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9/8 - RocknRolla Tops UK Box Office!


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from: http://ukpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5gn...Hh6QJuOx690vWyA

Ritchie gangster flick tops charts

1 hour ago

Guy Ritchie's latest film has shot to the top of the UK box office charts, figures reveal.

RocknRolla, which premiered last week, opened at number one in the film charts and took £1,562,017.

The gangster movie, starring Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton, Gemma Arterton and Tom Wilkinson, is set in London and deals with a Russian real estate scam.

It has been described as a return to form by some critics following the disappointments of Ritchie's Swept Away and Revolver.

The British director hit fame a decade ago with the gangster caper Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels.

Last week Madonna joined her husband on the red carpet for the opening of RocknRolla, which could be turned into a trilogy.

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WOW! Some articles are calling the movie a "smash hit"! I love that, especially after we were regaled with such dreary news about the movie's limited release early on. I certainly hope WB is paying attention!


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This is exciting news .....in the UK! I just hope it gets the same reception here in the US! Either way I am thrilled for the cast and crew of RNR!

:wave: Frannie

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I am SOOOOOOO happy to hear this. Maybe WB will take heed and release it to more theaters. I certainly hope so. It has received such Hipe that I can not imagine that WB will not take advantage of it . GO GERRY!! Everything you touch will turn to gold for you. That is my prayer and my most sincere hope.

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