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Gerry on Leno

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Gerry's interview is now in multimedia:

Thanks Mel! yay! :woohoo::yay:

Well.. I hate to be the dissenting note here and maybe I'm being ultra sensitive - but I thought his jokes about his Aunt's friend looking ugly was a bit (if unintended) rude. And I didn't care at all to hear that he didn't mind having a guy possibly checking him out in the shower. (That strikes me as highly replusive personally, but .. again his choice on that matter.).

Although I will say that he did seem, at the beginning of the interview, really calm. Not as antsy and swearing as he normally does. But after the comments about ugly women and the guy/shower thing - that kind of killed the interview for me.

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In show business men who have a problem being checked out by gay men would probably run from Hollywood as fast as their muscular thighs could carry them because in that industry and in that town it is something that happens all the time. I'm not sure what response you would have hoped for - that he would have gotten angry with the guy for looking at him? I'm glad Gerry just took it as "no problem", as it should be IMHO.

Usually if I find an actor's behavior rude or repulsive I don't see myself as a fan, but maybe that's just me. Some people can like the work and not like the behavior of the person doing the work I guess. I can think of actors I see that way, but my dislike of their personal actions keeps me from their fan sites, though I can appreciate their abilities on the screen.

As far as I can recall the only shows where Gerry has sworn are the ones on cable, where it is uncensored and acceptable (like 60 Seconds ... on Cinemax). But in all his appearances on Leno, Ferguson, Ellen, Conan, and other regular network programs I don't recall ever hearing him get "bleeped". That is apparently something he can filter when he wants to.

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I saw him last night on CNBC Europe Channel! What a wonderful way of ending the day! He always cheers me up with his stories and his laughter! My favourite story was also the one in the shower and the sunglasses. But I have to watch the interview again because I missed some words because of my English isn't good enough, but I try it. So I've the perfect excuse to see him again and again.... :pointy:

And that light grey color really suited him, it matched with his gorgeous sometimes green, sometimes blue or grey eyes. :wuv:

It's always a pleasure to see Gerry on Jay Leno Show, it's like seeing a conversation between two old friends, so much relax and fun!



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I just wish facial scruff would go out

of fashion. He covers up that beautiful face.

I agree!!! I know we're in the minority but it's like putting a blanket on the Mona Lisa! Besides he looks younger and somrtimes it seems the scruff is what makes him look "puffy" in the face. :drool1:

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My husband was cracking up at the peeing problem he was having on Mrs Brown. No wonder we all like this guy so much,he is just totally down to earth and funny.

LOL that is totally a real man. Have heard that going on down the hall more than once. :funnyup:

I loves the scruff. :whome2: <<<< Yes, you!

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Watched it on CNBC in UK last night and glad to see they did not cut much of it out. I cannot recall hearing Jay say the mirror thing but am sure everything else was in there. He looked so tall compared to the comedian Natasha and Katy Perry. I loved the beigey/light brown suit on him - he really is finding his style these days.


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Watched it again last night and I noticed "mr pinky" made an apperance.

I did not catch that the first time.

Thank Goodness for DVR's

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:tantrum: I fell asleep and didn't see him lastnight!!! urgh

I did the same thing!!!! I'm so embarrassed, but glad I'm not the only one!

if you think thats bad i did the same last night but worse i feel asleep whislt watching dear frankie and its my favourite gerry film :tantrum:

Cant wait to see gerry on leno :D

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Loved LOVED Gerry on Leno.So funny best interview to date i think


Only thing i really hate to point out is his accent is fading so much :(

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