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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry attends "Elegy" Screening - 8/5/08

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It is good to see Gerry in his adopted home (NYC) attending screenings of films such as "Elegy". This film has received ***1/2 reviews and is all over the more high brow, shophicated media, NPR, Charlie Rose Show. It would be good for Gerry to observe that both his career high light "Dear Frankie" and "Elegy" were directed by women. So Gerry, just pause for thought when you are scanning the scripts that you are being sent. There is an audiance out there waiting for the character developement that Shona developed for you in "Dear Frankie". I will go see "Elergy" next Friday, for sure and perhaps read the book by Philip Roth. I wonder if Gerry is doing likewise in his majectic loft in the greatest city in the world, NYC. Gerry is no dummy that is for sure.

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Ooh another quote to pick apart and analyze to death:

And “300” star Gerard Butler was in town between gigs. “I’m trying to stay in New York until they drag me kicking and screaming back to L.A. to get back into my business”, the hunky Scot told us.

*sniff* He hates it here. I wish to God he was having a better experience in California; we're not all crazy, Gerry! He needs to see more of California than Hollywood.

But, I'm glad he finds solace in NYC. He deserves to have peace in his life.


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Just came in from seeing "Elegy". It was a good movie but sad. It ran just under two hours but it seemed much longer, I was thinking three hours. Was trying to view it at times through Gerry's eyes (I will keep my own thoughts relating to myself to myself). I don't know at Gerry's age and his fast paced life style if the contents of the film would effect him. I personally don't think so and I think Gerry is more positive and aware in his life doings and you know how he speakes his mind at every stage of the game. Did he say "games over" in one interview after the screening. Just ramblings...

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