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Gerard Butler GALS

RnR interview with Gerry - new


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I hope it can be saved for Multimedia. It's pretty good.


Thanks Patsy...cute interview! I like when he says..."what was that? Oh Gerry's head!". A pumpkin.

He was very relaxed and playful in this one. Loved his laugh before the empire comment at the end.

His interviews just make me smile every time and his personality is so endearing.

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Just what Ithought, he gets to be Mr. Fidigity when he is the center of attention. Great interview and yes after the Empire logo....PERFECT

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:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

The last bit has me dying!

*wiping tears of laughter* Holey carp, the Man can wear pink!! (What does it say in his collar? Something about "...likely to..." :rotflmao: ) Would ye just look at the buttery hollow on his neck?! Gosh, I could just --

*descending to Gutter now*

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