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Gerard Butler GALS

The cover of "Screen " is Gerry.


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The cover of Japanese movie mag "Screen 2008 Oct. " is a photograph of Gerry. :hearts:

I took this photograph with my digital camera. I was not able to take it well.

I'm sorry it has the part of fuzzy a little. :crybaby:

An actual cover is more beautiful. :wuv:


Posted Image

I added another photograph from "Screen Oct." on Aug.22.

Posted Image

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What did I say? You guys in Japan have the BEST pictures! That is from the same photo session as my all-time favorite pic of Gerry. :wuv:

Keiko, thank you for sharing it! I think I need a subscription to Screen!


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Posted Image Keiko! Once again how fortunate for you (and for US) that the magazine editors in Japan have such better taste in actors than those in the states!



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:thankyou: Keiko! :rose: Those pictures are GREAT! Why can't Gerry get magazine covers like that one here in the states? Japan always puts out beautiful pictures of Gerry. I guess they like him a lot!

~HUGS~ Kathy :)

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Thanks so much Keisann! :thankyou:

What is the article about? The title has me intrigued. :wave:

Hi, razberry.

Because "Nim's Island" and "P.S.I love you" are opened to the public in Japan in autumn, Gerry is featured.

Only the title was translated though all these articles were not able to be translated into English because I don't have command of English..

When it is not correct English, I'm sorry.


"In this autumn,the sexiest,the most wild.

The charm of him who that is wild and sexy has opened completely by two movies.

We will fall in love with Gerry in this autumn."

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