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Twisted Fate "Continuing Story of Marcus and Sara"

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Written by: Wendy Scotti

Four years had passed. As Sara drove through town memories circled in her mind. Those of happy times, which she welcomed, filled her with anticipation of seeing Clair and the baby. But there were also memories lurking in her mind trying to grasp hold of Sara’s thoughts, which she was determined not to recall not this day.

Sara reached Clair’s filled with excitement. She grabbed the gifts out of the car and hurried up the walkway. As she neared the door Clair’s mother opened it and greeted her, “Sara, it’s so good to see you again. How have you been? Are you tired from your trip? Sara smiled and hugged Clair’s mother saying, “I fine. I’m looking forward to spending time with Clair and the baby.”

Clair’s mother shut the door behind Sara as she hurried to get inside without being seen. But it was to late someone had already seen her. There on the corner at the end of the block was a dark blue car sitting in wait for this very moment. The man took pictures then drove off.

Clair was so happy to see Sara after all this time. She had heard from her now and a gain but Sara had only visited two other times during the last four years. Daniel didn’t even know she was there or that she was even in touch with Clair. This was something Clair wasn’t proud of but she kept Sara’s secret. Now that Sara was there Clair’s mom left to run errands.

They had visited most the day and as Sara was getting ready to leave Clair asked when she’d see her again. Sara replied, “I’ll be here for a few days. I have to go before Daniel comes. I won’t go anywhere without telling you.” Sara hugged Clair gently as she had a C- section for the delivery. Clair’s mom said goodbye and told Sara to drive safe.

As Sara reached the hotel she tried to remain calm. Every minute she was out in the open she was taking a chance. Sara just needed to sign in the hotel under a false name and stay in the room for the night. Once Sara reached her room she locked the door behind her. She put her bags down on the bed and started unpacking. About an hour later Sara ordered room service and headed in for a relaxing bath.

She laid back in the tub of herbal scents and closed her eyes to relax and release the stress that had built up inside of her just from the ride through town.

Sara had hoped all would go well but she was filled with fear and doubt. The bath was so calming to her she almost drifted off when there was a knock on the door. Sara thought she lost track of time and climbed out of the tub grabbing her rob. She headed for the door thinking it was dinner. As she opened the door a man handed her an envelope it sent chills threw her. Sara shut the door quickly behind her and locked it. She stood leaning on the door thinking to herself (Not yet, I haven’t had any time with Clair.)

Sara looked down at the envelope. Her heart began to pound. She began opening it as she walked away from the door. It was pictures of each time she came to see Clair. He was letting her know she had not escaped him. He knew of each time she had visited Clair and that they had been in touch. He was letting her know this time there was no leaving.

Sara quickly grabbed her things and changed. She was cramming her things into her bags as quickly as she could. She was so nervous she was shaking. Sara looked around the rooms one last time trying to make sure she left nothing behind. She wanted to disappear as if she had never been there. It looked good; she grabbed up her bags and headed for the door. As she opened it, there he stood. Silence filled the air. Her heart raced as Marcus stepped forward, Sara stepped back. Marcus stepped forward again closing the door behind him. Sara stepped back dropping her bags.

She tried to remain calm but everything inside of her was telling her to get out. She stepped back again then turned and ran toward the bathroom. Marcus ran after her. He grabbed hold of the bathroom door shutting it with Sara leaning back against it his arms on the door at her shoulders. He leaned in and whispered in her ear in a firm voice, “You’re not leaving, not this time.”

Marcus grabbed hold of her pushing her back against the door roughly. Sara didn’t look in his eyes; she didn’t want to make eye contact. She didn’t want him to feel like he was dominating the situation. Marcus looked at her staring into her eyes as if he were looking into her soul and said, “ It’s been four years, I’ll wait no more.” Sara’s eyes were filling with tears. She knew she was taking a chance coming back but she had secretly hoped that Marcus would have moved on. She looked Marcus in the eyes and started shouting, “Do it, ripe my blouse off, go ahead, do it!” She pounded her hands against his chest. As she blinked tears started to run down her face.

Marcus looked at her wondering what she was doing. She yelled it again and he did just that. He ripped open her blouse the buttons flew off. Sara turned her head to the right in disappointment and humiliation.

She closed her eyes and tears fell once more. As he stood there looking at her body Marcus gently let go and looked at her with such caring eyes. He saw her standing there shirt torn up, vulnerable and scared. He slowly raised his right hand up and touched the scar next to her right shoulder gently running his fingers over it. Sara stood there with a blank look on her face as he touched her. She remembered the first shot hit her in the right shoulder knocking her back against the car. She blinked with no sign of self-awareness. Then Marcus slowly dropped to his knees in front of her. He ran his hands gently down her side to her waist and brought his right hand over to her abdomen touching two other scars. Sara remembered dropping the groceries as the first shot hit her and then two other shots hit her in the abdomen she fell to the ground.

She stood there lost in thought, trapped back in the very moment that almost took her life. The wind was knocked out of her she couldn’t breathe; she blinked with every passing memory. As she laid there in her blood she could feel the pain. She remembered a man calling out to her, “Sara Williams?” She turned around answering yes when the first shot hit. She could see the vehicle pulling away and her neighbor rushed out to her with phone in hand. She could hear them talking to her but it sounded like they were miles away, “Sara hold on, hold on the ambulance is coming. Oh my god there’s so much blood.”

She closed her eyes feeling so tired so exhausted laying helpless on the ground bleeding. She could see Clair sitting across from her as a little girl in pigtails asking Sara if she wanted to share cookies. She could see Clair getting married to Daniel everyone throwing rice. Clair reached out and hugged Sara. Sara blinked twice coming back from thought then slipped back into the nightmare in her mind. She could hear voices talking but couldn’t see anything. Then she saw Marcus, she could hear his voice he was reading to her. She felt so loved and safe there on the sofa in the library. Bits and pieces of her life were like fragmented dreams coming and going.

Sara some how came out of the darkness within seeing Marcus on his knees in front of her. He watched the tears fall from her eyes. The look on her face told him she had still not gotten over what happened to her. Sara moved away from Marcus, he let her. She grabbed a hold of her blouse pulled it tightly around her as if she were cold. She sat down on the bed and said softly, “I can’t do this.” Marcus was still on his knees; he turned and looked at her. He stood up from the floor walked over to the bed and knelt down in front of her and said, “It doesn’t change anything.” Sara looked him in the eyes; she stood up walking around the room still holding her shirt tightly and said, “It changed me. It changed how I look at things, at us, at ME!”

Marcus stood up and walked over to her. He pulled another blouse out of her bag and handed it to her saying softly, “You still love me. You can’t deny it.” Sara took hold of the blouse and turned looking Marcus in the eyes. She raised her hand up touching his face and said, “I love you, I can’t change that but something happened that changed me. We can’t be together. Just let me go, please.”

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Approved for posting by Songbird.

Wendy, this is not aimed at you or your story, but merely an explanation and an FYI for all writers and readers.


Even though in this segment there is some 'minor violence' in that the male character pushes the female against the door, and forcibly rips open her blouse, he does not beat or molest her in any way, so I'm allowing it for the story's plot.

Just a friendly reminder to ALL WRITERS new and old, all fan fic "action" must be 'consensual'.



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Marcus grew angry at her words but he stayed calm. He walked away then looked back and said, “You need time, I’ll give it to you.” Then in a firm voice he said,” Visit with Clair then bring your things to the manor you won’t be staying here. Leaving is not an option.” Then he turned and walked out of the room.

Sara raced over to the door and locked it. She leaned back against it knowing he would never let her leave. She turned her head wondering if he was still on the other side of the door. She came back to see Clair. Sara didn’t want to deal with Marcus but knew if it meant being able to see Clair she would have to deal with Marcus at some point. She raised her hands to her face and dropped down to the floor. She sat there in silence trying to recover from what just happened when there was a knock on the door it startled her. She stood up holding her blouse together and opened the door it was dinner.

After eating Sara finished hanging up her things. She was tired, exhausted from the day and all she wanted to do was sleep. Sara picked up the phone, took a deep breath preparing her for the out come and called Marcus. She told him she would be staying at the hotel; she was exhausted and needed sleep. Marcus tried to argue the point with her but Sara stood her ground. However she told him as long as he gave her space she wouldn’t go anywhere, she would stop by tomorrow afternoon after visiting with Clair. Marcus didn’t like it but he agreed. Sara hung up the phone and laid back in bed. She fell asleep quite quickly.

As the day went on Sara started dinner for Clair and Daniel. She wanted to help Clair in anyway she could. It was hard being a new mom but Clair was really falling into parenting well, it agreed with her. As Sara sat holding the baby watching him sleep Clair asked, “Have you every thought…” Sara interrupted her, “Once, but that was a life time ago.” Sara didn’t want to talk about it. She handed the baby over to Clair as Daniel walked in. He was quite surprised to see Sara. She looked at him gave him a hug and said, “I’ll visit soon, I have some place I have to be.” Daniel said goodbye and watched Sara leave knowing that she was heading to see Marcus it was written all over her face.

She went back to the hotel to change then headed to the manor. The staff greeted her at the door saying, “It’s so good to see you Miss Sara.” She smiled and said, “Thank you, it’s nice to be back.” Then they suggested Sara wait for Marcus in the dinning room dinner would be served soon. As she walked into the dinning room memories of their life together started flooding her mind. It was a bit overwhelming and Sara started to walk back out of the dinning room when Marcus showed up.

It was silent at dinner. Marcus asked a few questions now and then which Sara answered but he didn’t want to force the issue. As they finished dinner Marcus suggested they walk for a bit outside hoping that it would make Sara more comfortable. As they walked through the garden Marcus could feel Sara settling in becoming more comfortable. A slight chill lingered in the air. He took off his jacket and placed it on her. His gentle touch was comforting to her she said, “Thank You” then moved out of reach.

Marcus looked forward and continued walking. Sara watched him so calm and casual knowing full well all that must be going through his mind. He had been patient and it paid off. Sara began walking again and said, “ I don’t know what you want me to say. I left because I had too.” Marcus turned around slowing and said, “And now?” She glanced at him only for a moment then looked away saying, “I would prefer not to leave but I can’t stay here (she hesitated and added) at the manor (she hesitated again and said) with you.

Marcus continued to walk and replied, “ If you stay in the hotel, where does that leave us?” Sara took hold of Marcus arm and said, “I don’t know if there is an us.” Marcus turned toward her and gently put his arms around her and said, “If there weren’t you would not have come.” Sara stepped back away from Marcus she wanted to keep control of the situation. She turned and started walking back toward the manor, Marcus followed.

As the night was coming to an end Marcus remained patient. Sara handed him his jacket and he asked, “When can I see you again?” Sara replied quickly, “I need more time.” Marcus took her in his arms and kissed her unexpectedly. Sara stood there feeling a bit off balance Marcus had away of doing that. She could feel the warmth of his body under her hands on his chest. She backed away and said, “Goodnight” she left.

For the first time Marcus noticed something was different. Sara had not once backed down from his advanced, she reacted. He knew she still loved him. Was she pulling back because she still thought it was dangerous? She had been shot because they wanted to get at him. If he told her would she run into his arms feeling safe once again or would he loose her forever? They couldn’t hurt her not now he made sure of that. Marcus had never lied to Sara at this point he still had not lied he just didn’t tell her what he had done. Had she asked would he tell her his hands were stained of blood?

As Sara arrived back at the hotel she had felt different almost as if a great weight had been lifted off of her. Marcus let her leave; he didn’t force her to stay at the manor. He was willing to let her stay at the hotel. This gave Sara comfort. She had remained hidden from him for so long knowing he’d want her back but it was something she could not give him not then, not now. As she pulled off her boots and changed into her nighty she wondered when the time came would he let her walk away?

She slipped into bed and pulled the covers around her. As she laid there she couldn’t help but be torn by her emotions. She still loved him but how could she go back to that life after what had happened. Now she knew why Marcus was so protective of her when they were out. She still had no idea why they did what they did. The fact was she was a target as long as she was with Marcus. She ran out of fear that very fear was still there inside of her. Yet when he put his jacket on her it would have been so easy for her to fall into his arms.

As Sara woke to a new day she felt more relaxed then she had been in a long time. She laid in bed feeling so comfortable so at ease. She could go see Clair and not worry about being seen. She jumped out of bed ready to start a new day, aching to spend time with Clair with no worries if Daniel would find out, if Marcus would find out. It was a big relief for Sara and she couldn’t wait to see Clair. She quickly changed and headed out.

Had it been so easy? Sara looked in her rear view mirror and saw a car following her. She could feel a pit of nerves building in her stomach. As she turned into Clair’s the car parked on the corner. Sara walked into the house as if she had not noticed. She said hello to Clair and said she’d be right back. She headed through the living room and then out the back door. She rounded the corner and a few minutes later came up behind the car. The man was on the phone talking to someone. She cautiously neared the car pulling out her gun and took the safety off.

