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Phantom Pheast #3


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Phantom Pheast info

Once again we will be having a Phantom Pheast preceding another BIG SCREEN showing of The Phantom of the Opera (Redux Cinq) in the Westwood Village area of Los Angeles. This will include a great raffle to benefit The Phantom Phorest (Trees for Life) and the City of Hope. Raffle donations (and financial donations) will be greatly appreciated.

Date: November 8

Time: 2pm

Place: The Gardens on Glendon

Please follow the link at the top of the page for ALL the information you need.

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Our total raised last weekend at the Phantom Pheast was $1,800 including the purchase of 15 trees from Martha's Phantom Redux! We purchased a total of 125 more trees for the Phantom's Phorest (thanks to quite a favorable exchange rate with the British Pound) which was $920. The balance of $880 will be sent to The City of Hope this week.

Thank you to everyone who participated either by donating items for the raffles, or by purchasing tickets! There may be some people who choose to make a direct donation as brochures were provided for doing that either to Trees for Life or for City of Hope.

Thank you Peigi McCann for attending the Pheast and giving us a wonderful update (with photos) on the progress of the groves which are being planted in Gerry's honor in the Caledonian Forest in Scotland . Those groves have had more trees donated than any other private donations made through Trees for Life, and that is something of which we can all be very proud. I hope to be able to visit there myself next year!

Thank you to bermos for bringing and sharing information with us about the many programs that City of Hope offers to those whose lives have been impacted by cancer. From the programs that help women maintain a good body image following breast cancer surgery to those that provide dolls to children who have had to deal with cancer themselves, to the research programs which are fighting daily to find cures for nearly all forms of cancer, to juvenile diabetes, to HIV, City of Hope is among the top cancer research and treatment centers in the world and we are happy to be able to contribute something to their ongoing efforts.

For anyone intersted in more information on these efforts please visit their websites:

City of Hope

Trees for Life - Gerard's Groves

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Congrats on ANOTHER successful event, Missus Sporran. It was well worth the flight from Tulsa to see so many Gerry fans gathered yet again for good causes! The baskets and prizes were -- as usual -- to die for!

:hugs: and thanks for the update!


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Here are a few pictures from the Phantom Pheast in November, as well as the confirmations received for the donations we made with the funds raised from the raffles and the Redux. Click to enlarge the pictures.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

First is is a copy of the letter and receipt from City of Hope for our $880 donation. It is a clickable thumbnail. Below that is the email from Trees for Life. Now remember that 625.00 donation was in British Pounds so the total came out to $928.13 based on the exchange rate that day. Thanks to everyone who helped make this another successful event in so many ways!

Posted Image

Trees for Life to me


Thank you for your order just placed via the Trees for Life website. Your custom and support of the project is greatly appreciated. Your order will be processed and despatched within the next five to ten working days, unless otherwise stated (in a separate email).

If you are dissatisfied with your order please do not hesitate to contact me on 01309 691292.

With best wishes

Elaine Dempsey

Office Manager

Name : Susan M. Payette

Transaction Reference Number : 26314775

Transaction Date : 2008-11-14

Transaction Time : 19:09:05

Transaction Amount: 625.00

Ordered items (merchandise/working weeks):

Cash donation:


Planting donation:


Grove donation:




Please keep this email for your reference


Trees for Life

Trees for Life to me

dateMon, Nov 17, 2008 at 12:43 AM

subjectPhantom Phorest Grove donation

Dear Susan,

Thank you very much for the donation to the Phantom Phorest grove.

I was wondering if the dedicaton is complete?

It says: "Another 125 trees for the Phantom\\

"Could you let me know if anything needs to be added?

Thank you,

Best wishes



Please support our Urgent Dundreggan Lodge Appeal: http://www.treesforlife.org.uk/tfl.appeal_...ggan_lodge.html

Make everyclick your preferred search engine and support Trees for Life http://www.everyclick.com/uk/treesforlife

Trees for Life is a recognised Scottish Charity, Number SCO21303, and a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland, whose registered office is at The Park, Findhorn Bay, Forres, Moray IV36 3TZ. Our company registration number is 143304. Our VAT registration number is 605 0796 49

TELEPHONE: ( country code 44) (0) 1309 691292

FAX: (country code 44) (0) 1309 691155

WEBSITE: www.treesforlife.org.uk

EMAIL: trees@findhorn.org

Susan Payette to Trees

show details 11/17/08 Reply

Hi Anneke~

Yes, there was more to the dedication, I wonder what happened to it. It should say

Another 125 trees for the Phantom's Phorest, provided by the phans who attended the Phantom Pheast and/or Phantom Redux V in Los Angeles, CA on November 8, 2008. May these trees stand as further testament to our belief that the Music of the Night will never end. Happy 39th Birthday to Gerry as well!

Thank you for checking with me, we would have been disappointed had the dedication been incomplete.

Kind regards,


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