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Gerard Butler GALS

10/15 - Dude, These male celebs Are Ok By Me - MSNBC


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Glad to see Gerry is on the list and had to laugh that the guy had no choice in putting him on the list cause his boss was practically stalking Gerry online and NOT putting him on the list was not an option :lmao:



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they probably look great in a tux, they might have an accent and they can likely beat up your boyfriend if provoked

And THAT is what makes them even HOTTER.

Love the list, whole heartedly agree!!!

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Good for his boss! prolly his wife! :kisswink: Or maybe it is a Gal!

Thanks for the article .....Frannie

Love the new sig! But, have you really considered the ramifications of hiring HIM as your bartender? Women would not only be fighting for a barstool, but camping out in front of the bar. Course, can you imagine the tips he would get, not to mention the telephone numbers, panties, ah.........business cards.........? :kisswink:

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"When Craig walked out of the water in "Casino Royale" wearing those little swim trunks all he needed to do was kick sand in Matthew McConaughey's face to seal his status as king of the beach."

The sentence that really got me X3

Well, I applaud his boss. Not for the stalking - that's just creepy - but the being a fan thing. ;)

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Have you GALS read some of the comments? Gerry's name came up quite a bit, and some people actually mentioned "POTO" and stated that Gerry can sing (I know he can and so do so many of us). I agee with all the comments about his accent and his eyes. Lovely accent and the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

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The comments are hilarious! There are obviously a few GALS who've left a plug for GB. These in particular gave me a giggle:

  • He definitely melts my butter! (even though it was about James Franco)
  • Hell YEAH (from Weetinger!!)
  • Finally a subject I am good at ... boys!
  • I've been in lust OOPS! in love with him since Attila (Wheeler!)
  • None of them would be kicked out of bed for eating crackers. They can have all the crackers they want.
  • Laugh if you must...but my answer is firm. PRINCE!!!
AND THE BEST ONE ... Kurt -- you just got that raise! Gerard and Clive on the list. It's like you're reading my mind! (Kurt's boss)

Should I be a little worried that Shia LaBoeuf was put as someone's Number 1? :rotflmao:

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I just left a comment for the heck of it, basically adamantly stating who will always be on tops on my list ;)

Hahaha, if this guy really got a raise, he can thank Gerard later! XD

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