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Gerard Butler GALS

My RocknRolla Toronto Pics


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Moira that is so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your story, and for reminding us that our Gerry is a dear sweet man who still takes the time to make a fan's wish come true. I am so thrilled for you, that this encounter was unexpected, and that you were class all the way with him. What a lovely memory to cherish.


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Sweetie!!! You KNOW how happy I am for you. I think this was the trip of a lifetime for you, and look how it paid off. All the worrying, all the reservation issues, etc. All worth it for your moment with our MAN.

I love you, babes, and I couldn't be happier for you.


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I could not believe it as it was certainly not a hotel I would have expected him to stay at and at the other end of town ie 5 mins from my own fookin hotel. Its a posh hotel don't get me wrong but the last ting I expected to see were plenty of celebs about.

I'm kind of glad I have only found out now as I expect he has gone now or will tomorrow at the very latest. I know from bumping into all the Gerry fans everybody expected him up at Yorkville in either Four Seasons, Park Hyatt or the Hazleton.

Thanks. Are you over your meeting then or do we still have to kick you off that cloud.


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That is a chance of a lifetime meeting Gerry like that!

I can't tell you how happy and thrilled I am for you Moira!

You definitely have had your Gerry mojo going this week!



p.s. LOVE the pic! ;)

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OMG Moira........You must have a horseshoe stuck up you know where! That's amazing! So incredibly awesome! Thats how I want to meet Gerry.....purely coincedental and with no other fans around.

Note to self: Be sure to be with Moira at all times at next Gerry premiere!

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Guest greyeyegoddess

Awww...Moira! I'm SOOOOOO happy for you! After all this traveling you got your moment!

Hey, dinner tonight at the same place? :cunning: :cunning:

Hugs sweetie, lovely picture! I'm really glad you came along.

It's really been a weekend full of dreams come true.



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I am gobsmacked!!!!!! WOW Moira! That is sooooo awesome. You were living the dream!!!! And what a fab-u-lous pic too. Thankyou so much for your account of what happened. As I was reading it I was thinking "OMG did she meet him...???" Thanks for making me feel like part of your experience!

Nice one!!!! :bow::thankyou:

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Whoa!!!! That is amazing! So happy for you! I can't even imagine what you felt and are still feeling. Living the GALS dream.

It's also so wonderful to know that after all of the craziness he went thru the past few days, he was still sweet to you and took some quality time. Kudos for remaining so composed too!

Congratulations! :cheer::cheer:

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OMG! I can't believe you met Gerry AGAIN Moira.!!!

LMAO, what's with your luck??? Hell, what's with my luck, or lack of luck!

No jealousy here, nope! Just going to have a small Pity-Party here while I eat my corn on the cob...

Seriously though Moira, have a great trip, or the remaining part of it.! It was great meeting you and Sandra, Donna, and the other Gals. You're all one crazy but loveable bunch of women!! I had a great time, and I think Bonnie had a lot of fun too! We spent Friday afternoon and Saturday doing what Bonnie wanted. Can anyone guess?? Frickin Shoe shopping!!! I was so tired of shoe stores, but after she dropped about two paychecks on shoes, she seemed to get her 'fix' and we finally got to do what I like to do. EAT!!!

I'm still shocked you girls aren't picking on me here!

I loved your story Isaboo! Written so well and some great pics. Although there was one there that nearly scared the crap out of me .. Thanks for sharing that !! LOL.

As the other girls know, my clothes didn't come in for my trip, (I had ordered them), my phone died in Toronto, my camera worked like crap and on and on... BUT I had so many laughs and I'm still trying to get over Moira's Pole Dance. OMG, I can't believe you did that!!

Bonnie and I went to The Drake Friday evening for dinner and a few drinks. And I must say I had so much fun with our waiter. Long story but very funny. Bonnie kept sitting there saying, "wtf, didn't I sit where you are sitting". He was a very handsome young man who had this thing with rubbin my arm and whispering in my ear. LMAO. And you girls know my mouth by now. AT one point, I strained my neck and put my head back to look up at him and I said, "s**t, you're tall! I"ll have to lay down here so I can get a good look at you" He said, "hmm, ok!"

Then we went up to the rooftop had a couple of drinks and were back at the hotel by 11:30! Frig, we are getting old. I just can't take it anymore. lol.

Got home late lastnight after a pretty rough taxi ride to the airport and an even rougher flight home. I was soooo happy to see hubby. I missed him a lot !

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I'm so happy for you Moira! That's exactly the way I've dreamed of meeting Gerry too! A chance encounter without a mob of fans around, and a chance to talk for a minute or two, or three, or four, or an hour...... :p

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Guest DonnaKat

Keep them coming. I want some more DK!

I got nothing else, Nay. I'm happy for you, Moira. It just doesn't look like this was my trip. I'm going to get off here now before I say something I'll regret later.

Edited by DonnaKat
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Moira, you are one LUCKY Gal!  You definitely were in the right place at the right time.

That is how I would like to meet Gerry myself.  You deserved it after coming all that way.

And what a great shot of you and Gerry!

The trip was well worth the money you spent! 

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Moira, I saw the picture of you two much earlier and immediately went crazy in the SC...lol. Girl, after all the traveling and money you've spent in the last few months I am so happy for you...the picture of the two of you is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

I know the rest of your trip might not be as memorable...but have a blast and get home safely.



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Isaboo - I loved your story, thank you for helping me feel as if I'd been there, even though I wasn't.

Moira - fabulous luck being in the right place for the perfect kind of encounter - and what an incredible picture you got too! I'm so very happy for you, just as I am for any of our GALS who get their special moment!!

Oooh, my - just noticed the new pictures of Gerry in the blue shirt, must go to the gallery now!

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