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Gerard Butler GALS

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Hello Darlings...

I'm not sure if you all have seen these, but I just wanted to share these with anyone that has not seen them yet......Totally Sexy!! Dang!!! :drool1::cunning: He just keeps getting better and better...Whewww!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

Blessings and love,


Note: These have been added to the Gallery...they are NOT to be referred to as MH as they were in neither the magazine nor on-line. ;)

See post here

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Reconsidered for Gallery entry
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See what happens when I don't have internet I miss the illegal stuff lol!

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It's not fair when some men have a prettier face than a lot of women. :tantrum:

He is absolutely adorable. :pointy: Bless his pretty little heart.


Tracy :kiss:

P.S. Sorry for spamming. I thought I was in a different thread. If a mod or admin, wants to merge these two threads I would appreciate it.

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Here's the prob.....If you'll notice to your left.... pic #5 is the front cover of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MH! The rest I'm thinking we can use??? Cause if so ....I'm ready!! :music:

:wave: Frannie

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One day i will straddle those thighs........as God is my witness!!!!


I like the way you think sweetpeaz69 - you should take a little visit to the Gutter Gals Support Center. I have a feeling you might like it down there. I know we'll like you! You can just take a look - see what you think :kisswink: uhh, no pressure though. :) Edited by HazelEyes
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I so didn't see this. Yay!!!! These are so beautiful . . . this one kills me . . .

Posted Image

:poof: It should be illegal for one man to be that beautiful and sexy. The raw, masculine sexuality just drips from him . . . :thud:

Lord that man will be the death of me yet.


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*is there to catch Lisa and dust her off while she faints from the overload of Gerry goodness*

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