Sara backed away from the door not wanting to be hit by it if the man decided to open it quickly. She shouted over, “What do you want?” The man on the phone looked at Sara pointing the gun at him and said, “Boss we’ve got a problem here.” He raised his hands slowly and Sara shouted again, “Who do you work for?” He was a bit nervous being on the other end of the gun but remained calm and said, “There’s been a miss understanding. I work for Marcus.” Sara kept the gun on him, adrenaline pumping through her and shouted,” Prove it!” The man put the phone out the window and said, “He’s on the phone just take it he’ll tell you.” Sara cautiously moved in and took the phone in her left hand while still holding the gun on the man. She put the phone to her ear and asked, “Who am I speaking with?”

It was Marcus. Sara’s heart dropped, she put the gun down putting the safety back on and placed it back in her bag. Then she started yelling at him on the phone, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? I could have killed him.” She walked around to the other side of the car and sat down on the curb. The man got out of the car and walked over to the side. He asked, “Are you all right?” Sara looked at him while still on the phone with Marcus and said, “Do I look alright? How am I suppose to react when there’s someone following me?” The man tried to calm her down but Sara was anything but calm she started waving the phone around and yelling at them both, “You don’t just go following people around, it’s a good way of getting yourself shot or killed.” She put the phone up to her ear and said, “What were you thinking Marcus? You said you were going to give me space. You can’t just have people following me around. I could have…” Marcus tried to calm her down but Sara didn’t want to listen to him he had pushed her over the edge without realizing just how terrified she was being back there. Then Sara said, “I can’t do this right now. Get him out of here Marcus or I’ll leave.”

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Sara handed the phone back over to the man and walked toward Clair’s house. She didn’t look back there was no need she made it very clear what she wanted. Sara put her bag back in the car and locked it then walked up the steps and opened the door to Clair’s house. She walked in and only then did she look. She watched out the window cautiously an soon the man was back in the car and driving off. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly trying to calm herself. Clair asked her what was wrong. Sara turned smiled and said, “Nothing, I thought I knew someone that’s all. Would you like some coffee? ” Sara walked into the kitchen and started making the coffee an excuse to leave the room and collect herself.

Moments later Sara came out with the coffee and told Clair she had to be somewhere and left without another word. As she got into her car and started driving it was just moments later that she pulled over and burst into tears. The thought of being followed scared her more than she had realized. Thoughts went racing through her head about the days before the incident. How long had they been watching her? Was it a seek out and kill? Or were they sitting in wait for her as well? Sara tried to think back to that evening. She just came from the store. Not something she normally would do after work. Usually she came right home or was going to the Café with Clair.

It was possible they followed her from work and got side tracked when she stopped at the store and had to wait for her to go home. But as she thought about it, they knew her name they called out to her, “Sara Williams?” they knew who she was and more likely where she lived and sat in wait for her to come home. Most likely a block up the roadway maybe parked by a neighbors house as to not look out of place. As she thought back to her drive home that night she didn’t remember anything out of the usual as she had told the police.

Sara pulled herself back together from her thoughts and started to drive off again. She went back to the hotel and locked the door behind her closing the world out. She sat down on the floor at the door with her bag in hand and just wanted to escape the nightmare that just wouldn’t seem to end. Just then there was a knock on her door. Sara collected herself once more, stood up and asked, “Who is it?” A man replied from the other side, “ Sara, its Peter, Peter…” Sara opened the door and smiled giving Peter a hug she recognized his voice. “How did you know I was here?” she asked. Peter said he saw her entering the hotel and just had to say hello. Then he asked her if she’d like to have coffee?” She agreed and they headed down into the lounge.

As they were sitting there getting caught up on all things life and work Marcus walked casually in and moved over to the bar as not to be seen. He ordered a drink and observed Sara’s visit with Peter. She was smiling and laughing, he amused her and made her feel comfortable. From time to time Peter would reach over the table and touch her hand, she did not pull away nor did she take hold of his. It was a friendly gesture on Peter’s part this Marcus knew. But he didn’t like that Sara was so at ease with Peter, so carefree in thought. Marcus watched the way Peter looked at her knowing full well that even though they were just friends Peter’s intentions were of more than just friendship. Marcus searched Sara expressions for a sign of what she was feeling but he did not see anything but interest in an old friend.

They finished their drinks are said their goodbyes. Marcus sat at the bar going unnoticed as they walked out of the lounge and parted ways. Peter left the hotel and Sara went to the elevators. Once back in her room Sara called Clair and told her she’d visit tomorrow. She apologized for running out today by saying it was just a bad day to visit. Once she got off the phone there was a knock on the door. Sara walked over and asked,” Who is it?” Marcus replied and Sara opened the door. They stood there looking at each other

Then Sara moved away from the door leaving it open for Marcus to decide if he was coming in or not. As she walked over to the closet to find a different shirt she said, “You haven’t changed at all Marcus. Did you enjoy your drink in the lounge?” He had been seen which made him see her in a new light. Sara now carried a gun and was very aware of her surroundings. However good that was Marcus wondered if it was also a double-edged sword, was she that afraid that she was always on guard?

Marcus walked over to her. He put his arm gently around her and pulled her back against him. For a moment Sara let him but then she moved away. She turned around and said, “ How could you have me followed. I could have shot him, killed him even.” Marcus just stood there letting her get it all out of her system. She continued, “ Do you know what that did to me this morning? Do you know how terrified I was? Don’t just stand there say something?” As she looked into his eyes she could see his mind set change before her. He took a step forward. Sara took two steps back. He moved forward again. Sara’s heart began to pound and she quickly moved back bumping into the sofa. She stepped around it and then said, “We’re not done talking about this Marcus.” She wanted to get his mind back on the topic at hand but it was no use Marcus had other ideas. He grabbed hold of her pulling her close but not against him. He leaned forward putting his lips by her ear and said,” Tell me, do you still belong to me?”

Sara stood there and closed her eyes. Marcus watched her respond to his every touch. Her heart was pounding. He moved his hands over her arms then he took hold of her again and leaned in to kiss her but he didn’t, he stopped he was still waiting for an answer. Sara stepped back and turned away from him. Tears were building in her eyes but she tried to hold it together and asked Marcus to leave. Marcus stepped forward and leaned in close to her and said in a firm voice,” You can’t shut me out. Try if you must but we will be together again, I promise you that.” Sara closed her eyes and tears streamed down her face. Marcus turned and walked out shutting the door behind him.

Sara stood there lost in thought. He was right she was trying to shut him out but deep inside she longed to be in his arms again, in his bed. Sara moved over to the sofa and sat down trying to collect herself. She wiped the tears from her eyes and thoughts flowed back to the dark corners of her mind. When she woke in the hospital Marcus had been there. He was reading to her she had only opened her eyes for a few moments but she remembered thinking how he mesmerized her with his every word. Marcus visited her everyday she was in the hospital even that day. It had been late she knew he would be at the club. She had the doctor discharge her and she took a cab to the manor. When she got there she told the staff she was heading upstairs for the night, she wanted to surprise Marcus when he came home. But that wasn’t it at all. She packed her things headed into the office and took money from the safe leaving a note for Marcus on his desk telling him she’d send him the money back once she was settled and had a job.

She disappeared that night and had moved three times in the past four years. Marcus was determined to find Sara and she was determined to stay lost. She thought about how furious he must have been when he found her gone. She knew he wouldn’t be angry about the money he would want her to be cared for and she did send him the money back but it left a trail and she would move on. Maybe she wasn’t in her right mind to make a decision like that. But when she looked at herself in the mirror after waking up from the surgery she didn’t see herself anymore, she saw a body of reminders of what happened. She felt different inside, she saw herself differently. In the four years she was gone she did do something right she was not going to be a victim again. She bought a gun and learned to protect herself. But at what cost? She lost a job she loved, left friends behind and the man she had once saw herself starting a family with was now pissed and looking for her. Her reasoning would not matter, if Marcus had found her he would have dragged her back at a time she was most vulnerable. Secretly she longed to be in his arms but she rarely let herself think of him. She was determined to start her life over without Marcus.

Now she was back where she started sitting there on the sofa she let her mind wander. She laid back and slipped into her secret thoughts of him. She did not give in to her desires today but what of the next day and the day after that. Marcus had a side of himself that both scared her and enticed her. How long did she really think she’d be there before she gave in to her own desires that conspired against her? Soon she drifted of to sleep for the excitement of the day had exhausted her.

When Sara woke it had grown quite late. She had slept the day away and now had to face the night. There was nothing on the television; Clair would surely be exhausted from her day. As Sara ate her dinner she knew of a place that would be filled with life. She thought of the club. It had been four years since she stepped foot inside. Had it changed? Did Marcus leave it just as it was or had he remodeled the place as he had once thought of doing? The night wasn’t getting any shorter and she longed for someone else’s voice in her head. Sara picked up the phone and dialed,” Hello Peter? Would you like to maybe get a drink, see a movie?”

As the night started winding down Peter walked Sara back to the hotel after the movie. Sara kissed him on the cheek and said,” Thank you, I really needed the company tonight.” Peter smiled and grabbed Sara’s hand and said, ”If you need anything call me.” then he left. As Sara headed into the hotel a man casually standing outside took out his phone and made a call.

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Once inside her hotel room Sara reached for her nighty and headed in for a shower. The shower was relaxing she didn’t hear Marcus enter her room. He sat down on the sofa and waited for her to come out. As she finished showering Marcus could picture her doing what she had always done. She would step out of the shower, wrap a towel around herself and then start patting her hair dry with another towel. She would then dry her body off slip into her nighty and…

As Sara walked out of the bathroom Marcus stood up. His thoughts were in perfect time with her every movement. Sara was surprised to see him there. She grabbed for her rope and asked,” How did you get in here? What are you doing here?” Marcus slowly walked around the sofa. He moved toward her and replied,” So I hear you’ve had a busy night?” As he neared her Sara started to back up. She tried to explain.” It’s not what you think Marcus, I couldn’t sleep, we just saw a movie.” Marcus quickly took hold of her and pushed her against the wall. The look on his face told her he was very displeased with her. In a firm voice he replied, ”Have I not been patient? Have I not given you the space you asked for? Sara was about to reply but Marcus interrupted her speaking in a louder and angrier voice now, ”If you need a man at night that man should be me.”

They stood there their bodies entangled in the heat of the moment. Hearts pounding trying to calm themselves. Marcus looked Sara in the eyes and said in a deep firm voice,” You belong to me.” Sara dropped her head on Marcus chest she couldn’t do this, she could fight with him about something as pointless as going to a movie. She took a deep breath in and exhaled. Marcus could see she was trying to collect herself and that wasn’t what he wanted. He didn’t want her to think and didn’t want her to respond in and other way than what he wanted.

Marcus let go of her backing way and then took hold of her once again and kissed her. Without a thought Sara kissed him back. He gentling leaned against her and she leaned back against the wall. She let herself slip into the moment and that was exactly where he wanted to be, in his arms. Marcus reached down and picked her up. He walked over by the bed and set her down gently. They stood there kissing and then Marcus reached up and softly pushed the rope off her shoulders then reached up for the strap of her nighty and pushed it gently off her right shoulder. Sara suddenly feeling self-conscious about her body walked away and pulled the strap back up and wrapped her rope around herself. Then she stood looking away from Marcus and said,” You need to leave, please leave.”

Frustrated that Sara did not give in to her desires Marcus walked over to her and said, ”Do you want him?” Marcus knew it wasn’t true but he asked out of anger not curiosity. Sara turned around quickly and slapped Marcus across the face. It not only pleased her but also shocked her. Marcus turned his face back looking her in the eyes and said,” Good now we’re getting somewhere.” Sara walked across the room toward the door and stopped. She turned looked at Marcus and said,” In order to move forward. I have had to let go of the past everything that I loved my job, Clair, you! We can’t just pick up were it ended.” Marcus replied,” Nothing has ended.” Sara answered,” I have to start over, if this is going to work we have to start over and even than I can’t promise anything.”

Marcus walked over to Sara and took her hand. He looked her in the eyes and tried to reassure her nothing had changed between them but if she needed a place to start then he would give her one. He took hold of her slowly and kissed her gently then he whispered in her ear,” You belong to me” He let go and walked out. Sara walked over to the door slowly and locked it. Marcus stood on the other side he could hear her locking the door. Sara leaned back against the door sighed and said softly not thinking that he might still be there, ”And it begins!” Marcus smiled amused then walked away.

The next day Sara took a drive out to the house. As she pulled into the driveway she felt a bit uneasy. She backed out of the driveway and headed to the manor. When she arrived at the manor the staff welcomed her and told Sara Marcus was in his office. Sara knocked on the door as she walked in. Marcus looked up surprised to see her there. He didn’t say anything he figured there must be a good reason for her being there. Sara slowly walked across the room and said as she looked around remembering it well,” I haven’t been in here in sometime.” As she neared his desk Sara looked at Marcus unsure of what to say. She hesitated for a moment and then said,” I took a drive this morning back to the house but I can’t stay there. It doesn’t feel right not after what happened. I need a place to stay.” She quickly added knowing full well Marcus would want her to move back in there, ”I need my own space. I thought maybe you would…” Marcus looked at her and stood up. He walked around the desk and said,” You’d like to stay in the cottage.”

