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Gerard Butler GALS

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She didn't have to kill him though, maybe just knocked him unconcious.

See, this is something I've never understood, why so many people say this. Had she not shot him, he would have shot HER. He was pulling his gun out, he was willing to kill her for the money. If she'd knocked him unconscious, then what? Take him back to prison? And in the process he possibly breaks free and kills her anyway? Or goes back for the box? She can't risk that. He's dangerous and she knows is. I'm glad she shot him, she had to.

Not trying to pick an argument or anything, Perrin, :) I've just heard a lot of people say this so I had to get on my soap box...I'm done now!

Me thinks you are trying to pick a fight Abrock. :p

What you wrote makes sense, she probably did do the right thing. I'm just tired that the majority of Gerry's characters die or have unhappy endings.

What I don't get is why she didn't take advantage of him while he was handcuffed on the floor, she could have spared a few minutes.

I got ya, I got ya. :) And yeah...I don't understand that either...why she didn't get....reaquainted with him. Lara and Ildico need some GALS lessons...
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I'd be glad to teach 'em!

"Now, watch closely, girls...."

Gerry would have to be there for a...visual aid, of course.

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I preferred the alternate ending. I would rather have seen Terry die a hero.

What I don't understand is how little time Lara spends greaving after she kills Terry. The writers go thru the entire movie letting you think she does care about him at some level then she seemingly forgets it happened two minutes later!

I know its only a movie.. :lol: But still I hate it when the logic is messed up.


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Guest Beanie

What I don't understand is how little time Lara spends greaving after she kills Terry.


Holy Freakin Cow, Carrie, you hit the nail on the head -- if it were me, there would have been weeping, gnashing of teeth, grieving, and an altar erected to his Royal Hotness. *shakes head.... :???:

Just don't understand these screen women... :hit:

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Yeah, but in the "Hero" ending, he's just another hot guy. The ending is what makes this movie different, gives it the twist. And it shows what he was saying with the "We are two sides of the same coin". They're both butt kicking fighters, stubborn to the last, and both think they're right all the time and should be in charge. With one difference: Lara has morals, Terry will do anything for money. And let's face it, Terry hasn't exactly got his priorities straight either - I mean, what guy would choose a boring old box and greenbacks over ANGELINA JOLIE? What an idiot!

And plus, I think it might be the ending that got Gerry in this movie anyway. Everything else about it screams "I'm here purely to show off AJ's hot body and my special effects to get gaming geeks drooling!" Without the ending, I think GB would have passed it over. He's always looking for that meaningful twist, and while watching it, I was like, wait, why did he do this? This is fluff. It doesn't even have any swords in it! Then the ending came and I just went "OOOOoooh! THAT's gotta be it!" Hell, we all know he couldn't be doing it because he wanted to do stunt work! :p

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I must say that then ending of TR2 really scared me, especially when he yells NO and smacks AJ.

I'm so not into guy's hitting girls and though I like Terry very much I felt like kicking him in the

groin just that moment. Okay she didn't need to kill him but a good kick there would have made

him suffer for some time. And then just back to where she found him: jail.

I agree that the alternative ending was better...he's a hero and we like him like that!

Cheers Priscilla

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