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My PSILY Review


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It’s been a while since I’ve watched PSILY but I felt like talking about it today. All of my negative remarks are only against the characters, not the actors and actresses playing them. I couldn’t help but be upset with many of the characters in this movie. The women seemed to be selfish and uncaring. I really wanted to give Holly’s blond haired friend a piece of my mind when she complained to Holly for not being there for her when she was preparing for her wedding. Hello, Miss Blond Hair (no offense to blonds as a whole especially since I’m a natural blond and proud of it), Holly is still getting over the loss of her husband, of course it’s all about her. She’s about to get married and about to be happy and she’s upset that Holly isn’t there telling her how pretty her dress is. How about taking a moment to think what Holly must be feeling? The only time I really liked Holly’s blond haired friend was when she was going around asking guys if there were single, if there were gay, and if they had a job (really funny moment there). I was much more satisfied with Holly’s darker haired friend. I also wasn’t exactly fond of the actions of Holly’s mother. Even if she didn’t care for Gerry she still should have been more supportive of Holly, she is after all Holly’s mother. I did like the look on her face, though, when she heard the music that Gerry wanted played during the beginning of the movie. And I just found something unsettling with the comment made by Holly’s sister when she told Holly what a lovely widow she made. I wouldn’t want to be told I look like a lovely widow. I would be telling her “I don’t care, I would prefer not to be a widow at all” or something along those lines. I really wish that Holly would have given her family and friends a piece of her mind; she had no problem with doing that with her husband.

The men in this movie fared much better, except for maybe Harry Connick Jr's character. I thought he was funny when he was explaining to Holly his rudeness problem, but I really wanted to slap him when he told Holly he would be happy to help her get rid of Gerry (when Holly asked him if he wanted any of Gerry’s clothes) and during the scene when they are eating and he insults Holly by asking if she needs a letter from her husband. He was much too pushy and much too jealous and spiteful towards a woman who had just lost her husband. Except for having sex with a woman he just met and the comment “Me and Gerry share everything,” William fared pretty well. He had the similar charm about him that Gerry’s character had. And who couldn’t love Gerry? Sure, he had his faults as well, he shouldn’t have made that deal with his friend (which was talked about during the beginning of the woman) without consulting his wife first and he should have left his wife alone when she didn’t want to sing, but overall he was a very charming, witty, and caring husband; and I could totally understand how a woman could fall in love with him and be saddened by his death. Gerry didn’t focus on every little worry of life, like Holly did and like so many of us do as well (including me). Instead, Gerry lived each day to its fullest, and he showed his love for his wife by making sure that he would be there to support him after he died. My dad thought that his letters to his wife was a sweet idea. Gerry Kennedy is the kind of husband I would like to have one day, but also with a touch of Andre Marek (he would do anything to protect his woman and he’s not stupid, plus he knows how to use a sword), and the seductive air that Phantom (along with all his emotions, I like a man who’s not afraid to cry) and Dracula brought to keep things interesting (I could do without their insane, violent behaviors, lol).

It was the scenes with Gerry in them that made this movie for me, even though Harry Connick Jr's character had his funny moments as well.

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