Marcus walked around the room. Sara watched as he tossed the idea around. Marcus stood in front of the office windows and looked down on the cottage and said,” All right, I’ll have the staff open it up for you. You can move in whenever you like.” Sara smiled relieved that Marcus wasn’t forcing the issue of moving back in the manor and replied,” Thank you.” But then Marcus turned around and said,” I would like you to have dinner here at the manor.” Sara hesitated for a moment and then replied,” Alright, as long as we are of the understanding I come and go as I please and it’s just dinner.” Marcus agreed to the terms and smiled as Sara left feeling quite sure of himself, knowing full well she would be back at the manor soon enough.

After leaving the manor Sara went to visit Clair. Once again she apologized for leaving the other day but didn’t go into detail about the man in the car or the gun she now carried. Sara did however tell Clair she would be moving from the hotel tomorrow and that she came to an understanding with Marcus, she was going to be staying at the cottage and would go see about her old job. Clair was very happy and excited to hear Sara was willing to stay in town.

Sara made the decision to put the old house up for sale. She would have to go there once more. If she could not bring herself to living there, there was no reason for keeping the place. As she neared the cottage she was unsure if she had made to right decision. However she didn’t have the money to buy a new place with still owning the old house. To ask Marcus for the money she knew he would insist on her living at the manor so the cottage would have to do. She would have her own space and Marcus would have her on the grounds, which satisfied him for now. As she started un- packing her things she remembered one night they had been walking. She stood looking out of the bedroom window of the cottage looking at the garden. The memory flowed through her filling her with ease.

They were walking in the garden, Marcus was so relaxed and at ease he had already purposed to her and now they were just talking about the club, work, their future in general. Marcus had talked about remodeling the club and Sara talked about the long hours she had been working. Marcus replied, that with the wedding and honeymoon she would have time to relax and rethink her position. She was rethinking her position she was planning on putting in for another job one where she would work less hours, would oversee the work and would give her a chance to think about starting a family in a few years. She had not mentioned it to Marcus but she wanted a family. They had talked about a family life but not about actually doing it.

It had been to rain suddenly and they were getting wet. Sara grabbed Marcus hand and ran toward the cottage. As they entered Marcus filled with memories of his mother. That was her place were she found solitude. Though no one had been in there for years he had the staff keep it open during the summer months. As he walked around the place he talked so lovely of his mother and how he had no idea than what she had to put up with from his father. He wondered how she could love his father. He was known for carrying on with other woman. Sara had walked around the cottage looking at all the artwork and soon found herself in his arms. Marcus had made a strange comment that night,” How is it that you love Me.” he said. There was such innocence in his eyes it was as if he was feeling lost. She answered, ”I must be a fool, I was taken by you the first night we met.” He took her in his arms and carried her up the stairs to the bedroom.

As Sara looked out the window she came back from thought hearing Marcus voice coming from behind her,” I remember that night well myself.” Sara turned around trying to hide her thoughts. Marcus stood at the doorway. She had not invited him in he would not enter unless she had asked him. He looked around the room and said,” We didn’t get much sleep that night.” Sara replied as she continued unpack.” It was a beautiful night even if we did get rained on.” Marcus asked,” Do you have everything you need?” he still stood at the doorway. Sara turned and looked upon him. Even now he was enticing her with being such a gentleman. She found it oddly amusing how he was with her. She smiled and said,” Yes, thank you. It’s very calming here.” Marcus turned to leave. Sara picked up one of her dresses and said,” You know when you’re doing that, don’t you?” Marcus looking back smiled and laughed a bit saying. ”Yes.”

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As he walked down the stairs he was still smiling at the fact that she called him on his actions. Oh, he knew she did not mind him in her bedroom but the point was the cottage was her safe place, her place of solitude now and he had never taken her without her saying yes. In his eyes he did not belong in her bedroom unless she invited him in even though she wanted him there.

Sara finished unpacking and brought some flowers in from the garden. Marcus watched her from his office windows as she walked around the garden enjoying the view, the scents, and the warmth of the day and cooling breeze. He knew her well she was soaking up the moments of solitude as if her very life depended on it and she became more at ease the longer she stayed in the garden. So much so he saw her lay down on the green grass with flowers in hand and just begin to drift off. A few moments had past. He thought she had fallen sleep. Suddenly she sat up and looked toward the office. Marcus moved out of sight. She sat there filled with the feeling of being looked upon but she did not see him. She gathered the flowers and stood up brushing herself off and walked back to the cottage. Marcus walked back over to his desk and sat down. He wondered how she knew he was watching her. Was the connection between them so strong?

That night at dinner they talked about the club and the remodeling that had been done. Sara mentioned starting work the following week and of course about dinner. Sara always commented to the staff how she enjoys the dinner. Marcus had never commented about the dinner. They worked for him; they did their job he paid them well. They had been employed by the family for some time and enjoyed working for them. Sara on the other hand always commented on dinner and told the staff how appreciative she was of them. With Marcus it was an equal understanding with Sara they enjoyed her warm ways. They always said hello, always wished her a safe trip when she left on matters of work and she even had a tendency of asking Marcus to do special things for the staff. Like when Maria had her baby he went as far as to have a nursery in the manor so she could be close to the little one, anything to please Sara.

After dinner Sara said goodnight and headed to the cottage and Marcus headed to the club. He had not asked her to come along. He wanted to give her the space she needed. As the night went on Sara couldn’t sleep. She walked back up to the manor and headed to the library for some light reading. One of the staff members asked her if she needed anything before they turned in and Sara replied, ”No thank you for asking.” Then she said goodnight and watched them walk out of the library. She pulled a blanket up over her lap and settled in with the book in hand.

As she sat there reading she could feel herself drifting off to sleep. With the book still in hand she laid sleeping on the sofa in the library. It was close to three in the morning when Marcus got in. As he walked toward the stairs he started to undo his shirt. He noticed a light in the library was still on. He walked in and stood looking at her sleeping there. He slowly walked over and took the book from her hands and set it on the table. He wanted to pick her up and take her upstairs but he didn’t want to wake her. He would let her know in the morning if she grew tired while at the manor the bedroom next to his would be for her.

Marcus knelt down and watched her sleeping. Then he kissed her on the forehead and said softly.” Sleep my love.” He stood up, turned off the light in the room and headed up the stairs.

The next morning when Sara woke she found herself still in the library. She could hear Marcus on the phone in his office talking about arrangements for band coming to the club. As she sat up trying to awaken herself one of the staff members came in and told her breakfast was waiting for her. Sara tried to dismiss herself but the staff told her Marcus insisted that they have something ready for her when she woke. After having breakfast Sara thanked the staff and apologized for the inconvenience. She walked back into the library placed the book back on the shelf and was about to leave when Marcus caught her eye. He was still on the phone in the office. He was standing by the windows looking out into the gardens.

The sunlight was shining softly in the windows. Sara stood leaning back on the sofa watching him talk on the phone as she looked upon him many a times before. He was a very good looking man but Sara liked watching him because he had a habit of moving his hands in gestures as if he had reached through the phone and pulled the person right in front of him. He had a way of making himself very clear even then just talking on the phone. Lost in thought Marcus looked upon her watching him and Sara jumped up off the sofa a bit embarrassed to be caught in thought about him. Marcus held the phone down by his side for a moment wondering if he should go after her but a moment later he decided no, he would let her come to him. He brought the phone back up to his ear and continued in conversation like he had not been disturbed.

Clair was finally starting to get around more and though Sara had stopped over to visit she was more then willing to help out around the house as Clair’s mom had errands to run. Clair was curious as to how Sara’s first night at the cottage went. All Sara would say was it went well. She had not told Clair that she had gone back to the manor after Marcus left and fell asleep in the library. Nothing had happened yet she knew if she had mentioned it, Clair would have speculated that Sara should just move into the manor, that she knew she wanted to be with Marcus and she just needed to focus on getting back to life.

It’s true she felt very at ease being at the manor but it was a simple mishap of falling asleep in the library it wasn’t like she meant to do it. She had planned on going back to the cottage. Thoughts circled around in Sara head as she was folding a fresh load of towels from the drier. Clair asked,” What’s going on?” Sara came back from thought as she continued to fold the towels and said,” Nothing, why?” The look on Clair’s face told Sara, her thoughts of Marcus were not hidden at all. Clair replied,” How long is this going to go on?” Sara picked up the towels and acted like she had no idea of what Clair was talking about. She put the towels away and came back sitting down with Clair and the baby and said, ”I have a gun Clair.”

Clair looked at her shocked and asked,” What? A gun? What are you doing with a gun?” Sara stood up and started to walk around and said,” I needed to feel safe. I was shot. Not once not twice but three times. They wanted me dead Clair there’s no mistake in that.” Sara started getting anxious as she continued,” I have no idea what it was even about, do you? Do you know why they shot me? Does Daniel? No of course not, Daniel wouldn’t tell you even if he knew.” Sara was pacing back and forth then she looked at Clair and said,” How do you know you’re safe? You have a baby now. What if someone..” Clair interrupted Sara and said,” Sara you need to calm down. I’m sure Marcus took care of it.”

Sara looked at Clair shocked and said,” How, how did he take care of it?” As they visited Clair knew Sara was feeling a bit more at ease but she knew where she was going next, she was going to see Marcus. As Clair’s mom came Sara told Clair she’d see her later. She said goodbye to Clair’s mom and headed out the door in a hurry. Clair’s mom looked at her and asked,’ Is there something wrong?” Clair replied,” I’m not sure, lets hope not.”

Sara drove back to the manor but Marcus wasn’t there. He had to go to the club to deal with deliveries. Sara went over to the car one of Marcus men were driving and told them to give her the keys they had just pulled in. He looked at her surprised and she took the keys and said,” I’m going to see Marcus you don’t need to be following me.’ The man said,” I have orders!” Sara looked at him and said in a firm voice,” You won’t have a job if you follow me!” She climbed in the car and drove off. The man pulled out his phone and called Marcus letting him know what happened and that Sara was on her way. Marcus hung up the phone and smiled saying softly to himself,” So it has begun.”

Once Sara reached the club she walked in and was amazed by the changes. Marcus changed the second level of the club to small circular sections for more important guests to look down onto the dance floor. It went all the way around the dance floor. Booths were put in where the table and chairs were and the bar on the lower level was made longer for double the service. On the second level a smaller bar was added for the guests on that level. As Sara walked around looking over the renovations Marcus same down to meet her.” Is everything alright?” he asked. Sara said no and headed toward the stairs to his office not wanting to talk about the matter in front of the workers. They greeted her as she walked past she smiled and kept going toward the stairway.

As they reached the office Sara stood looking down on the dance floor. Marcus walked in and shut the door behind him. He could feel the tension built up inside her and he had a good idea what it was about.

As he shut the door he asked,” What is it you want to know? Sara was about to speak when he said in a firm voice,” Make sure you want to know before you ask.” Marcus walked slowly over to his desk and sat down. Sara turned looked at him and asked,” Why has it been about getting me back?” She started walking toward his desk and asked,’ Why did you allow me to stay in the hotel? You had your men watch me yes but they weren’t protecting me.” She leaned over the desk putting her hands down on it holding her weight. The look in her eyes told him she knew but she had not come right out and asked him. Then Sara asked,’ What did you do?”

Marcus stood up angry that she had wanted to know. He looked her in the eyes and slowly walked around the desk toward her and said,” I did what had to be done. They shot you, was I suppose to turn a blind eye? They don’t dare do that now!” Sara stood up hesitated for a moment then asked,” Did you kill them?” Marcus answered.’ Yes.” Sara backed away from him and asked, ”How?’ Marcus took hold of her waist and pulled her toward him as if he was offended by her backing away and replied,” Don’t ask me that again, you don’t want to know. All you need to know is You Are Safe. I took care of it, it won’t happen again.”

Sara pulled her arm away and backed away from Marcus then said softly,” You did it, didn’t you? Not one of your men you!” Marcus replied. ”Yes, I had to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR.” Sara ran toward the door Marcus grabbed hold of her before she could open it and turned her toward him. He stood close to her not saying anything. Sara heart was racing as she knew she had angered him. He moved his hand down her hair gently touching her and said,’ I am giving you time. I am running out of PATIENTS!” he shouted.

Sara would not make eye connect with him knowing full well Marcus fed off dominating situations. Sara pulled away. He pulled her back. Marcus leaned in close she could feel his breath on her neck. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. She knew Marcus would not hurt her but he had a tendency to really get rough without hurting her. Marcus gently touched her face and moved his hand over her lips. Sara stood there letting him, knowing full well Marcus would not advance if she did not say so. He looked into her eyes searching for answers. Her heart was still racing you could see her breathing heavy in the excitement.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Marcus looked past Sara at the door and asked in a firm voice,

" What is it?” The man called out,” You need to sign these papers so the delivery guy can leave.” Marcus looked back at Sara. Sara said softly,” Go.” Marcus let go of her. Sara moved away brushing up against him. Marcus looked back at her then opened the door. He stepped out of the office closing the door behind him. Marcus signed the papers and stepped back into the office closing the door behind him. He stood looking down at the floor and then looked at Sara and asked,” Have I lost you?”

