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Top 10 Bada$$ Actors


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Not sure if this has been posted or not but here you go.....

Top 10 Bada$$ Actors

August 6, 2008 - Cinemaroll - Nic Daire


The top 10 bada$$ movie actors of the last twenty years.

Vin Diesel

(Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy, Babylon A.D. (coming out soon), Knockaround Guys, A Man Apart, Saving Private Ryan, Boiler Room, Strays, The Pacifier)

This man was born B.A., the deep, gravely voice and the muscular physique meshed perfectly in every role he has appeared in. He exudes the mindset of a man who doesn't give a rip about the law or society and what they think. Every role he's played has been B.A., heck he was even a Bad A. in a children's movie! In which he broke down doors, dodged traps, and fought ninjas, let's see the Rock do that in his Disney movie.

Brad Pitt

(The Ocean's Trilogy, Troy, Fight Club, Se7en, Spy Game, Snatch, Mr. & Mrs. Smith)

I've been told by too many girls that Brad Pitt is what every girl dreams of: he's suave (Ocean's), he's strong (Troy), and he can take a punch and not look like a puss (Fight Club). Granted he's had some roles that are not so manly especially his upcoming movie with him aging backwards, looks like a heart warming tale of crap, but like Gerald Butler further down the list his B.A. movies and general style more than make up for it.

Mark Wahlberg

(Max Payne (coming out soon), Four Brothers, Shooter, We Own The Night, The Departed, Invincible, The Italian Job)

Now here's a guy who might not always get a coo from the lady folk, but whenever a guy hears that name they know it's gonna be an action packed movie. Forget The Happening, we'll act like it never happened (corny joke), but take a look at his resume and tell me he isn't B.A. He is starring in the upcoming Max Payne movie which is based on a video made by Rockstar Games, in this movie he portrays the main character who is gritty and B.A. to the core. It could end up being the most B.A. movie to come out for a long time (unless it's running against Babylon A.D. Vin Diesel's movie).

Clint Eastwood

(Dirty Harry Movies, and countless westerns)

One of the first B.A. actors, he made everyone's day as the unforgettable Dirty Harry who shot first and asked questions later (which is the way I like it). His famous western roles as Josie Whales and the Stranger With No Name, are the epitome of don't care attitude mixed with the strength and ruthless to exact revenge.

Gerard Butler

(300, Beowulf & Grendel, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life, Dracula 2000)

Even though he almost ruined any chances of being considered B.A. by starring in P.S. I Love You, he managed to be so amazing in 300 that the testosterone eminated from that movie wiped away all the estrogen that came out of other movies he was in. He will forever go down in history as King Leonidas, ripped, furious, and savage with so many B.A. quotable lines that I could write a whole other article focused on that.

Jason Statham

( Death Race (coming soon), Transporter Series (#3 coming soon), Crank (#2 coming soon), The Bank Job, War, Chaos, Dungeon Siege, The One, Snatch)

Though he has an English accent that most love to hate, no one can hate his balls to the wall demeanor or I'll just punch my way through tactics. A few years ago most people had never heard of him, but now his name is synonymous with B.A. and action, and his B.A. rating is only increasing with 3 extremely B.A. looking movies coming out in the near future to only solidify the fact.

Karl Urban

(Doom, Path Finder, The Chronicles of Riddick, The LOTOR Trilogy)

His codename from Doom says it all: Reaper. I can't really think of a better B.A. name then the very name that personifies death incarnate. He takes on Vikings single handedly, and battles thousands of orcs while barely breaking a sweat. Plus he is the only person I've ever seen get in a fight with Vin Diesel and not end up dead (The Chronicles of Riddick).

George Clooney

(The Ocean's Trilogy, From Dusk Till Dawn, Batman & Robin)

He's a super smooth criminal with just the right right things to say (Ocean's) or he's a super smooth crminal who'll shoot you in the head (Dusk) or he's a super smooth ninja crime fighter (Batman & Robin), need I say more?

Denzel Washington

(American Gangster, Man on Fire, Déjà Vu, Inside Man, Remember The Titans)

The first minute in American Gangster made my jaw drop, heartless, cold, and violent, and he bucks the traditional thought pattern, and defines a realistic B.A. Or he can be absolutely a monster in Man on Fire, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. And a bonus is that he's only ever been in one bad movie, Out of Time, don't see it, it's a waste of time.

Hugh Jackman

(X-Men movies (X-Men Origins: Wolverine coming soon), Van Helsing, Swordfish)

Everyone who has even remotely heard of X-Men is excited about Hugh returning to the silver screen to to play as Wolverine, the cigar chomping, claw slashing, sarcastic B.A. comic book character. And in Van Helsing he took on werewolves, a giant Mr.Hyde, and Dracula himself, let's see someone else do that.

Honorable Mentions: Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig, Mel Gibson, Matt Damon, Sean Patrick Flanery, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, and Sean Connery.

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I agree George Clooney? I mean I am a fan of his but I would never see him as a bada$$. Love the list though!

Edited by Gerry Duty
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I'm glad Gerry doesn't stick to just one kind of role or genre. He can be a bad a** or sweet. He can be serious, or winsome and light and funny. I'm glad he does it all.


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I am glad that Gerry does all sorts of genre. Hugh Jackman does romance as well. Yes, Gerry does have the gift of a strong, big body. I can't see George Clooney as bad arse. His Batman was a joke.

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