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I need the gals help on this

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I hope this is in the right section...if not, Mods...you know where it goes.


As some of you may have heard, a postman in Washington is working to make the Kilt part of the accepted postal uniform. Today CNN re-posted the story from Associated Press, but changed the headline. It currently reads " Mailman campaigns to wear skirt" and should read "Mailman campaigns to wear kilt"

I want to correct this serious error.

I ask everyone to write to CNN, asking for a headline change.

here is the form for reporting editorial errors to CNN.


the website URL of the error is : www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/homestyle/08/07/mailman.wants.to.wear.skirt.ap/index.html

I appreciate all the help.

Edited by Brotherhood of the Kilt
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here is what I posted:


In the article " Mailman campaigns to wear skirt", the headline is without a question an error. It should read " Mailman campaigns to wear kilt". Errors of this type are demeaning to all kilt-wearers or persons of Scottish decent, such as myself. This error portrays the kilt not as an honored representation of proud Scottish culture, but as a strange fashion statement and something to be made fun of. My organization, The Brotherhood of the Kilt, strongly supports Mr. Peterson's decision to wear the kilt at work and praise him in his efforts to enable all men to wear a kilt whenever they can.

I implore you to correct this error promptly to avoid insulting kilt-wearers, Scots and descendants of Scots around the world any further.


Kevin Thompson


The Brotherhood of the Kilt



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