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Marcus had admitted to killing someone. It was quite a shock and yet it fit with the pieces of the puzzle she had been struggling to put together. Sara stood there and didn’t answer. Marcus walked over slowly. He put his arm around her waist and leaned her back against him. She closed her eyes as he turned her toward him. Marcus leaned in to kiss her and she said softly,” I need more time..’ Marcus answered trying to remain calm.’ I’ve given you four years already.” Sara leaned in against Marcus. She moved her arms up over his chest and wrapped her hands around his face. She pulled him close wanting to kiss him but yet fighting every moment of it. She brushed her lips against his and then backed away. She licked her lips swallowed and said, ’I need more time.” She walked over to the door opened it, hesitated for a moment and then walked out.

It took all the strength he had in him to let her go. But once she shut the door he could not contain his anger anymore. He picked up the nearest thing to him and he threw it. Once again a chair went through the office windows. Sara surprised and shocked by the noise leaned back against the stairway wall. She had not even gotten half way down the stairs when he temper exploded.

Marcus looked out of the window down at the mess. He picked up the phone and told one of his men to reorder a window. He said,” You have 24 hours to get it here. I don’t care how you get it just do it. We have a band scheduled for tomorrow night.” Marcus put the phone down looking at Sara on the stairs. She stood there wondering if she should go back up to him. She knew if she did she would not be leaving right away. She slowly stood up and headed down the stairs. Marcus stood there watching her walk away and then he noticed she stopped at the bar. She put her bag down and asked the bartender for the broom. He walked around back and came out with a broom for her. Sara replied,’ Thank you, Just a small disagreement is all nothing to worry about. Could you take the chair out of here please?”

As she cleaned up the broken glass the bartender brought over a garbage can and helped her. As she finished cleaning up and handed the broom to the worker she said,” See that the floor is redone.” Sara walked over to the bar grabbed her bag and headed back to the cottage. As she was driving she got a call on her phone. Sara pulled over to the side of the road and answered it,” Hello?” It was Marcus he was calling to apologize for his actions. Sara told him not to worry about it she was fine. Then she told him to just take care of the club she would see him tonight at dinner. Sara put the phone away and started to drive back to the cottage again. Once she was back at the manor she tossed the phone and keys to one of Marcus men and she said,” He’ll want to know I made it back safely.”

Unsure what to make of it all now. Sara walked up the stairs and started a notice herbal bath. As she undressed she could see her reflection in the mirror. She looked at the scars in her reflection and took hold of the memory once more. The first shot hit her in the shoulder knocking her back against the car, she dropped the groceries and two more shots hit her in the abdomen. Sara ran her hand over her stomach she could feel the scars and then her smooth skin again. The scars weren’t big but it was enough to make her feel self conscious about her body. Sara turned and climbed into the herbal bath. As she laid back into the bath she felt a tremendous weight lift off her knowing that they were dead. It scared her that she took comfort in knowing that.

Sara had stayed for sometime in the herbal bath. She climbed out, wrapped a towel around her body then took another towel and started to dry her hair. She walked into the bedroom and pulled out a dress for the night. Sara dressed, put on her make up and fixed her hair. When Marcus arrived at the manor one of the members of the staff mentioned that Sara was already there, she was visiting with Maria and the child as Marcus called her.

Marcus went upstairs and began to get out of his clothes. He took his shirt off grabbed hold of a towel and threw it over his shoulder. After showering Marcus climbed out wrapping a towel around his waist and tossed another over his shoulder. He took out his shoving crème and began to put it on his face. As Marcus was busy getting ready for the night Sara was still visiting with Maria and the child.

Sara had been waiting in the dinning room when Marcus came in. As she turned and looked upon him she knew she was going to have her hands fall. Marcus walked in very sure of himself. As they sat down to dinner and started eating one of the staff members came in and said there was a gentlemen insisting to speak to Miss Sara. Sara looked at Marcus and then at the staff member and asked,’ Did they happen to say what they wanted?’ They replied,” It was about work.’ Marcus stood up and said,’ Why don’t you ask Peter to join us.’ Marcus looked at Sara and she stood up walked over toward Marcus and said,” If you want I’ll ask him to come by tomorrow.” Marcus still seemed very sure of himself and replied,” No of course not, he’s more then welcome to join us.” As Peter walked in Marcus walked over and shook his hand saying.” Please join us for dinner.” As they all sat having dinner Marcus kept the conversation light. Then he excused himself letting Peter and Sara get down to business. After a few hours passed Sara stood at the doorway of Marcus office. He had gone to the club. Sara walked around the office getting reacquainted with the place. Then she went into the library to do some light reading. After the night slipped away Sara went back to the cottage.

Marcus came in around three. He was exhausted from the night. As he walked up the stairs to his bedroom he slowly took his shirt off and tossed it on a chair. He walked over to his bedroom window and looked across the way to the cottage. The lights were all out she was surely a sleep. As he went to move away from the window he so a light come on. He could see her move down the stairs and go into the kitchen. Moments later he saw Sara come out of the kitchen with a drink in hand and she sat down in the living room. She turned on a light and picking up a book. He commented to himself.’ No sleep tonight?’ Then he moved away from the window, finished changing and climbed into bed.

As the morning came Marcus showered, dressed and headed down stairs for breakfast. One of the staff members greeted him as they always had. They poured his coffee and then handed him a note saying,” This was left for you by Miss Sara.” Marcus waited for the staff member to leave and then read the note. Marcus was not pleased. Peter had arranged a day with Sara and she thought she might not be back for dinner. Marcus crushed the note in his hand. He tossed it on the table and took up his coffee. There was nothing he could do. He knew his men would follow her and let him know of anything.

It was plain to see Sara was being followed. It started to get on her nerves. She excused herself from Peter and went over to the man following her and told him to get Marcus on the phone. He spoke to Marcus for a moment and then handed the phone to Sara. She moved away from him to have a private talk with Marcus. She tried to reason with him.” Marcus, I’m fine. I don’t need your men to follow me everywhere I go. I can protect myself now.” She hesitated and then said,” I left you a note, did you get it?” Marcus answered, ”Yes.” Sara asked, ”If I were to say I’d come to the club tonight would you call him off?” she hesitated for a moment and then said,” It’s only work Marcus, we had a lot to go over Peter is just catching me up.” Then she added softly,” I tried to see you after he left last night but you left for the club.” Her mind was piecing together ways to get him to back off.

Marcus replied in a firm voice,” Stop, don’t get yourself in any deeper than you are already.” meaning she was starting to make promises and they had never lied to each other he expected her to do as she said. Marcus told Sara to give the phone back to his man.” Sara walked over and handed the phone to him and left. As she reached Peter she said they could go. He stood up and they started on their way, no one followed.

It was after eight o’clock when they finally arrived back at the cottage. Peter walked Sara to the door and leaned in to kiss her. Sara unexpectedly found his warm lips against hers and she gently pushed him away and said,” Peter, I enjoyed today, I did. I enjoy our friendship.” Peter replied, ”But..” Sara said,” I love Marcus that hasn’t changed. I’m sorry! Maybe we shouldn’t see each other out side of work.” Peter replied quickly,” No, I understand. You can’t blame a guy for trying. Your friendship means to much to me, it was foolish.” Sara said goodnight and he left. As she stood on the porch of the cottage she could see Marcus men looking on. She walked up to them and said,” I’ll deal with it myself.” They replied,” Of course.” They knew it would be much better for all if Sara told Marcus what had happen. That was one think they didn’t want to report to him. Sara asked them to have a car ready she would be going to the club.

Sara walked back to the cottage. She went inside and headed up stairs to change. An hour later she came out dressed in a way to catch Marcus eyes. She knew exactly how Marcus would react once she told him Peter kissed her so she played to his affection. She wore a lavender colored dressed that wrapped gently with a scarf around her neckline with out a back; it was form fitted and half way up her thighs. Then at the very bottom was safe flowing see threw material of white the same color of the scarf. She wore three-inch heels and her hair was in curls. She was dressed to hold Marcus attention on her and not what she was going to tell him. She left her bag at the cottage stepped into the back seat of the car with a mind set to dominate the situation.

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As she walked into the club the music was loud and the crowd was rowdy. Sara looked around as she walked over to the bar. The bartender greeted her and went to pick up the phone Sara put her hand over his and said, “ No need he already sees me.” The bartender looked up to where Marcus was on the second level, smiled and said,” You got that right.” Sara smiled at him and headed for the stairs. She didn’t look in his direction she could feel his eyes on her. Marcus turned with her every step getting closer. He finished his drink and watched as she glanced over at him. She reached the second level and walked passed his two men at the top of the stairway and into his office disappearing behind closed doors.

Marcus said a few words to his guest and then called Daniel over to take care of them for the night. He patted Daniel on the shoulder and said,” It’s all yours!” Marcus walked toward the office becoming more confident as he neared the door. As he opened the door Sara stood over by his desk. Marcus closed the door behind him locking it. Sara sat down at his desk and said,” The place is packed tonight.” Marcus did not reply he just walked toward her with a look in his eyes she knew well. As he neared her Sara stood up and circled around Marcus with her hand running up his arm and around his shoulder. Marcus watched amused at her seduction. She stepped away and walked over toward the windows and said,” I see you used some of my suggestions.” Marcus walked over behind her. He stood looking at her body and moved his hands up her arms. Sara turned looked at him and walked away then she said,’ I need to tell you something. Marcus stood at the windows knowing full well it couldn’t be good if she had dressed like that for him. She wanted him to focus on her body, that he did not mind but he wondered why the seduction. Sara walked toward Marcus and said,” Peter kissed me tonight.”

She looked at Marcus waiting for his reaction. Marcus stood looking out the windows and asked,” Did you kiss him?” Sara replied, ”No” Marcus looked at her and said,” Did he touch you?” Sara knew she was loosing her position. She moved in close to Marcus and moved her hand down his jacket turning him toward her and said,” No you know I wouldn’t let that happen.” Marcus stood there looking her over wondering why she wore that dress, why she was seducing him and asked,” Why are you here?”

Sara stepped back knowing he wanted an answer and he wanted the truth. The truth came rushing in upon her and she felt warm inside. The way she now looked at him Marcus knew she didn’t plan to take it this far but now the look on her face told him she had been surprised by her own desires. Marcus took hold of her, kissing her passionately. Sara moved her arms up pulling off his jacket. Her heart started to race and she pulled away for a moment trying to catch her breath but Marcus advanced. He took hold of her once more lifting her up and moving over to the sofa. He set her down and moved the end table out of the way. He laid a blanket down on the floor and tossed the pillows about.

Marcus turned toward Sara and reached his hand out to her. He did not take hold of her he wanted her to be sure. Sara looked at his hand and then into his eyes. She slowly reached out to take his hand. Marcus did not advance. Sara stepped closer and closer and then without thinking she moved in close to his body. Marcus put his hands gently on her shoulders are slowly started to take her dress down knowing full well she might stop him. Sara took hold of his shirt and started to unbutton it. Marcus looked her in the eyes and said,” You be long to me.” She could not deny her desires. She wanted Marcus to make love to her and she replied softly,” Yes.”

They laid there on the floor wrapped around each other in the blankets. Marcus moved his hands over her gentling Sara asked,” Weren’t you suppose to introduce the band?” Marcus replied “ Daniel knows what to do.” and he kissed her arm. Sara made herself more comfortable in his arms and said, ”It amazes me how they look at you.” Marcus asked,” What do you mean?” Sara said,” They call your name and scream when you drop to the floor.” she smiled and said,” Like you’re a god.” Marcus replied,” Here in this club, I am.” then he smiled and added,” At least to them, it’s an image.’ Then he turned her face gently toward him and said,’ though I would prefer it was you.” Sara smiled and said softly,” I do.” Marcus laid back as Sara moved over him and said,’ Didn’t you know that?” then she kissed him wanting to make love again.

It was the early morning hours when Sara wake up Marcus had been down stairs with one of his workers. Sara stood up with the blanket wrapped around her and picked up her clothes heading into the bathroom to get freshened up and dresses. As she stepped out of the bathroom a man was standing in Marcus office he turned and looked at her. She did not know him and it scared her. She looked at the back door to the office it was open, he had come up the back stairs. Sara became very nervous. She was never involved in Marcus business dealings and look what had already happened. She stood there trying to collect herself when Marcus walked in. He looked at Sara and saw how uneasy she was and he quickly asked the man to step outside with him while they talked. Marcus led him to the back door and down the stairs.

Moments later Marcus came back into the office but Sara was not in sight then he realized she had gone into the bathroom. He walked over and knocked on the door. Sara didn’t answer. Marcus called out,” Sara, are you all right? He stood outside the door realizing just how upsetting it had been for Sara and called out again,” Sara please!” Let me take you home.” Marcus walked around the office trying to think how he was going to get her out of the bathroom when suddenly she opened the door slowly. As she stepped out Marcus asked,” Are you alright?” Sara replied saying yes but he knew the incident had scared her. He wanted to reassure her she was safe. Marcus wrapped his arms around her and said,” No one will hurt you again, I promise.” Sara held tightly to him and asked to go home.

