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Gerard Butler GALS

The Melody of Life


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Hi, I wrote this song based on the way Gerry portrayed the Phantom. I just wanted to you what you gals think of it. For you gals who are lucky enough to be able to carry a tone, lol, could you possibly sing this song, and let me know how it flows? Thanks. I hope all of you gals, even the musically challenged ones like myself, lol, enjoy this song. It's set to the tone of "The Music of the Night," or at least that's my intention. Enjoy and thank you for taking to time to look at my song, which I have already revised several times, lol.

For anyone who read this September 1, I've revised this song a bit from my orginal post.

"The Melody of Life"

Open up your eyes

See the cruelties and the evils

Bearing down and crushing you

It's reality

Now close your eyes

And listen to the Melody of Life

In music there is true beauty

Turn away from day

Where false beauty lies

Let nighttime reveal its secrets

Embrace suffering and agony

Let my music consume your spirit

Hear it, wear it

Powerful and wonderful

Alluring and serenading

Dark but beautiful

Rough yet real

Tragic and painful

But music is true

Nothing false about it

Raw and intense

Filled with emotion and passion

Do not be afraid

Of the Melody of Life

Run from reality

Step into illusion

Let my music surround your heart

Let my music overcome your soul

Living, feeling

Music is deep

Not shallow or bland

More than just a pretty sound

Perfection is not all that matters

For reality is not perfect

Let my voice caress you

Hold you, enthrall you

It's pointless to resist me

Feel me, breathe me

Majestic and seductive

Intoxicating and mesmerizing

Everything else is lost

Music is a true friend

My pure companion

A light brighter than any candlelight

Shines forth within my darkness

It dwells among my shadows

Music can always be counted on

Music is freedom, music is salvation

With music I'm never truly alone

In the night that I roam

Escape to your desires

Walk in your dreams

Forget all that's happened before

Turn your thoughts to music and be free

Give your mind to me

Loving, calming

Reach for my music

Gently touch it, softly grasp it

Never let it go

Journey to a land of imagination

Search for sensation

Unite with my melody

For the mysteries of my fantasies

Are revealed in the notes I compose

Sing with me the Melody of Life

Say you’ll be one with my song

Let us belong together

In the splendor of the Melody of Life

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Thank you. I worked all last weekend on that song. I just could never seem to get it right, lol. I really don't know what tune should go with it; I really am musically challenged. I like listening to music, but I know nothing about composing. Thanks for taking the time to read my song. Can you sing? If you can, how did it flow?

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The words you have written are very nice. Usually, when lyrics are put to music, the melody will be written to fit the phrasing and timing of the words. When you start with a melody such as MOTN the words have to be written to fit the timing of the existing music. It would involve you sitting down with the original song, and then replacing the words with the ones you have written. I might suggest you find the sheet music and try to place your lyrics as the original are phrased. From what

I can tell, you might need to make a few changes for the flow of the song.

Now if I were really talented, I would try to write a melody for your lyrics!! Where is ALWebber

when you need him? It has always intrigued me whether the lyrics or the melody come first.

It seems there is a bit of both when it comes to musical theater.

I hope this helps--and keep working at it if you enjoy doing it. And you do have a lovely poem

phrased just as it is.


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Thanks for your comments. I really wish I knew someone near me who could sing well, so I could have them sing it for me. I can't carry a tune. I think I need to hear someone who knows how to sing before I can really know what needs to be changed to make the flow better. I'm not gifted in music. And you're right, where is ALW when you need him? As for the melody, it might be a melody all its own. It don't have to fit the melody of the Music of the Night to make me happy. Actually, I would like this song to have its own unique melody. I need a composer and a singer bad time, lol. All I know how to do is write lyrics, and that won't cut it in the music world, as I really would like this song to become big one day (I can dream).

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Someone singing it might help you, but to sing a song you must have either the melody or

the lyrics set to music to make it a song. Right now you have a poem, and the song MOTN.

What I am trying to say, is that the words probably can be altered to fit the MOTN or as you

said, it can have it's own melody.

I bet there is someone here who could write you a melody to go with the song lyrics you

have written. To use MOTN it would involve changing some of the lyrics (around) so the

music "beats" go with the words. That's why having the sheet music with the notes and

words would help you if you wanted to go that route.

Good luck--it really is a nice poetic piece.


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Here is a revision of "The Melody of Life." It's based on "Music of the Night" (but not the same melody), Gerry's performance in POTO, and the character of the Phantom himself (or at least the Phantom in the 2004 movie)

“The Melody of Life”

Open up your eyes, slowly look around

Behold the vile cruelties and evils

Bearing down and crushing you so brutally

It’s harsh, rough reality

Now calmly close your eyes, never leave me

Gladly bask in silence under the night stars

Become bewitched and illuminated

Discover the secrets only present after sunset

And fiercely dance in regal candlelight

Before the splendor of the Melody of Life

In my music there is true and pure beauty

Turn away from the glaring, bright sunlight

Where deceiving, false beauty lies

Seek and pursue the delights of moonlight

Joyfully embrace misery and agony

Let my music consume your spirit

Hear it and savor it inside your heart

Serenading, alluring and bewildering

Burning, powerful and wonderful

Dark yet beautiful, bleak and painful

But my music is true, nothing false about it

Raw and intense, rapturous and ominous

Filled with fiery emotion and passion

Boldly face the elevated exaltation

Of the Melody of Life

Run from reality, step into illusion

Believe in imagination, live in sensation

Clothe yourself with shadows hidden within

Emit insanity, shut out the rest of the world

Let my music overcome your soul

Only then will you live what is true and real

Living, feeling, erotic and eccentric

My music is deep, not shallow or bland

Profound and more than just a pretty sound

Perfection is not all that matters

For reality is not perfect

It’s turbulent and violent

Sorrowful yet penetrating and insightful

My music is freedom, my music is salvation

In my music I’m never truly alone

In the night that I roam

Let my voice caress you and enthrall you

Feel me, breathe me, I make you complete

Majestic, hypnotic, subtle and seductive

Mesmerizing, empowering and imposing

Intoxicating, I am a true enigma and mystery

It’s pointless to resist me

Journey to a land of strange fantasy

Search for a new and better truth

Stay by my side, escape to your dark desires

Walk in your dreams, grant to me your urges

Forget all that’s happened before, live in me

Turn your thoughts to me alone and be free

Say that in my music we shall forever be one

Loving, soothing, healing and eternal

Reach for my music without wavering

Gently touch it, softly grasp it

Never let it go, give your mind to me

Dwell and hide in the darkness of night

Find enchantment and enlightenment

Choose to unite with my melody

Which I dexterously compose with reality

Tremble before the harmony and the divinity

Of the Melody of Life

I need your voice to release my song

Surrender and let us belong together

In the true glory of the Melody of Life

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