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I've watch the movie, and I'm a little confused about where it is suppose to take place. In the beginning you see a map of scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), and the camera zooms in on Denmark (or Daneland)...but then it cuts to a scenery that REALLY looks like Iceland (black beaches, mountains), which doesnt look a bit like flat boring old Denmark! I know Iceland used to be danish.. but its NOT located in the same place! I'm really confused...

hope someone can explain :)

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The scenery for the film IS Iceland.

Perhaps the director was trying to place his audience visually in another time. That's how I've always thought of it, anyway.

But then, with you being from the area that is the actual setting of the film, I can see where you would notice the obviously glaring difference in landscapes!

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hmm...I know that the movie shootings took place in Iceland (very unique landscape), but I'm not familier with the story of "Beowulf", so I don't know where it takes place in the actual myth/story.

that hole "map of Denmark" thing in the movie was just confusing to me...they could have shown a map of Iceland instead, if that is where it takes place :)

but maybe it is suppose to take place in Denmark, but they wanted a more beautiful scenery :lol: (I guess only scandinavians would notice the mistake)

and by the way...is beowulf a viking or something else?

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I'm no history teacher, but doing an internet search can assist you. I found this link, perhaps it will shed some light for you.


As an American, I can say that the poem "Beowulf" seems to be part of our mandatory curriculum.

The FILM that Sturla made varies a good deal from the epic Anglo-Saxon poem.

You can probably find the poem in its entirety on the Internet, too. Happy hunting!

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thank you! :)

note to self and to whom it may concern:

as I now understand it,

it takes place in what now is known as Denmark (home sweet home),

Beowulf is from what now is known as Sweden,

The "Iceland thing" in the movie is just to feast the eyes with something beautiful :wuv: Iceland isn't really part of this story

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Beowulf is from Götaland which is actually now southern Sweden. The inhabitants were called Geatas. In Old Norse, Götaland(Geatland) is a separate country.

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Sturla is Icelandic by heritage and he wanted to make a film in his homeland. He decided to take the old Beowulf story and give it a twist (or two or ten). While not actually changing the location of the story (providing the map at the start and still referring to Daneland and Geats), he obviously caused confusion among those who are familiar with the landscapes of the actual countries involved. For those of us in the U.S. and probably Canada who have never had the priviledge of visiting any of those countries we were blissfully ignorant and merely awed by the scenery.
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