Marcus took off his jacket and put it around her. He walked Sara down the back stairs. When they reached the manor Sara handed Marcus his jacket. She told him to go she would be all right. She knew he had thinks to do. However Marcus had not expected her to return too the cottage. He thought after last night she would remain at the manor. What happened was an emotional set back and Sara longed for the solitude of the cottage. Marcus watched as she walked through the garden slowly, she took off her heels and found inner strength with each step. She had not looked back he knew it would now take more time.

That evening at dinner they held light conversation. Marcus did not want to press the issue but it had been running through his mind all day why she did not find solitude there at the manor. The fact was that she came to him last night, she very much wanted to seduce him and she succeeded. The matter later yes was upsetting but why was she not looking to him for comfort. Marcus stood up from the dinner table. He walked across the room looked out into the garden then back at her and asked,’ Would you care to go for a walk tonight?” Sara stood up from the table and replied,” I’d rather not; I think I’ll just go back to the cottage. Marcus turned toward her looking her in the eyes and asked, ”What comforts you so much there that you can not find in my bed?”

Sara walked around behind her chair and pushed it in then said,” I think I made a mistake” She looked him in the eyes and added softly.” Last night.” Marcus turned around furious at her replied. He put his hand to his face rubbing his chin searching for reason. Then he turned back toward her and said in a firm voice,” A mistake, is that what you’re calling it now? He spoke in a louder tone, “I beg to differ. Last night you called it no mistake in fact if I remember correctly this mistake of yours happened not once but twice.” Sara backed away from the chair and said,” I didn’t think it through Marcus, what happened this morning could happen again at any time, at any place, even here.” Marcus walked toward her and replied,” No one is going to hurt you.” Sara shouted,” You can’t promise me that. Yes, you took care of it. God only knows how and I don’t want to know. But you can’t promise me that.” Sara walked around the table putting distance between her and Marcus and said,” The mistake wasn’t making love the mistake was I gave you false hope that we would be together. The mistake was moving into the cottage just to please you. The mistake was..” Marcus said in a firm voice,” Coming back?”

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Sara looked at he pleadingly trying to make him understand,” Marcus I’m not the same woman I was” Marcus walked over to her and said sharply.” Indeed you are not.” He walked around her like a serpent circling before attacking and said,” When we first met, you hind your desires well. But you could not hide them with me. And that scared you.” He gently took hold of her, leaned in close and said, ”What you feel for me is like the very blood in your veins. It runs through you unconditionally, it’s what keeps you alive.” He raised his voice,” I make you feel alive.” Sara pulled away. She knew every word was true. Marcus made her feel alive, he made her feel desired, and he even made her feel loved. His harsh words swept threw the room like wild fire and Sara needed to get out before it consumed her. She looked at Marcus and said,” I’m moving out.” Then she walked out of the room and headed toward the cottage.

Tears streamed down her face. She couldn’t believe what she heard come from her very mouth. Was this it? Was it over? She wiped the tears from her eyes and ran into the cottage. Marcus stood furious at the thought of her leaving. He raced out of the manor and down to the cottage after her. As Sara reached the bedroom she heard the front door open and close. She heard Marcus coming up the stairs and she locked the door behind her. She moved slowly away. Marcus pounded on the door and shouted,” It isn’t over, we are not over.” Sara called out for him to go away. Marcus burst through the door and stood looking at her.

He stood breathlessly trying to find the words that would hold her heart fast to his. He spoke while trying to catch his breath,” If you need time to deal with what has happened then so be it. But don’t shut me out.” Marcus was still trying to catch his breath and said,” We once talked of marriage, of family do you deny wanting this?” Sara looked at him and answered,” No” Marcus stood looking at her for a few moments then he walked slowly over and reached out taking her hand. He slowly knelt down on one knee and said,” I can’t in good conscious let you just walk out of my life. For it is not you who be longs to me, but I to you.” He searched her eyes and his own heart for the strength to do such a spontaneous thing as this and added,” Everything I have I give to you. Everything I am now is because of you.” Then he added softly,” Everything I hope to be is because I hope to be it with you.” He hesitated for a moment then said,” Marry me Sara, don’t let fear take the most important person in my life from me again.”

Sara stood there shocked, surprised and scared. Scared of everything she was feeling, everything she was thinking she thought she had surely lost her mind. Marcus dominated her in everyway possible and yet here he was down as his knees tell her that she had it all wrong it was her that dominated him, she had captured his heart. Sara felt foolishly weak in the knees. It felt like thousands of butterflies had jumped inside of her and were trying to find their way out. She pulled away and walked over to the bed to sit down. Marcus stood up and slowly came over to the bed and said,” Marry me. Think with your heart not with the fear that has built up inside of you all these years.”

Sara looked at him lost in thought, she wanted to speak but found no words. Marcus sat down on the bed next to her and asked,” What is it? What haunts you even now? Tears fell from her eyes as she said, ”I have deceived you. I didn’t know how to tell you.” She paused for what seemed like the longest moment of her life and said,” I was pregnant, I lost the baby.” Marcus stood up from the bed trying to make sense of what she had just said. He replied,” No, the doctor would have told us.” Sara replied,” I woke up in the hospital as they were rushing me in to surgery and I told the doctor not to say anything, I begged him not to say anything. It was already to late. Clair didn’t even know.” Sara stood up trying to explain,” I called you, told you I wanted to make dinner for us.”

Marcus thought back to that day. He had been at the manor and Sara called from work. She said she wanted to make dinner at the house for them. He remembered questioning her actions as she had been acting strangely the past few days. Sara started talking in the mix of his thoughts,” When I woke up you were there in my room. After you left the room the doctor came in and told me I would be fine but I lost the baby. It didn’t come as a surprise I had already known. They kept saying there was so much blood; I kept fading in and out of consciousness. Marcus turned to look at her and said,” And you tell me this now?” Tears fell down her face. She turned walked out of the room and out of his life.

A week had past. Sara was now back at the hotel. She had started work once again but with a tremendous weight upon her shoulders. She knew what she had done; keeping the secret of their child had been much worse then running away. There was no way he could forgive her that. For she knew though Marcus came off strong and dominant he told her his deepest secret his desire for a child, their child. His thoughts ran deeper than just being amused by the club, amused that they reacted to him as a God. He’d wanted to live on and in his mind a child was the key to his immortality. Born of his blood, born of innocence, so small and fragile. He had told Sara secretly one night he could see her with their child as if he had lost his mind standing before him in the library. He had been working late one night, she had already gone to bed and he insisted he had never seen such a beautiful sight as that. It seemed so real and yet it disappeared as though it had been carried on the wind. She remembered being in his arms and said softly, ”Maybe it will come true one day.” He made love to her then that night with the gentlest of touch feeding her desires for him and feeding his own desires.

She had not heard from Marcus and after another week past she thought she surely would not again. She had wanted out and she got it but at what cost. She longed for him still. She thought she was foolish to be so in love with him. Marcus was a complicated man. He could get very angry, though he never would hurt her. Sara dove into her work. Working long hours even going on trips she really didn’t have to go on. If she wasn’t working she was visiting Clair or going on runs. Was she trying to escape him even now?

Sara had sold the old house and just bought a new one. She was making plans to start over. A month had past, not a single word from Marcus. She stopped late one night to get the rest of her things from the cottage. As she walked down the stairs she recalled that horrible night everything had gone so wrong. Sadness filled inside her .She had told him she was moving out which had even shocked her. As she thought back she knew she had not meant it, it was her way of just trying to keep herself from drowning in the deceit. She had not told him yet and he was pushing for them to get back together. Then he purposed and she knew there was no more time left. She couldn’t marry him not when she was keeping such a secret. She tossed it back and forth in her mind, how wrong would it have been he didn’t know she was pregnant and the baby had been lost. She didn’t want him to feel the loss of something he had not even known not when he was so worried he would loose her too.

She tried to bring herself to believing keeping the secret was the right thing but she knew it wasn’t, knowing how much he had wanted a family. But when she told him the look on his face said it all she betrayed him in the worst way. All those years running knowing he wanted her back. Sara’s thoughts escaped her as one of the staff members came in to greet her,” We’re so sorry to see you go Miss Sara.” She walked out of the cottage and they asked,” Isn’t there something we can do?” Sara smiled and said,” No, nothing.” Sara tried to hind her thoughts her emotions but they slipped past her grasp and tears ran down her face. She hugged the staff member and they replied,” It was such a joy having you here. Marcus hasn’t been the same.” Sara replied,” He’s had a lot to deal with, try to be patient with him.”

The next morning as Marcus was drinking his coffee that same staff member lingered about. Marcus asked in a firm tone, ” Is there something you wish to tell me?” The staff member casually walked over and said,” Miss Sara was here last night.” Marcus replied without any sign of emotion,” Yes, she made arrangements to pick up her things. I was told this already.” The staff member approached closer and said, ”It was very upsetting to her, leaving.” Marcus looked up and then back down at his morning paper. The staff member added in haste, ”You’re a fool if you don’t go after her, she still loves you and your just miserable.” Then they quickly left the room. Marcus stood up angry and started walking about and talking to himself,” Miserable, this is not misery. She left because she wanted to leave. As if leaving would make everything disappear.” He picked up his coffee took one last drink and set it down. Then Marcus went into his office and shut the door behind him.

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Some time had past and Sara had been visiting Clair when Daniel came in. Sara looked his way and Daniel said,” You’re a fine one to see.” He tossed his jacket down and began to whisper harshly as Clair was leaving the room with the baby a sleep,” He’s miserable all the time. If you had any since about you you’d march your arse do there and fix this, resolve what ever the hell happened.” Sara looked at Clair and Daniel and said,” I can’t. If I knew how to fix it I would. I lost our baby and didn’t tell him.” Daniel spoke up louder now,” That’s bullsh*t and you know it. If you went to him he’d take you back in a minute. No, you’re afraid. You have always wanted everything simple and easy.” Clair spoke up,” Daniel!” Daniel replied,” You know it’s true Clair. When she saw Marcus she fell head over heels only he wasn’t simple and he wasn’t easy and your scared to death that now that you don’t have an excuse to leave you’ll make him what easy.” Daniel tossed his hands in the air and continued,” Marcus is Marcus, his god image that you’re so damn attracted to isn’t going to change.” Daniel walked around and sat down on the sofa across from Sara and said,” You never loved any one of those guys that where in your life before Marcus just maybe, maybe he’s the one You know that whole everyone has someone out there that you keep going on about in your head.” Daniel lowered his voice and said concerned,” Maybe the one for you isn’t easy, maybe he isn’t simple. You love Marcus. “ Daniel stood up and walked away then he turned around and blurted out,” You’re going to loose him and that guy your looking for will be gone. And won’t my life be a living hell!” Then he turned and walked out of the room. Sara looked at Clair and replied,” Boy did he have a bad day.” Clair looked at Sara and Sara looked back at her knowing full well what Clair was going to say and Sara replied,” I know, I’ll fix it some how for him.”

That night Sara dressed and headed to the club. As she walked in the doors she became uneasy with being there. She walked over to the bar, sat down and asked for a drink. The bartender handed her, her usual club soda and then leaned in and said” You’re going to need something stiffer.” Meaning Marcus wasn’t in the best of moods and he wasn’t sure she should be there. Sara drank her drink as she sat wondering just what she would be in for tonight. She must have ordered three drinks before finally working up the courage to go upstairs.

Marcus was in a pissed off mood, he had been drinking more than usual. He saw Sara sitting at the bar and watched her knowing full well that she was building up the courage to come up stairs. As she stood up from the bar the bartender raised his glass to her and shouted out over the music,” Good Luck.”

Sara walked over to the stairs and took a deep breath. She grabbed hold of the railing as she gathered herself. With each step, she took another relaxing breath building up her courage. By the time she reached the top she walked past the two men standing there and walked into the office. It was dark the lights were dim she could barely see. She called out to Marcus,” Marcus, are you here?” Just then Marcus took hold of her from behind and pressed her up against the door. He stood close to her; he smelt her neck and moved his hands down her body. She could feel his breath on her neck.

Sara swallowed hard and tried to keep her composure which wasn’t easy Marcus was being more dominating than usual like a predictor that had just caught it’s prey off guard. Sara quickly took hold of him; she turned their positions and pushed Marcus up against the door. Holding him there with her arms stretched out and said in a firm voice,” This isn’t about us this is about Daniel. He’s worried about you Marcus and I am too.” Marcus took hold of her turning her around holding her arms across the front of her and pulled her back against himself and said in a demanding tone, ”I don’t need you to tell me how I’m being.” Sara replied softly,” Marcus, you don’t want to do this.’ Marcus replied, “Don’t I? He put his lips to her ear and asked,“ Would you even stop me?”

