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Gerard Butler GALS

P.S. I love you Premiere Japan


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RamsayGirl, Thank you for the lovely pics first thing in the morning!!!! Gerry looks amazing (as usual!), I mean he did travel half way around the world!!!

I love the background with the letters and the big poster! I think I might watch PSILY tonight!

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Merged threads - The premier of PS. I love you in Japan 10 of September, Gerry is showing what a great man he is both inside and out





I have never put a post here before so i will only post a few pictures to start with ;-)

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:thankyou: and :welcome:

I hope there is video to go with these pics at some point. He looks like he's enjoying himself, for sure.

Feel free to post whatever pics of Gerry you want . . . I think they're a bit big, though, so hopefully a mod will help you out with re-sizing.

But, Miss Cinnamon - WELCOME. Pull up a non-slip chair and join us in our admiration and lusting, won't you?


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RamseyGirl . . . thank you again for making my morning a bit brighter! Awesome pics . . . Japan LOVES him!!! And he's having a wonderful time! He seems so relaxed there . . . I wonder what the difference is? Whatever it is, he needs and deserves it.

I think I died when I saw this one:

Posted Image

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Thank you so much for posting these pictures!!!!!! For me, it was not a nice waking up (I already have all waking-ups very nice with his voice), but a very pleasant end of my day at work (it is 6 p. m. here and it is raining outside, but when I see these pictures, it does not matter at all!!!!!!) :wave::wave::wave:

I hope he was at least as happy as he made us happy by looking so nice and relaxed!!!!!!!!!! :pointy::pointy::pointy:

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:cunning:Yes yes yes thank-you for those delicious photos! I am glad to see the "No touching" has lifted finally so that these sweet little girls can get up and close to their idol! The Japanese are known for their control especially the men; but when it comes to these young ladies and their HORMONES those guys just better back off! :whoa: What more can be said than "Gerry in Japan you are loved!" Just look at the crowds!
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Thanks for these beautiful pictures, he's so handsome, you make my day, sweet dreams of Gerard!!!!

I'm speechless, I'm losing my English!!!!


LOVE these new pix! So different in scale from the Toronto ones. The backdrop of the huge poster suits him quite nicely. Well . . . anything suits him nicely . . ummm, including that suit! :D

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