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10/7 - Upscale thugs give us a rollicking good time


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Upscale thugs give us a rollicking good time

Glen Schaefer, The Province

Published: Tuesday, October 07, 2008


A film festival isn't all subtitles and long, significant glances between Macedonian wool merchants, you know.

Brit director and Madonna boy-toy Guy Ritchie makes a return to his tried-and-true milieu: the action comedy crowded with gangsters who talk a lot smarter than they are.

Amid this crowd is Gerard Butler, Ritchie's designated punching bag as small-time hood One-Two. As Ritchie broadens his gaze from the petty crimes that fuelled Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, street-level rounders One-Two and his pool-hall mates cross paths with some other thugs who have gone upscale -- London developer and fixer Lenny (Tom Wilkinson) and Russian venture capitalist Yuri (Karel Roden). Other detours take the crew into the demi-monde of junkie rock stars and their enablers.

Butler bashes up photogenically and Ritchie's dialogue still has that kinetic bite, for a rollicking good time all round. I'm reminded of a T-shirt I saw this summer up at Whistler that read: "It's funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious."

Me, I'm a sicker for Three Stooges-style pratfalls, and much of this movie plays like a bloodier Stooge-fest fought out between male fashion models.

Amid all these full-blooded guys, Thandie Newton as a thrill-seeking accountant comes off as oddly austere. Ritchie's camera has always had a keener eye for the guys.

more here of the review here.

Thank you luvphantom! :ty:

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I have to say I haven't seen a preview that really makes this movie jump out at me yet.

In fact the only thing gearing me to go is that Gerry stars in it and Guy is directing it.

"Not exactly jumping hot off my seat." So please if this things got a smashing preview please show it to me. If not it might be one of those movies I just say, "That looks interesting" too.

This babe should be all over the t.v.

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I wish the wide release would hurry up and get to my area. I'm so excited for this movie! Guy Ritchie is amazing when he is doing his "gangster" movies. The previews look great! I cannot wait!


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