Marcus let go of her arms and moved his hands down the side of her body. His lips on her neck. Sara grabbed hold of his legs and ran her hands gently up his thighs. He pulled her body back against his. He turned her toward him in his arms and kissed her. He pulled up at her dress putting his hand on her leg running it up her thigh and picked her up pressing her body against the door. Sara replied,’ Marcus.” trying to catch her breath. Marcus let go of her and moved away. He realized his action. He walked over to his desk and picked up his drink, finished it and said, “ Go you don’t belong here tonight.’ Sara stepped forward wanting to comfort him. Marcus turned, threw the glass at the door, looked her in the eyes in shouted, ”You don’t belong here tonight.” Sara stepped closer putting her hand on his chest and said softly,” You’re upset, you have every right to be. Don’t do this to yourself.” Marcus looked at her angry that she had not left and shouted, ”Leave me! Do it again, it comes so easily for you.”

Sara turned and started to walk away. Marcus watched her with hurt and desires in his eyes. Sara stopped at the door and locked it. She walked across the floor past Marcus and over to his desk. Marcus watched her every move as though he had now become the prey and wondered what would happen next. Sara picked up the phone and called down stairs she told them they would have to deal with the club tonight. They asked if she was all right. Sara looked up at Marcus who was staring at her and said in a firm voice,” I’m alright, he won’t hurt Me.” then she hung up.

Marcus burst out laughing and asked in a loud firm voice, ” I won’t hurt you? You know this how?” Sara walked slowly back over to him and put her hand on his face. Moving it gently down his neck and on to his chest putting her hand over his heart and said softly, ” Because you love me.” Then she added, ” Because you know I love you.” Marcus laughed amused. He walked over to his desk and sat down. He sat in silence for some time. Sara had cleaned up the broken glass and sat down on the sofa. It was as though her presence there had calmed him. Sara sat there for what seemed like hours. She slowly felt herself drifting off. Marcus watched as she settled in on the sofa and closed her eyes. He sat there watching her sleep. He wondered what had just happened? Why was she staying?

Marcus stood up from his desk and took off his jacket. He slowly walked over to the sofa and knelt down beside it. Sara opened her eyes. Marcus was looking at her once again with caring eyes, she knew she had nothing to worry about and she closed her eyes to sleep. Marcus took a deep breath in and sighed. He gently put his jacket over her and said softly as he leaned in to kiss her.” Sleep my love. It has been a longer night for you then I” He leaned back away from her not wanting to disturb her. He stood up and walked into the bathroom and slashed water on his face. As he dried off he looked over at her once more wondering, had she come back to him? Marcus walked out of the office and closed the door behind him; he wanted to leave her in peace.

After some time had past Sara woke wondering where Marcus had gone. She had only hoped that he didn’t get even more reckless. She stood up and walked into the bathroom to freshen up. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and thought to herself it had been a long night. She felt tired even now. She walked across the floor to the windows and saw Marcus mingling with his guest on the second level. Sara picked up his jacket and opened the office door. Marcus excused himself from his guest. As he neared Sara handed him his jacket. She kissed him on the cheek and said,” I’m going to leave, I’m tired will you be all right? Marcus took hold of her hand and asked one of his men to drive her back to the hotel then he added he could take off for the night.

As morning came Sara dreaded the morning sunlight. She spoke out in anger,” Why can’t it be a rainy day today?” Marcus laughed. Sara sat up in bed to find Marcus once again in her hotel room. He walked over to her bed and sat down. Sara asked,” How are you feeling?” Marcus replied,” That depends on you. Would you have dinner with me tonight?” Sara hesitated for a moment and said,” I suppose you’re not going to take no for an answer.” Marcus replied, ”We need to talk and it’s best not to put this off.” He looked serious and Sara was unsure what it was about. But she agreed to come too dinner. She laid back down in bed once Marcus left and wondered what the night would hold. She turned over in bed and tried to get more sleep when Clair called. It was hopeless Sara climbed out of bed as she talked to Clair and said she’s be over in an hour. Sara hung up and went in to shower.

As Sara entered the house she thought it was strange of Daniel to be so happy when he came home just yesterday so upset. Daniel jumped out of his seat and ran over and hugged Sara and said,” I don’t know what you did but you’re the best.” Sara asked what he was talking about she said she did nothing she just went to the club and sat there with Marcus. Daniel looked at her and said,” Marcus called me this morning, he made me a manager at the club.” Sara looked at Daniel shocked and said,” I don’t understand.’ Daniel sat down next to her and said,” Do you know how long I’ve wanted this position!” Sara smiled and said she was happy for him but she really didn’t understand what it had to do with her. All she really did was just sit there with Marcus last night; in fact she fell a sleep.

That night at dinner Sara was a little bit uneasy with why Marcus wanted to talk. It had been a long night the night before and she really didn’t want to fight. They held light conversation which gave Sara no clue why Marcus asked her there. After dinner Marcus asked her to dance. It had been quite some time since they had danced. Sara could feel herself growing nervous and Marcus replied,” There’s no need to be nervous.” Sara stepped back away from him and asked,” Why exactly am I here?” Marcus reached his hand out to her and asked her to go for a walk with him. As they walked by the gardens Marcus talked about the club and changes it would be going threw. He mentioned Daniel’s new position and Sara being eager to figure out what any of that had to do with her said,” Marcus, I know your trying to make a point here but I’m afraid I don’t know what it is.”

Marcus took a few steps away a bit nervous and said,” When I’m away I need to know the club is in good hands. Daniel has a good head on his shoulders for business.” Then he turned toward Sara and pulled out a box. He walked over to her and knelt down on one knee and said,” I know I did this before but I’d like to do it right this time. I’ve been hoping for some time that once I found you and you came back that I might have your hand in marriage.” Marcus opened the box and the lights and water fountain in the garden came on lighting up the area beautifully. Sara looked at the ring and around at all the lights. She didn’t know what to say. Marcus stood up taking the ring out of the box and said,” You told me once you needed a place to begin. I don’t see why this isn’t as good of a place to start then any other. Then he added,” I know you didn’t do it to hurt me and in no way was what happened your fault. I’m hoping after some time has past.” Marcus hesitated and then said,” I’d still like to have a family might you feel the same way?”

Sara didn’t know what to say. Marcus was definitely a complicated man, maybe what Daniel said was true. Marcus wasn’t easy and he wasn’t simple. But when she was with him she wanted to know everything about him. She had learned how to handle Marcus and she had also learned that he would never hurt her know matter how angry he had gotten he had never hurt her. And there where times when she saw a side of him that just melted her heart. Sara put her arms around him and said, ”I’d like that very much.” Marcus threw his arms around her tightly and said,’ So I suppose that means yes you’ll marry me?’ Sara smiled amused by Marcus comment and laughed.

The End

{Remember gals, The third part is only nine pages so I'll be adding that to this one.

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Of Our Desires

Written By: Wendy Scotti


A year had passed Marcus and Sara married. They travel over the course of the next three months to places such as Rome, Saint Petersburg and Vienna. They arrived home late in the fall. Though Sara enjoyed the time away with Marcus she longed for home. Once back at the manor Marcus saw her settle in and walk about the gardens as if she had hungered for the depth of solitude, hungered for that which was familiar.

Marcus was anxious to check in on Daniel at the club and Sara had longed to see Clair and the little one. He had grown so much it amazed Sara. She watched his every movement and at dinner that night she found herself unable to stop talk about Clair’s child. It amazed Marcus how much detail Sara had collected all in one visit. As they ate Marcus watched Sara speak of the child as if he were her very own. He knew she was anxious to have a baby but they had not tried because of her anxiety that lingered of the child she had once carried for such a brief time. For the most part it got better with time but some times when Sara didn’t know Marcus was watching her he could tell by the look in her eyes that she wondered what if the child had lived.

Two years past and Sara was well established with her own company with Clair, they were partners. Marcus opened up another club but this one was out of state. Once it was established Marcus had two of his other man managing the place. They were pleased with the advancement of their station. All seemed to be going well. Marcus noticed Sara’s appetite had diminished over the past few days. She had even become a bit fatigued turning in early. Then one night she came to dinner and saw the meal placed before her and ran from the dining room to get sick. Some time passed when she finally came back into the room Marcus asked,” Don’t you think now would be a good time to confirm what we already know?” He watched as she sat calming back down at the table trying to act as if nothing was wrong but as she looked at the meal again she said,” You’ll have to excuse me tonight, I can’t eat that.’ She ran out of the room again.”

Marcus was amused by her comment knowing full well she was now ready to admit she was indeed pregnant. It was as if she thought if she didn’t speak of it nothing could happen to the baby. The next day her appointment at the doctors confirmed she was two month almost three month pregnant. Marcus was very pleased with the news. He took her in his arms gently to comfort her from her fears and said,

” Everything will be alright you’ll see.”

Daniel and Clair were very happy about the news. Sara however got hit with morning sickness pretty bad and when it finally started to settle down Marcus could see her glowing. During the time of her morning sickness their sex life had diminished. Sara was sick a lot and fatigued but Marcus made sure she was well carried for. However he was pleased once she came to him again wakening him in the early hours.

It was different now Marcus reacted to the pregnancy in a way she had not expected. He was very caring and gentle with less of his seductive dominating ways. It amazed Marcus as time past how he would come home from the club the baby seemed to know it and would become very active inside Sara. Marcus would place his hand gently on her stomach and whisper,” It’s not quite time to wake just yet.” He would smile amused that the baby would settle back down. Marcus would see Sara smile at how he talked to the baby even though her eyes were still closed and trying to fall back off to sleep herself.

As time went by Sara and Clair took to working at the manor. Sara had a nursery made up in the theme of the 100-acre woods with Christopher Robin and pooh sitting in a little boat on a pond and pooh looking over into the water at fish. The ceiling had the constellations, for Marcus planned on telling the baby about all the stars. Marcus enjoyed sitting in the library with Sara when he could and reading to her and the baby. But time came quickly, it was a baby boy and they named him, Gabriel. Sara had told Marcus one night about a strange dream she had about a little boy who ran up to her smiling and whispered in her ear and said,” I am Gabriel.” Marcus took it as a sign of Sara’s connection to the child before it was even born and told her they would call him by his name, Gabriel.

The first year Marcus tried to be around as much as possible he wanted Gabriel to know his voice, to know his laughter and face. It was very important to Marcus to be close to his son. He had become quite the family man. Marcus enjoy putting Gabriel to bed and telling him about the stars. Sometimes Sara would come in and see Gabriel asleep and Marcus would still be talking to him. The second year though business was pulling him away. Sara started to get concerned when Marcus would go away for a week or two out of town. Marcus didn’t talk about work very much but he made sure Sara felt no distance between them. When he would come back he would spend time with her and Gabriel. But something didn’t feel right to Sara and when she questioned Marcus he would look at her and ask in a firm voice,’ Am I not a good husband? Am I not a good father?” Of course the answer was always yes.

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Though distance was starting to come between them Marcus loved Sara very much and he made sure Sara did not doubt his love. But from time to time she would grow angry about his secrets of work and would ask him to tell her what was going on. Marcus would tell her he was dealing with it and she had no need to be concerned. Marcus would take her in his arms and make love to her insisting if something was wrong he would tell her. There were times Sara would wake and find Marcus standing by the nursery watching Gabriel sleep. She knew something was wrong but if he found her looking upon him Marcus would come back to bed and make love to her. Sometime he would make love to her so gently and other times he would look upon her as if it were the last time he would make love to her. Some nights they would not sleep.

Gabriel was now three years old. Sara had grown even more concerned with Marcus work and they would get into heated discussions. Marcus would begin to twist it so he would make love to her in the end but not this night. This night Sara pushed him away, something that would haunt her from this night on. It had been late and Gabriel was a sleep. As Sara came down stairs the nanny assured Sara Gabriel would be fine. Sara made sure that the men stayed with Gabriel she was going to the club to see Marcus. They insisted on going with her and she made her position very clear to them,” Your job is to make sure nothing happens to my son.” Then she drove off to the club.

When Sara reached the club Daniel was on edge. As if she should not be there, he even went as far as insisting she went home. Sara pushed past him and went up stairs to Marcus office. Surprised by her being there Marcus grew very angry and told Sara to leave. They got into a very heated discussion Marcus went as far as to say he didn’t love her. Sara began crying and demanded that he tell her what was wrong but when he said he didn’t love her she broke down in tears and ran into the bathroom locking it behind her.

There was nothing Marcus could do he had to follow it through. He walked out the back door to his office down the stairs and headed to his car. Just then Sara came out. It was as though time had slowed down. She saw the car speeding toward Marcus she looked down at him from the top of the stairway and called out his name shocked by the sight of her own eyes she stood frozen. The car hit Marcus his body hit the windshield and then went up over top of the car and fell to the ground. He lied still. Sara was about to rush down to him when Daniel grabbed a hold of her and pulled her back inside. Sara was screaming and crying in shock of what she just saw. Daniel ran down to Marcus and two of the men fought Sara who was trying to get to him. They insisted she didn’t need to see this. As she sat on the sofa in the office the police took her information as to what she had seen Marcus was dead.

Daniel took care of the arrangements, as Sara was struck hard with grief. The funeral was a closed coffin and Daniel made sure that Sara knew he would take care of everything. As Daniel watched the weeks pass, month pass Sara was not getting better but worse. She woke with haunting visions of his death and would cry herself back to sleep. She went to a psychiatrist and was put on a prescription sleeping pill. She grew angry about any talk of the business and found solitude even haunting. She felt strange like something was wrong and everyone kept telling her she needed to deal with his death and move on for her sake and Gabriel’s.

