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My Nim's Island DVD Review


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I didn’t see Nim’s Island in theaters because of a tragedy that occurred in my family, but I did get it on DVD this past Saturday. I have watched it once and found it to be a good movie (not a masterpiece like POTO was for me) but a movie worth paying the money for and a movie worth watching again. Gerry had his intense moments, and he made some witty and funny remarks as Alex Rover; but despite the fact that he played two roles (an excellent feat for any actor), this type of movie didn’t really allow Gerry to show his full acting abilities. It wasn’t Gerry’s fault; it was just the roles (not that they weren’t good roles but they just didn’t touch me the same way that the Phantom did). If this had been the first Gerry movie I’ve ever seen, I probably would have loved his accent but not have a further interest in him (thank you Gerry for doing POTO and thank you high school teacher that we watched it in your class). However, I will say that all three leads gave amazing performances. Their acting was better than just average. Gerry’s accent work wasn’t the best in this movie (I really couldn’t hear the differences in Jack’s and Alex’s voice), but Gerry has an accent that is a true pleasure to listen to, so it wasn’t really a bad thing when you look at it in that way. However, Gerry was witty, funny, intense when the scene called for it, and he gave a good performance. I especially loved his scenes with Jodie Foster when he played Alex Rover; they were simply funny together.

I didn’t exactly like the special features on the DVD, though. I would love to have heard Gerry’s commentary as well, and the Working on Water Featurettes focused mostly on Abigail Breslin and a bit on Jodie Foster. They, of course, did a lot of water work, but so did Gerry. His water work was just as hard and just as intense as theirs, and I wish that they had talked more about that. However, all in all, this movie is worth buying if you are a Gerry fan.

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I don't think this is quite fair to compare POTO to Nim's. WE are talking not even apples and oranges, more like granola bars and deep dish pizza.

Nim's was a fun kids movie. It never claimed to be anything more and my children (9 and 11) love it for many reasons. I thought Gerry was more comfortable in the role of Alex, maybe because he wasn't freezing his arse off in the water :D

As for the dvd, I too would have liked to hear Gerry's commentary, or actually have him included in with Jodie and Abigail. But given again that this was a kids movie they probably afraid of what he would say :lol: I agree about the water extra and I wish they would have given Gerry a little more in the extras, I know there were deleted scenes with Alex, and would have liked to have seen them.

But it's still a must for all G fans and a good addition for anyone with young kids.

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I didn’t really intend to make any comparisons between POTO and Nim’s Island. You’re right, they are totally different. Nim’s Island is a family friendly film; POTO is far from that. I was just saying that a movie like Nim’s Island doesn’t allow Gerry to exercise his full acting abilities just because of the type of movie it is. Not to say that Gerry didn’t do a good acting job in Nim’s Island (all three leads did exceptionally well which I was pleased to see), but it was just the role. POTO is my absolutely favorite movie, so I have a bad habit of bringing it up often, especially when I’m discussing Gerry. Nim’s Island is a movie worth watching; I’ve already watched it twice since I got it (the whole movie which I don’t do often with POTO because my favorite scenes are those with Gerry, while in Nim’s Island I enjoyed watching all three lead actors). If you like Gerry, I suggest that you watch Nim’s Island. One, you get to see Gerry being both soaking wet as Jack and being very witty and funny as Alex. Two, the whole family can watch this film, unlike POTO.

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