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REMEMBER 9-11-08


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:hearts: Even though I am a Canadian my heart goes out to all the people who's lives were forever altered because of that day...I was working with my radio plugged into my ears to drown out the noise from the machines in our department the morning of 9/11 needless to say I found it hard to concentrate on my work for the rest of the day! The world will never be the same again....
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As a native New Yorker and someone who had been in the Twin Towers many times, whose cousin worked at Windows of the World (the restaurant at the top of Tower 1 I believe) and whose mother worked in the Towers . . . this still is a painful event in my own history. I am thankful my mom and cousin had already died when this happened so they didn't have to see it . . . but I remember, and always will.

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I posted this in the Support Center this morning, but I'm moving it here:

One of my co-workers comemorates this day through music. At 7:30 this morning we gathered in the parking lot of our office building where she started with the Star Spangled Banner in memory of those who lost their lives when the Twin Towers fell 7 years ago. She followed it with Taps, in memory of those who lost their lives at the Pentagon that same morning, and then with Amazing Grace for all of our troops lost since, and their families. This is something she does every year on this day, at this time. This is normally the time my alarm goes off - but today I set it an hour earlier, so I could be here.

My thoughts and prayers are with families who have lost a loved one, that day or in service to our country since, and those from other countries who stood beside us, as well as those who are currently serving and their friends and families.

On this day I pray that all people of the world realize that truly we are all connected, and that we can and should coexist in peace, standing together to build a better world instead of falling in conflict with one another.

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On this day I pray that all people of the world realize that truly we are all connected, and that we can and should coexist in peace, standing together to build a better world instead of falling in conflict with one another.

Amen, my SiStar. I'm glad the Olympics weren't that long ago. Maybe the world will remember that we CAN come together, that we are connected by the common thread of all wanting the same things in life - peace, love and harmony - and make this a better world for everyone. And that we never have to commemorate anything like this again. It's wonderful that people remember and have their own way of honoring those who perished . . . but it's even more depressing that we HAVE something to commemorate.

Let's make sure our children and our children's children know that this should and cannot ever happen again!

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My husband's cousin works at the Pentagon and thankfully was not there on 9/11. This April when my family and I were in Washington DC, she took us for a private tour of the Pentagon. It was a very moving and surreal feeling to see the memorial they have within the Pentagon and to stand in the same area that once was destroyed and people lost their lives because an airplane was flown into that building.

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected in any way by this national tragedy.

God Bless them and God Bless America!

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Loving Greetings to all who remember this day with sorrow and yet,remain hopeful that there can be a brighter future as we cling to one another and to our faith in the goodness that still remains....As Susan said, We are all Connected and all that touches one of us, touches us all...May we never forget what happened on September 11...and in remembering, may we make our lives shine with a Light that can never, ever be extinguished.

Love, love and more love to all...


Greetings to my beloved family and friends~~

In Memory of September 11, 2001

On this day, when so many lost so much,

I remember...

I remember the beautiful souls

who sing an angel-song into my heart

and who remind me never to forget them...

and who beseech me

to *always*

fill my soul to overflowing

with gratitude....

and as I pour my deepest thanksgiving

into the River of Life...

I can see it sparkle and shine

and it reminds me

of how very good

it is to Live...

without fear,

without malice,

and with a Hope

that never fails.

May all those

who seek to steal our joy

never, ever win.

On this day, when so much sorrow

cast the darkest shadow

upon our world....

may the Light of our deepest Love

shine ever brighter, each and every moment...

as we live our lives

in tribute...

to the healing miracle

of all that connects us

to one another.

May we hold tightly

to that Truth

and never let it be erased from our hearts.

On this day,

I remember, all that was lost

and how it taught me

to celebrate all that I have found...

with a fierce and blazing passion

to drink in every drop of Joy

in every remaining day of my life.

I promised...on that day,

to try with all my might

to live a fearless life...

in spite of the rocks and ruts

and detours along the path of Life.

I promised, that I would remember

the lives of the lost...

and all who struggle on...

speaking prayers for all that they gave

and for who they loved

and for how they lived....

and that I would try

to set aside this day

as a gift to them...

and as a reminder to me...

of this precious gift of Life

that we all share.

May we remember, together...

the Blessing that

We are *all* Connected...

and may we pray....

in whatever way

our spirits may speak...

for the miracle of

this Great and Enduring Love

to encourage us,

strengthen us,

and comfort us in our grief.

May we find our way to Peace

in this life,

come what may.

With all of the love in my heart~~

xoxoxoCheri Gray Pierce 9/11/2007

*We are All Connected*

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As a native New Yorker whose uncle worked on the building of the twin towers and whose cousin was at the World Trade Center that day and whose son was on the east coast and traveled using Flight 93 almost every week...today is a day like no other for me. It is a day that I pray for all those who lost their lives and their families who lost their loved ones. It's a day I thank God that I personally didn't lose anyone that day (which is a miracle to me). Posted Image

I was retired and working part time at my church on September 11th. My boss (who was also my friend and my Pastor) was one of two Pastors assigned that month to the SAIR (Spiritual Air Incident Response) team for the Red Cross. He was flown that day from Travis Air Force Base on a B52 to New Jersey and than transported to Ground Zero where he spent the next three weeks ministering to relatives who came looking for any word on their loved ones. Joseph has been a missionary in Eastern Europe after the Iron Curtain had come down and he was and still is the head of the Police Chaplaincy Program for Solano County so he has seen and dealt with quite a lot and yet he told me when he got back that never in his life had he ever dreamed such a nightmare as 9/11. He brought me and Dan'l a little memorial that was made rapidly out of pieces of the buildings for those that worked there and it still sits on the bookcase near my desk to remind me of all those who died that day:

Posted Image

Cheri, thank you for your wonderful poem and for using your God given talent to bless us all.



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I am a Canadian and I remember. Yes, we are all connected. We are one global family and when our neighbours were attacked, we felt the loss, we cried for those lost and grieved with you all. Our world should not know such evil.

This heinous attack on the United States will never be forgotten. I clearly remember this day...like many others here. The morning of September 11th I arose to go to work and had the television tuned into the Today Show. Before I went to work I watched in horror as the news reported a plan had hit one of the Trade Towers. When the second plane hit I was on the phone with a work associate in Virginia. As we discussed business he paused an told me that another plane had hit the other tower. All of a sudden I said to him "This is a terrorist attack." We quickly finished up our telephone and the engineer I was working for said that he was going to call his brother. His brother worked in NYC. For the rest of the day the telephone lines were down and the whole office watched events unfold on a television in the office. We were numb. We could not believe that this was happening...that such an evil in the world could exist.

Today our Canadian troops are stationed in Afghanistan, along with our American friends. There are many in my country who feel we should not be there. I support my government's decision to go to Afghanistan and I support the troops who are there. The work they do is important. They deserve our prayers and respect. They are not only keeping the Afghans safe but they are fighting the terrorist threat. A threat that is very real and continues to grow.

Today I offer a prayer to everyone who lost their lives on September 11th, a prayer to the families and friends who endure the loss of their loved ones on a daily basis, and to all the brave men and women serving in Afghanistan who risk their lives to ensure the safety of all.

God bless.

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