As time passed she thought herself to be going crazy. She would wake in the early hours of the night swearing that she heard Marcus speaking to her. At times she even insisted she had felt his lips warm against hers but when she would wake no one was there. Maddening she thought Gabriel would be taken from her and she confided in Clair. One night two years after his death Sara woke with an unexplained feeling that Marcus wasn’t dead. She had not seen his body it was a closed coffin. They did not let her near him not at any one moment. Sara quickly dressed in the early hours of the morning and ran down stairs. The men tried to stop her but she insisted on seeing Daniel he was at the club. They called him and he told them to bring her.

Sara walked quickly past the lingering people as the club was closely. She ran up the stairs and into the office slamming the door behind her and said in a demanding voice,” Why would you not let me see him?” Daniel stood up from the desk and walked over trying to calm her but she did not want to be calmed,” Where is he?” she shouted. Daniel took Sara by the arm as tears streamed down her face, she was having a break down and he did nothing. Daniel tried to tell her she needed to think clearly. She needed to get away. Sara burst into tears and told Daniel her worst fears was that she was going mad. She told him how she thought she heard Marcus speak to her, how she swore she had felt his lips on hers.” The only explanation was that he was still alive and trying to get in touch with her,” she said.

Daniel sat there in the early hours calming Sara, making her see what she was saying could not be. After some time passed Sara realized just how insane she sounded. She broke out in laughter and wiped her tears and said,” God, he even gets to me in death. I have to get away from here, away from the manor.” Daniel told her he would make the arrangements. Sara had often told Marcus about her desires to go to Egypt and Daniel was going to send her to get away. As he walked her out of the office she suddenly stopped. A strange feeling come over her as though…” Daniel asked her what it was Sara replied,” Just a ghost.” She had felt his presence there just as she had heard him speak to her and kiss her lips. A ghost she was now determined would be left behind. She was taking Gabriel to Egypt.

Daniel walked back in the office and shut the door behind him. He looked across the darkened office as Marcus came out into sight and Daniel grew angry, ”How could you do that to her? I can’t do this anymore. Clair tells me all the time how Sara cries, and now this?” Marcus walked across the room and looked down from the windows watching Sara leave and said in a firm voice,” She needs to leave, we finish this once and for all.”

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As the months past Sara would often send letters to Clair talking about how at ease she felt in Egypt. She had decided to stay a full six months. Sara said Gabriel had taken a liking to the place but it was truly her. There she had escaped Marcus ghost. She was untouched by his lips nor did she hear him speak to her. She feared coming back finding herself hearing and feeling him once again which would mean to her pure madness.

Sara had gone out by herself shopping one day. As she sat having tea a young man approached her and asked if she was American? Of course the two men with her approached and she told them it was all right. She asked the young man to sit down. He had light brown hair, hazel eyes and was dressed very casual in khaki dress pants, light shirt with a white tank top underneath. He spoke with an accent and asked again,” American yes?” Sara replied, “Yes, Hello I’m Sara!” He replied,” It’s nice to meet you Sara. My name is Dominic. As she leaned forward to shake his hand he noticed the ring on her finger and he replied,” You’re married?” Sara looked at her ring and replied,” I was, my husband died.” She looked at the ring on her finger and the young man smiled and said,” It is a good sign, you loved him very much I see.” Sara smiled and put her hand down.

They had coffee and tea and Sara enjoyed talking with him. As she said goodbye he hesitated and then replied,” Maybe I will see you here again?” Sara looked back as she walked away and said,” Maybe.” As she walked toward the car the men looked away. She knew what they were thinking as she was thinking it herself. It was foolish she knew Marcus died some time ago but yet part of her felt as though she had just done something terribly wrong. As they drove back to the house she looked at her ring and then at the man looking back at her in the rear view mirror. Sara said,” It’s been over two years and I still wear this ring.” Sara knew what he was thinking even though he did not say it but Marcus wasn’t around anymore and maybe part of what had her so maddening was that she longed for his companionship, his arms around her, his voice. Sara felt herself starting to feel very sad and pushed the thoughts from her mind.

A few days had past and Sara had taken Gabriel out site seeing. As they were walking along Gabriel dropped his ball and Sara called out to him not to go after it. Just then a young man picked up the ball before it went into the roadway and said,” Married and a little one?” He handed the ball to Sara and Sara handed the ball to Gabriel and said,” Say thank you to Mr. McNeil, Gabriel. Gabriel looked up at the man and said thank you. He held tight to his mothers’ hand.

Dominic had tried his best to pursue her but Sara was very protective of Gabriel and she didn’t want him to be confused by this man for she herself was feeling confused. Sara declined their having lunch with him as he requested and she said good day. Dominic was pretty persistent and asked,” Might I get your number?” Sara had the nanny take hold of Gabriel and she walked over to Dominic and said,” You seem very nice. But, our time here is running short we will be leaving for the states soon.” Dominic reached out and took Sara hand very gentle and said,” Have dinner with me tonight?” Sara replied taking her hand from his and said,” I‘m sorry I‘m not ready to move forward just yet..” Dominic watched as Sara walked over to Gabriel. Gabriel asked,” Who was that man mommy?” Sara looked back at Dominic and said,” Just a man Gabriel.”

A few weeks had past. Sara and Gabriel settled back in at the manor. One night while Sara was working in the office a man came to call. The staff showed him in and told Sara of his visit. Sara stood up quite surprised and took a moment to collect herself then she walked out to greet him. Dominic smiled as she approached and said,” I hope you don’t mind my coming at this hour?” She looked at the staff as if to say it was none of their business and she asked Dominic to come into the office. She shut the door behind them and asked,” How is it you found me?” Dominic walked into the middle of the room and then turned and replied,” It wasn’t easy but I hope it was worth it.”

Sara walked slowly across the floor. Uncertain how to answer yet interested that he took the time to find her, she wondered why? She showed Dominic to a seat and asked,” I hope this isn’t to toward but with a young child I can’t afford to be anything but forward. What exactly is it you want Dominic? What has brought you here?” Dominic looked at Sara and replied,’ Why you of course. I must admit you make a very good first impression and I haven’t stopped thinking about you since.” Sara turned and walked around the desk then looked back toward Dominic and said,” We said hello, introduced ourselves and had tea.” Dominic replied,” You still wear the ring of your late husband, you’re very protective of your son and you’re a beautiful woman. I find those all very good qualities.”

Sara started to walk toward the door and said,’ I think you have the wrong impression of me.” Dominic stood up from his seat, turned toward Sara and replied, ”Have dinner with me. We’ll hold conversation; hopefully laugh and we’ll see where it goes. If nothing else it’s a night out.’ Sara answered,” I’ve been gone for some time now I’m happy with being home.” Dominic walked toward her and said,” If you were going to say no you would have stopped me when I said I haven’t stop thinking about you. Tomorrow night?” Sara couldn’t think of a reason not to. They were back, Gabriel was settled in and her husband wasn’t coming back no matter how much she wanted him too. If she was ever going to make a move of moving on …She replied,” Alright, I’ll have dinner with you tomorrow night.” Dominic smiled and said.” I’ll pick you up around seven.”

As she stood there in the office wondering what she just did she got a very strange feeling. She turned around quickly but there was nothing there just her. She stood listening to the silence then she backed out of the office and closed the door behind her. Sara walked upstairs for the night. She changed out of her clothes and took her sleeping pill. She soon fell off to sleep. As she slept slowly he walked over toward the bed. He looked down upon her and brushed the hair gently from her face. He stood looking down upon her and said softly,” Sleep my love.” Then he walked out of the room. As Marcus shut the door he pulled out his phone and called Daniel,” Something has happened I have to come back, NOW!”

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Marcus headed out of the manor without anyone seeing him. Once he reached the club he told Daniel about Sara’s visitor. Marcus paced back and forth in the office and said in a very angry voice,” She has a date.” Daniel stood up and tried to calm Marcus,” Don’t go doing something foolish. Sara is supposed to be coming over in two days. We agreed the best thing was for me to tell her.” Daniel grew very nervous knowing how Marcus was he tried to reason with him,” I’ll explain everything and she’ll want to know where you are. If you go just walking back into her life you’re going to shock her, make her angry once she realizes she has been living a lie, a lie you told. Just let me do this Marcus. She’s not going to sleep with him. She still has your ring on.” Marcus realized that he was being hasty; Sara had proven her loyalty even in death. Marcus agreed to wait but he didn’t like that she was going to have dinner with this man who dared come into his home.

Sara had been very nervous she had changed three times. Marcus looked on as he remembered she had once had butterflies for him. But all he could do was let the night play out. Sara changed once more wearing a well-reserved dress just as she had when they first met. Just then Gabriel came running into her and she picked him up. Gabriel asked her why he couldn’t come with her and Sara hugged him and said,” Not this time. I need to do this myself.” Sara hugged him once more as the nanny came in apologizing for her being bothered. Sara looked at her and said,” Gabriel is never a bother.’ She kissed him goodnight and he said,’ I love you mommy.”

As they left Sara shut the door behind her. She leaned back against it and moments later walked over and picked up the phone. Marcus looked on, as she was about to call Dominic and call it off. But then she hesitated and put the phone down. She sat down on the bed unsure of what to do. Marcus wanted to go to her; he fought it with every strength of his being. As she sat there Sara held up her hand and looked at the ring on her finger and said softly, ”Give me strength Marcus.” Tears filled her eyes and she added, ”Forgive me.” She slowly reached over and took the ring off her finger.

Marcus looked at her there so vulnerable and feeling so alone. He couldn’t let her leave; he couldn’t let her take their wedding ring off. He grew with anger inside; as he knew to go too her would be a mistake. He turned away as not to look. He had seen the box he had the ring in, in her nightstand and he could not watch her place it back. Sara walked out of the room closing the door and Marcus burst out from behind the fireplace in their bedroom. He walked over and opened up the drawer to her nightstand and picked up the box, he opened it and was surprise that she had not put the ring in the box. He spoke softly to himself,” She couldn’t do it. You couldn’t do it.” He smiled and said,” You be long to me.”

That night at dinner Sara enjoy the conversation and Dominic’s company. She watched as he tried to make the night enjoyable and comfortable for her. As they walked out of the restaurant for the car it started to rain. Dominic took off his jacket and placed it over her so she wouldn’t get rained on. As they got in the car they were laughing at how quickly the rain had come down. Dominic started the car and said,” Well that was a fine way to end to evening.” Sara looked at him smiled and said,” At least I won’t forget it.” Dominic smiled and they drove off. As he walked her up the front steps they talked about the nice time they had. Dominic said he hoped he might ask her out again. Sara replied,” I’d like that.” Dominic leaned in taking her in his arms and kissed her gently then backed away. Sara said good night and he left.

Once inside Sara leaned back against the door. She thought about the kiss, it felt strangely nice to her. She took off her heels at the door and one of the staff members asked,” Is everything alright?’ Sara stood up from the door and said,” Yes, I think so.” Sara realized she took the first step in moving on. However she knew it was going to take more then one night. She said goodnight and she walked upstairs. She entered the bedroom and tossed her shoes to the floor. She stood there looking at the bed and then felt a touch very familiar to her. She closed her eyes thinking she must be dreaming. She leaned back against his body feeling his warmth and then suddenly opened her eyes and moved away shocked by his presence.

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She stood looking at him and said softly, “This can’t be happening you’re not real.” Marcus walked over slowly to her and said, “But I am my love.” Sara backed away quickly not wanting to be touch by his ghost again. She thought she had driven herself to madness. Marcus stepped forward and reached out to her. Sara ran for the bathroom trying to get away from what she was seeing. He held the door shut she stood between his body and the door. She could hear him breathing and turned to face him. She closed her eyes and said, “You’re not real.” She opened her eyes and Marcus touched his finger to her lips to quiet her. She closed her eyes to his touch. He kissed her firmly and she melted into his arms. She ran her hands over his thighs his waist his chest then she pushed him away and slapped him saying, “How could you?”

Sara stood there shocked even more so was he that she drew blood from his lip. He put his hand to his lip. He saw the blood on his finger and tasted his own blood. The look on his face told her to get out of there. She had never seen him so filled with desire as just then. She ran for the door and he grabbed hold of her from behind. Sara called out, “Marcus” He turned her toward him and said in a deep voice,” “Where is up to you, here or there?” Sara tried to push him away. Marcus pulled her body close to his. Sara tried to talk but Marcus put his finger to her lips again gently and said in a firm voice, “ You be long to me.” He leaned in and kissed her. Sara took hold of him pulling at his shirt as if he was trying to get away but he wasn’t he pressed himself firmly against her and as their desires began to take over Marcus started to unbutton her dress. Sara stopped she said, “No”

Marcus backed away looked into her eyes and said, “You desire me just as much as I desire you.” Sara cleared her head of her desires and started to button up her dress. Marcus looked at her shocked and said, “What are you doing?” Sara finished buttoning her dress and then took the ring from her finger and threw it at him and said in a firm voice, “No, you were dead, YOU WERE DEAD!” she shouted. The look in her eyes told Marcus he should have waited. She looked of hate and anger at him. He saw no forgiveness in those eyes.

