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Gerard Butler GALS

Video from E! about the October issue "Men's Health"

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I just want to know......WHERE ARE THOSE PICTURES ...he was posing for??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Great find BTW! Thanks... :cunning:

I read all the comments too....these peeps apparently haven't found Gals!

:lalala: Frannie

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I know what I am buying this weekend!!! He looks amazing in the outfits!!! Thanks for the link!

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Ok...I have a friend who lives in AMISH COUNTRY of all places....and she saw the new issue out at her grocery store today! She emailed me about it as soon as she got home! I went to 5 stores after work and none of them had it! How can the Amish have it and not Cleveland??????? I don't get it!


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Thanks miss cinnamon for this simply scrumptious video. I'll see if I can't convince one of the modsquad members who know how to do such things (that would not be me- lol) to add this one to multimedia. It is priceless, not to mention scrumptious.

BTW, I found the magazine at CVS right here in Kilgore, TX today. How amazing is that?

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I didn't even know he did the MH mag again....I swore I would never buy it again cause they wouldn't let us use the pics ......but on secong thought! I may give in...

:drool1: Frannie

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I'm heading to the gutter right now!!!! But, before I go I just wanted to say that just when I thought he was at his hotness peak in TO, he poses ....GOOD GAWD....for these pix in the vid...... :galdown: and........sorry...gotta go to the gutter NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....... :swoon::gerrygasm:

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My pleasure...

mmmm...pausing and capturing Gerry :cunning:


Maybe some of the pics will show up in other magazines...we can hope! ;)

I'm looking for a good quality large version to cap, so they may change!

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