you notice on the "lust" of your life is a big zit on his forehead. I guess it's cause it just does not happen very often. I thought that's where Ewan McGregor's went ha ha.


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Thanks Stef!!!

He's got that white shirt on..and those greys....excuse me while I try to muffle a squee with my hand. :thud:

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What a lovely surprise for me first thing in the morning! I woke up with a terrible migraine along with feeling so nauseous that I threw up in the sink (sorry...too much info, I know). I didn't want to come to work today...just wanted to go back to bed. I dragged my arse to work....and hop on the net and what do I see............these beatiful pictures of my man and in WHITE no less...suddenly.....I feel better!

Moira....I refuse to believe that is a zit!!! LOL Insect bite, hive, freckle.....something. A zit.....just not possible on that man!!! LOL It should be against the law to put such a blemish on that face.

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THANKS STEF! You made my day! CAUSE his hair is GROWING BACK!!! :yay: and he looks :stars: I love he's got a little :chnuzzle: going on! Raises hand ...I DO I DO!!

:wave: Frannie

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Gerry looks wonderful!! I love him naturally pale with silver coming in his dark hair. I wish they would stop dying his hair medium brown........his own almost black hair sprinkled with silver is much more striking, complimentary to his skin tones, and Celtic looking!!

And I've always thought his nose is very sensual looking. I like a strong masculine nose on a guy.

He should never fool around too much with his natural perfection!




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Guest pamelajane

Thanks, Stef, for the pics. What a way to start my day on the "puter"!

And, Swannie, oh my gosh, that IS the look! And you hit it "right on the nose" :p about his nose! I thought I was the only one fascinated with it!



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Gerry... have I ever told you how much I ADORE your nose???? I do! I just love its classic Romanesque shape!

Yeah Lisa, I love that shirt too!


Swannie...I ADORE Gerry's nose too! I am glad to know I am not the only one who finds his nose attractive! :love:

But then, EVERY part of Gerry is attractive!!! :behave:

Great pics Stef...Thanks! :thankyou:

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Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot!!!!! :cunning: Thank you so much Sweetie...I'm right clicking the heck out of these picture and my boss at work is giving me "The Evil Eye"...LOL!!!! :p

Hugs and Kisses,


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