Sara walked out of the bedroom and went down stairs to the library. Marcus stood there for a moment then he bent down and picked up her ring. He walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. He looked in the office then in the library. Sara sat crying on the sofa. Marcus walked in and shut the door behind him. He slowly walked over and handed her a tissue and said softly, “ If you would just let me explain you’d see..” Sara stood up and shouted, “ Explain, how many times did I come to you and ask you to explain, only to be shut out. How often did we fight and you, you seduced me. No, you had plenty of times to explain.” Sara walked around with the anger building inside and it was bursting to get out. She tried to keep her voice down not wanting to wake Gabriel, “I saw you get hit by that car?” “It was staged,” Marcus replied. Sara pounded her fist against his chest and said, “ You let me and our son believe you were dead.”

Sara looked at him with cold eyes and asked, “Was it worth it? Was it worth the cost that we had to pay?” She turned trying to make since of all of this then she turned around shocked, laughed and cried both, “You made me think I was going crazy. You came into our bedroom, I heard you. I felt you kiss me, how, how did you do it?” Marcus took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly and said, “ The fireplace, there’s a hidden doorway behind the fireplace it leads into my office. Sara shook her head and tried to wrap her mind around everything he was saying. She looked at him with hurtful and hateful eyes, “I was seeing a psychiatrist and taking sleeping pills. You would rather I thought I was insane then tell me what was happening with the club?” Marcus walked over toward her trying to comfort her but she backed away. He looked at her and said, “Things were happening that I couldn’t have you and Gabriel caught up in. I took care of it.”

Sara looked at him knowing exactly what he meant by that, “You took care of it, who did you kill this time? What the hell are you involved in?” Marcus grabbed hold of her arm he wanted her to calm down but she did not want his comfort. Marcus replied, “I run a clean business.” Sara looked at him shocked and replied, “Clean, you have blood on your hands? Is that what you want to leave our son?” Marcus grew angry and shouted, “I’ve protected you and Gabriel from all of this. Do you think they care that you’re a woman and he is a child. They didn’t care before and I told you I would make sure you were safe so I did what I had to do!” Marcus threw his arms up in anger and said, “If you had to believe I was dead for a short time then so be it, I would do it again if it would keep you safe.”

Sara ran toward the door. Marcus grabbed a hold of her. Sara turned to hit him only this time he stopped her. Marcus asked her what she was planning on doing. Sara replied, “I’m going to take our son and make sure we are safe!” Marcus pulled her back into the library and closed the door. Just then Sara heard Gabriel calling out to her, Marcus opened the door and Gabriel’s face lit up,” Daddy!” Marcus picked him up in his arms and hugged him. Gabriel hugged Marcus tightly and asked, “Are you here to stay?” Sara looked at Marcus. Marcus looked back at her and then at Gabriel and said in a calm manner, “Yes, we’re a family and nothing is going to take you away from me.” Marcus was looking at Sara when he said that. He walked out of the library and handed Gabriel to his nanny and said, “ I’ll be up in a minute to kiss him goodnight.”

Sara stepped back inside the library and Marcus looked at her and said, “ We’ll talk about the other man when I come back.” Sara turned and looked at him shocked that he knew about Dominic. Some time had passed. Sara stood at the windows in the library filled with hurt, hate, anger of all she had gone through.

Marcus walked in and saw her standing there. He closed the door to the library behind him and said, “You had every right to do what you did.” He hesitated and pulled out the ring and said, “I saw you take this off in the bedroom you said, Give me strength. I need you to have that strength now. I need you to give me time to explain all of this. You put this ring back on your finger because you still love me.”

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Marcus didn’t know if his words were getting though to her. He walked over and put his hands on her arms. He rubbed her arms and pulled her close and said, “ I would die for you and Gabriel, how can you not understand that?” Marcus held out her wedding ring in hopes that she would want him to put it back on her. Sara looked down at it and then walked away. She opened the library door and walked up the stairs only she didn’t go into their bedroom she went into the bedroom he kept her in once before. Marcus stood in the library doorway knowing he really messed up this time. He put the ring in his pocket and walked upstairs. As he entered the bedroom he could hear her crying in the next room. He wanted to comfort her but knew she wanted no part of him, not this night.

As Marcus woke to an empty bed he heard Gabriel run in and call out, “ Daddy, Daddy can we go swimming today?” Marcus pulled Gabriel up on the bed with him and said, “We’ll do anything you want.“ As they came down stairs Marcus asked if Sara had awaken yet? One of the staff members said she left early this morning; she didn’t say where she was going. Marcus asked the nanny to get Gabriel his breakfast and he went into the office to make a call. His men were still watching her. Sara had gone to Dominic, she was crying upset and in his arms. As Marcus hung up the phone he wondered if he had drove her into the arms of another man. He would soon find out when she came home.

A few hours had passed and Sara arrived back at the manor. She could hear Gabriel laughing and slashing in the pool. As she walked out onto the patio she saw Marcus in the pool with Gabriel and Marcus thought he saw a brief glimpse of hope in her eyes as she watched them. But then Sara walked away and Marcus knew it was only the beginning.

Once they were out of the pool they changed and the nanny took Gabriel to the kitchen for a snack. Sara had been walking in the garden most of the day when Marcus came to see her. She looked tired, confused even sad. She looked at him knowing he was going to tell her he loved her and just walked away. Sara walked up to the manor and into the bedroom. She saw Marcus shirt lying on the bed and picked it up and smelt it. Marcus walked slowly in the door and closed it behind him. He didn’t want to disturb her; he could see she was lost in thought. She knew he saw her smell his shirt she held tightly to it and walked over to him.

Marcus stood silently as she circled around him. So many things going through her mind. The whole time he was dead she wanted him back and now he stood before her. Sara didn’t speak she didn’t look in his eyes. She dropped his shirt on the floor and put her hands on his back. She moved them over his arms then wrapped them around his waist leaning up against him. Marcus stood there and closed his eyes. He looked over his left shoulder Sara didn’t want to let go. She walked slowly around the front of him. Marcus stood there looking at her. She moved her hands over his body as if she was remembering it. She pulled him close and put her face against his chest. She took a deep breath in; breathing him into her soul is what she called it. Marcus liked it when she did that. She had done it many times before.

She took hold of his hand still not looking at him and walked him slowly over to the bed. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time. She looked at his chest and moved her hands over his shoulders and arms taking off his shirt. She let it drop down to the floor. Sara remember so many times they had made love and not once did she feel the connection to him she was feeling now. He was alive and she was struggling to deal with that fact. She slowly brought her lips to his, she didn’t kiss him she just brought them close enough that he wanted to take hold of her. Sara reached down at his tank top tucked into his pants and slowly pulled it out. She didn’t look at him; never did she look into his eyes. Marcus stood there watching her as she continued. She pulled the tank top up slowly up his abdomen and over his chest then head and off his arms. She stood in front of him and stopped.

Marcus asked her softly if she was all right. He had thought she wanted him to make love to her. Sara said nothing she just stood there for a moment and then walked out of the bedroom. Marcus wondered what had just happened then he walked out of the bedroom, grabbed hold of her hand as she was about to walk down the stair and said, “We’re not done yet.” Sara replied, “Yes, we are.” She let go of his hand and was about to walk away and Marcus asked, “Do you care for him? Sara turned around and said very sure of herself, “Yes,” then she hesitated and said, “Did you think I was going to make it that easy for you Marcus? You let me believe you were dead.” She walked back up the stairs and looked him in the eyes and said, “Do you remember how you felt that night I was shot? Imagine it ten times over then you can tell me how I am suppose to feel now.” Sara felt as though she was in a nightmare she could not awake from. She felt so torn and confused.

As Marcus watched her from his office Daniel asked, “How is she?” Marcus didn’t take his eyes off her and replied, “Surprisingly quiet that is after the first night of looking at me in hate.” Daniel asked if he thought Clair talking to her would help Marcus turned toward him with his cup in hand setting on the desk and said, “No, She needs to except it on her own.” Daniel stood up and patted Marcus on the shoulder as if to say hang in there and said, “ As least its over, you’ve made your position clear and no one is going to dare question you.” Marcus looked at Daniel and said, “At what cost? The cost of my wife and child?”

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As they talked Sara had moved into the library she laid down exhausted in thought. She could hear them speaking in the distance. Marcus continued, “Do you know what would have happened if I let them push drugs in my clubs. I wouldn’t be able to look at her and lie and yet I did the very thing I didn’t want to do just to make a point, just to make my place.” Sara sat up on the sofa listening to them speak. She slowly walked over to the doorway and listened. Daniel replied, “If they want to push their drugs they’ll go around you, they won’t try it again.” Marcus replied in a harsh tone, “ Do we really know that? Are Sara and Gabriel really safe? Clair and your son? You saw what they did they wanted me dead. They didn’t go after Sara to make a point they wanted to remove me, I’m in the way.” Marcus walked around the office pacing as he talked, “Maybe I should let her go. I know she’d give Gabriel a good life. Maybe it’s my mistake to think I deserve her.”

Sara looked away for a moment and then back into the office Marcus stood in front of her. Daniel replied, “I’ll let you two talk.” then he left. Marcus stood looking at her. Sara looked back into his eyes. She wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do, she had been listening something she had never done before. Marcus turned to the side allowing her to walk into the office on her own. He shut the door behind her. Sara closed her eyes, she knew he was angry that she was listening. As they stood there her heart began to pound. Marcus could see that she was feeding off his anger. She began to breath deeper, quicker. He leaned in like a predator smelling the blood of his prey. Sara stood still then said softly, “I’m sorry I….”

Marcus stood beside her and put his finger to her lips it enticed her. Marcus looked at her pleased. He asked, “Tell me have I lost you?” Sara looked over at him and said, “No!” Marcus leaned in and said softly in her ear, “If I wanted to take you now, would you let me?” He searched her face seeing her desires for him grow. Sara stood there quietly; her heart was pounding enticed by his anger and now his every word. Marcus moved in front of her looking her in the eyes. He touched her face gently slowly moving his hand down her neck. She longed for his touch. Marcus looked upon her and did as she did to him. He slowly moved his hands over her body and pulled gently at her shirt. Sara fought making eye contact with him. Marcus reached up and unbuttoned her shirt slowly he could feel it building inside her. He was enjoying this very much. He opened her shirt and picked her up and pressed her against the door as he pulled up at her skirt.

Sara felt as though she couldn’t breathe, she closed her eyes enticed by his touch but then Marcus let her go. He leaned in and said softly, “ I could have taken you, you would not have stopped me.” He walked away and didn’t look back. Sara’s heart was pounding hard and she took a deep breath feeling sexually exhausted and disappointed. She leaned her head back on the door and then remembered Marcus said there was a hidden doorway in the office that led upstairs. Marcus had gone up stairs for a shower and Sara followed. He had been taking off his things in the bedroom when he saw Sara step out from behind the fireplace. She walked over slowly and pressed herself against him and said softly, “ We’re not finished yet.” Marcus picked her up and placed her on the bed. He made a point of putting her wedding ring back on her finger then she pulled him down on top of her. They made love for the first time since he staged his death. Not once but twice. As she laid sleeping in his arms Marcus secretly hope the out come would bring another child.

A week had passed and a visitor came to see Sara. Marcus had been in the office and Gabriel was playing. He watched as Sara walked with Dominic in the garden. He knew she was saying goodbye but it still cut deep. Dominic would have replaced him he knows this. Marcus was very thankful that Sara forgave him. As she walked Dominic to the door he saw Marcus step out of the office. Dominic turned walked over to him and reached out his hand. Sara watched as the two met for the first time. Marcus reached out his hand and said, “Will you be in town long Dominic?” Dominic replied, “No, my business is finished here.” He hesitated for a moment as they looked at each other different but some how familiar and said, “You’re a lucky man Marcus. She loves you a great deal.” Then he turned walked over to Sara kissed her on the cheek and left.

Marcus walked over beside her and Sara said, “You surprised me.” Marcus knew what she had expected from him and replied, “ I thought I should at least meet the man who would have replaced me.” Then he kissed her on the forehead and walked back to his office. Sara turned around and followed him into the office and asked, “Replace you, how do you know that?” Marcus turned around smiled and said, “ The night you went out with him you took your ring off and asked me to forgive you. Of course you put the ring back on but it was that moment I knew I couldn’t loose you.”

A month passed and Sara was with child as Marcus had hoped that night. As they sat in the library reading Marcus asked, “ Has the child told you its name yet?” Sara smiled and said, “ I wasn’t going to say anything until it was confirmed.” Marcus looked at her and asked, “ What is it?’ Sara replied. “ They were playing with Gabriel in a dream and he called out their names Lily and Michael. Marcus smiled amused at the thought of twins.


{I hope that you all have enjoyed the storyline of Marcus and Sara. It was fun creating the story for GB Fan Fiction. Just me dabbling in writing.}


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