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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerard Butler, Pressconf. Sept. 11 Tokyo. PS. I Love You

miss cinnamon

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miss cinnamon,

Thanks for bringing yet more photos to us. Unfortunately I couldn't get some of the links to work either. The photos I did see were very nice indeed.

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Thank you so much for those. Japan sure does the man good.

I gotta say I love the one with him holding the camera. The first one he looks like a real pro and the second....more like what the fook do I do with this thing? :p

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Guest pamelajane

He looks so happy and like he's having a blast. I love seeing the pics coming in from Japan. I guess the earthquake had no affect on his time there - thank God.


Lisa, I agree about him looking happy. I was wondering about the earthquake , as well. Does anybody know if he's still in Japan?


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Oh thanks!

He looks wonderful and the photo with him standing cross armed is sooo hot!

Is he doing all the work promoting the movie? Where is the rest of the cast?

Poor Gerry all this traveling back to back, but he looks good

thanks again 4 those

i didnt want to post them here, but Just Jared has some as well

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Wish I was that Pinky

I know! I just posted downstairs regarding that same photo and mentioned something about how it just killed me too. I don't know how he does it. It's truly fascinating. :doh:

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