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Selma's Performance


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Does anyone else think the performance of Selma was off?

I mean, it seemes her humour was too sarcastic and she seemed to be almost from todays era and not from that period.

I dont know, it seems that if your going to be in a period movie, you should take on certain mannersims and attitude from that time.

I think she could have played the witch with more mystery and depth, it seemed she was a bit nonchalant about it, wouldnt a witch and a women from that era have a bit more of an air of a mystery to her, like the look in her eyes and her body language being more alluring.

Those sarcastic remarks seemed like she was trying to be comedic.

Im not an expert or anything,but does anyone else feel this way?

Im not trying to insult, just saying :unsure:

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I think perhaps that Selma was trying to show her contempt for the society of which she was an outcast. And how little sympathy she had for their predicament that they had brought on themselves. Her sarcasm is her lack of empathy for them. She also is trying to prick Beowulf, the great warrior hero, to think about what he's doing and think about the consequences of his actions.

But many have had problems with her delivery. I have problems with her tone and attitude in her first meeting with Beowulf but after that, she grows on me and I rather like her performance. Maybe part of it is that, even with so many accents, hers is the only really flat one and it stands out much more than any of the others. Rather jarring whereas the other accents, although maybe harder to understand, work together better. I don't know but you're not the first to question Selma's tone and performance.


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yeah I got what she was trying to convey to Beowulf, I didnt word it correctly, you got it right for me I meant the delivery, the lines were not her fault, she didnt write them, but it was delivered flat and her demeanor...I don't know...

you think witch, you think power, sensualness, etc. look at all those other period movies of witches and ancient people.

I would have shifted my body language differently, lowered my gaze, spoken more slowly and made sweeping gestures with my arms , etc, not that Im an expert lol! I just see it acted out in my visual mind differently. She seemed like ...Arrgh! Im not good with explaining myself with words, I cant put my hands on it! Im sure she is a lovely actress, but there seems a lacking emotional connection to her character.

Im glad Im not the only one who see's it though, thanks for your response and input :)

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