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You just have no idea, do you, - that something like "just" another movie and a mortal man acting a part can be this empowering..

I have always been creative, an artist - but after seeing Gerry as Erik it was like a jolt down to the very core of me. My second spring took on an Indian summer and I have never looked back.

GALS is an awesome place on the www, Gerry is something VERRA special but the gals I have come to know and love albeit in cyberspace have reassured me of the fact that there is life to be lived with even more passion, lives to be shared and a sisterhood in this fanmily I could never have dreamt of.

Yes, we do have a few pals and they are truly remarkable as well, - hubbies supporting wives in this experience and a good dose of friskiness and playfullness as well! ;)

You'll love it here, Delene!

Hugs again :hug1:

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Verse 5 is missing, - I love this poem so here are the missing lines

What mystery hides within their depth,

Those stories that they hold,

Can swell with wakes of fury swept,

When longing to be told.

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Made this inspired by one of your poems, - do you want dibs on every such?

In case you do I'll post it in my thread with some pending added!

Hugs from me :hug1:

Posted Image

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Oh, EM.....it's awsome! I was moved! You may go ahead and offer it up. I enjoy just seeing my thoughts written on something so beautiful and displayed next to Gerry! Feel free to make as many as you like with my poems or parts of them and make them available for all the GALS. Would it be alright to make special request? If so, I will give you my idea of what I want Thanks so much!

Love and hugs


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:thankyou: again, Delene! :wave:

My sister of the heart Sue really wanted it so I'm so happy right now! :woohoo:

And of course I'd LOVE to make you one customed ;)

I'll be using your wonderful poetry a lot me thinks!

:D Hugs from me

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Posted ImageDaydream-siggy.... :wuv:

I'll stop now, didn't mean to spam your thread, - sorry!

Peeps MUST read your poems!! :pointy:


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